Dreams Come True

So go ahead and dream big...really big!
Royal Wedding
~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via kiss the groom


Homemade: Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

So last week's 'Homemade' post was Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts - yum!  However, when I happened to run across this drool worthy (yep, I said itCinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread, I couldn't help but think that this too would be a fabulous late night snack... 
And if that isn't torture enough...here's a little close-up for you...
Okay, I have to tell you that I just happened upon these pictures and recipe, and of course I had to share with you what now I am craving.  You can find the recipe for this deliciousness right here, on Joy the Baker's blog.  And with 670 comments (no that isn't a typo),  I guess I am not the only one over the moon about this recipe.  So I am pretty sure that your guests would LOVE this as a late night snack!

P.S. - It would be so CUTE to give jars of cinnamon sugar as favors with this recipe attached, no?

~ Ciao

...images via joy the baker, last image edited by me

Inspired By: Art

Isn't it funny how sometimes you look at something and it immediately reminds you of something else?  Well that is just what happened when I stumbled across this painting by Michelle Armas on Chelsea's fabulous blog {Frolic!}.
As soon as I saw it I fell in love with all the soft, pretty colors.  However, it immediately reminded me of these rock candy sticks...
It made me think, that while I say it all the time, that not only can inspiration come from anywhere, but it can be interpreted in many, many ways!  So my dears, if you have a favorite piece of art (or anything else for that matter) think about how you can interpret it into something for your wedding.  And yes, it can be as small and simple as rock candy sticks in jars!

P.S. - You know I am all about the details, so pretty, pretty, pretty please make sure to take off the price stickers for any item you use on your big day!  Granted, the stickers on the bottom of the jars might not be price stickers, however, whatever they are they should have most likely been removed...and I say that in the nicest, sweetest way possible.  Yet, I probably am the only one that noticed them ;-)

~ Ciao


Who Says

...you can't use a vintage bed spring to display escort cards?
This is exactly what I was planning to do with the one I just bought!  So of course you know I think it is a fabulous idea.

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty

Darling Detail No. 9: Seeing Stars

These are just the stars I would love to see this morning...
Darling Details
Filled with a mimosa now, and some champagne later this afternoon!  Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day, no?  Okay, I have to stop dreaming ;-)

You have to admit though - seeing these star stir sticks all lined up in sparkly glasses sure does make a pretty sight.  A simple, DIY detail that is just darling.  And who doesn't love little stars adorning their cocktail?

~ Ciao

...image via style me pretty


Tuesday Thought: Flower Stand

Since the very first time I saw this flower stand I was completely smitten...
And I am still smitten with it!  So here is your simple Tuesday Thought for today:  Why not have a flower stand at your wedding/reception?  Eeks, it would be so over the moon, no?

You could use the flower stand as just pretty decoration (because we all love a little pretty don't we?), or you could even have it just like it is filled with flowers as favors for the guests where they can either pick their own bunch of flowers or you could have a person handing them out (so sweet)! 

And I can't even begin to tell you how cute it would be as a photo booth...
Oh yes, I L-O-V-E this thought ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via kiss the groom & style me pretty

Tuesday Shoesday #21: Glitter Goodness

Good Morning my lovelies!  I hope my pick for today's 'Tuesday Shoesday' adds a little sparkle to your day....because we could all use a little more sparkle, no?  Have a look-see at these glitter snake-effect and leather ankle boots by Thakoon...
Tuesday Shoesday
Goodness even the heels sparkle!
Tuesday Shoesday
When I first saw these ankle boots I was kind of torn as to whether I loved them or not.  It's not the fact that they are an ankle boot...because I have to tell you that I am an ankle boot wearing kind of girl!  And I loved the bright blue and the sparkle, but the navy leather wasn't doing that much for me.  So I figured in order to decide how I felt about them, I really needed to see them on to determine if I LOVED them.  This is a picture I found from the runway ...
Tuesday Shoesday
Granted the shoes look a bit darker in this picture, but LOVE them indeed.  Actually, I loved Thakoon's entire Spring 2011 line!  Anyhoo, I would have to say they would be perfect for your something blue, and would look amazing with a white wedding dress!

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...images 1 and 2 via net-a-porter, & 3 via style.com


LCW Style: Anthropologie Alternative

Hello lovelies, how is your Monday morning going so far?  Splendid I hope!  I have to tell that I am in L-O-V-E with this Anthropologie dress...
And I think it would make a gorgeous wedding dress for a casual beach wedding in Mexico or a bohemian wedding, don't you?  The gauzy, cotton material makes it a perfect choice to wear for warm weather, and the ruffle adds just the right amount of detail.  However, if it is to casual for you to wear on your wedding day...it would look just as darling as a rehearsal dinner dress, or you could easily change into it at the end of the night for a stroll on the beach with your new hubby.

And with a price of $228.00, I think I will be picking this up to wear this Summer.  No, not as a wedding dress, but because I love that much!

~ Ciao

...image via anthropologie

Flowers of the Week: 4.25.11

Good Morning my dears!  So tell me, did you have a lovely Easter?  Me, well I spent this Easter all by my lonesome...and I enjoyed EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE of it!  Don't get me wrong, I love being around people and celebrating.  Yet, I am also the type of person that needs some alone time to regroup and recharge...as I like to call it.  However,  this Easter Sunday was a chance for me to sleep in, chat with my Mom on the phone, do laundry (goodness, do you love clean sheets as much as me?), take a 2.5 mile walk in the afternoon sunshine, finally had an opportunity to do pilates (swimsuit season will be here before we know it), ate a shrimp salad for dinner, had a chocolate and vanilla swirl frozen yogurt with chocolate sprinkles (oh yes, love sprinkles) for dessert, and actually had a chance to get a couple posts done for later this week!   All in all, an absolutely lovely day that was stress-free and all about me ;-)  Which I think we all need from time to time! 

I think I am trying to enjoy whatever free time I get these days as I know starting in May it is going to be work, work, work!  Don't get me wrong, I am over the moon about all of it, and I do get a little break when my sister and her family come for two weeks in July.  But other than that, I currently see no end in sight!  When I spoke to my Mom this afternoon she asked me when I thought I might be able to get out to Florida for a visit...my answer:  December!  Oh, it is such a long ways away.  I am hoping she might come out to California in the meantime...goodness knows I could sure use some of her amazing sewing skills...hehe ;-)

Anyhoo, I have to tell you that I struggled and struggled with the Flowers of the Week this week.  Seems funny to say, but my issue was that I knew exactly what flowers I wanted to post, but thought that you, my dears, would be tired of my LOVE for anything designed by the amazing Kate at Flowerwild!  So I tried to find other flowers that I thought you might like.  Yet, none of them felt quite right.  But it got me thinking - this blog is all about the things I love and am inspired by, and hopeful when shared with you, you will love and be inspired by them too.  I started this blog for one reason - to have a spot for all the fabulous and lovely wedding inspiration that I find or dream up.  LCW is sooo me...and if I stay true to me, then I would post the flowers that I originally wanted to post - so that is exactly what I am going to do.  I am going to post two bouquets that I am sure you have already seen, but since I am over the moon about them, I am going to post them anyway.  And also because if I don't stay true to me...then who would I be?!?!

So without further ado, just have a look-see at this gorgeousness...
Flowers of the Week
I think I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this first bouquet!  Oh the glorious colors, the huge blooms, the softness, the unstructuredness (I think I just might have made that word up...such a me thing to do that my friends made up there own word for it - a Kristism)...all of it PERFECTION and such a showstopper, no?  But the gorgeousness doesn't stop there.  Have a look-see at this soft Spring bouquet...
Flowers of the Week
Love the warmth and sweetness of this one.  Understated elegance is what this bouquet is!  And aren't those tulips spectacular?  So you know I have to ask - which one do you like best?  I would love to hear ;-)

Stay tuned for another post coming up this morning, and lots more goodness to come later this week!  I will meet you back here in a bit.

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty, designed by kate at flowerwild


Sunday Sweetness

Being playful...
~ Ciao

...image via the wedding chicks


How Do You Like Them Eggs?

Ooh, I like them a lot!  Now this is how I like my eggs colored - in soft, pretty pastels.  How about you?  Plus, I think this would be a wonderful and simple centerpiece for a Easter wedding celebration.  Just dye the eggs to fit your color palette and place on pretty cakeplates - done! 

I do have to share a lovely little tradition that I started a handful of years back, and which I am sure some of you have possibly heard of before.  If you hide Easter eggs (the plastic kind as most people do these days) for your friends and family, why not include a couple of eggs with some money in them?  It doesn't have to be much...some change, a dollar bill, a five, or ten...but just a little something makes the search oh so fun!

I learned of this tradition from a boy I dated.  When we went to celebrate Easter with his family, he informed me that EVERYONE participated in the hunt (eggs were hidden higher and in harder spots for adults), and that there were eggs with money in them...and ONE egg with a $100 bill inside.  You should have seen the adults searching for the eggs, me included...it was a total hoot!  We were all looking for as many as we could find in hopes that we found THE ONE.  You bet your buttons, I grabbed one just before his brother got to it...lucky for me, as it had a $20 bill inside.  Oh, I will never forget that Easter and the fun we had!  However, I think I had beginner's luck, as I ended up coming home with $35.00 in my pocket ;-)  Either that or I just have really good egg hunting skills.  A skill that I am sure everyone wishes they had...hehe!

So my darlings, I wish you a splendid Easter!  Maybe you will even start a new tradition.  And if there are no little ones involved in your celebration, have an Easter egg hunt for your friends.  Yes, I believe that adults should have Easter egg hunts too!  Whatever it is you do - be safe, enjoy, and I hope you find lots of eggs ;-)  As always, I'll see you back here on Sunday for some sweetness.

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via kiss the groom

Picture Perfect Palette No. 6

Good Morning lovelies.  Happy Earth Day!  In honor of Earth Day today, I thought I would choose a color palette that had lovely earth tones in it; while staying away from greens.  So I was focused more on the actual earth.  Soil to be exact.  I was inspired by the brown sand of the desert and the pinkish red soil found in Arizona...and I found a fabulous picture that incorporated these colors in a very pretty way...
And I know exactly why I chose this picture...it's 1:22 a.m. and this is where I really want to be!  However, I will be there soon enough...just after I finish typing this post ;-)  Yet, I only have myself to blame for waiting until so late to do this post.  It really is amazing how time slips by.  It seemed like it was just 5:30 pm and I was on my walk, and then 9:00 pm and I finishing up playing a couple games of cards with Aunt Millie, and then I had to jump in the shower and wash my hair, etc...  Now I understand why I always start working on these posts come Sunday - to have lots of time to put them together for you!

Anyhoo, I thought the above picture was so pretty, warm and welcoming...and of course makes a lovely palette for Earth Day today.  Of course from the inspiration picture a vintage style wedding is perfect for this palette.  One way to incorporate these colors into your event is in your desserts.  You betcha your buttons I said desserts!  Have a look-see at how fabulous these macarons work with this palette...
What I wouldn't give for a couple of those right now!  A sugar rush is just what I need ;-)  With a vintage style wedding and reception I would keep more with the browns and whites on the basics such as tablecloths, napkins, quilts, lace and doilies which would also bring in a variety of textures.  I would bring in the color in the details - suitcases, vintage books, table numbers, and macarons on the dessert table of course.  Picture frames filled with vintage fabrics that incorporate the palette would be wonderful details as well.  You could use smaller ones on the table for table numbers, and larger ones to pin escort cards too.

This palette also works for an outdoor, rustic/barn style as well...
Picture Perfect Palette
I think if you took off the ribbon and added a bit of burlap instead it would look beautiful.  Granted the ribbon works, I would just prefer it a bit more rustic.  Arrangements like this on white linen tablecloths with a worn piece of wood running down the center of the table, or a burlap runner would look perfect.  Some antlers would be a wonderful element to add as well.  To bring in even more rustic details tie the napkins with some twine or rope and attach a place card if you'd like.  Also, it would be cute to adorn the chair backs of the bride and groom with some simple rope and bunting flags.  And I would love to see a cake on top of a wooden crate, wouldn't you?

And finally, this would be a gorgeous palette for a classic and elegant event with a bit of whimsy...
Picture Perfect Palette
Brown linen tablecloths, leather bound menus, and pom pom flowers add warmth, richness and whimsy, and would be oh so pretty!  I would keep everything simple here - gorgeous glass vases in varying heigths with just one or two pom pom flowers in each would be elegant on long tables.  Lots of glass, and candles and touches of leather would add to the elegance.  Hmm, maybe strips of leather wrapped around the vases, or table numbers cut from leather...so many ways to incorporate pieces of leather here.  I could also see escort cards made of leather with your guest names in gorgeous calligraphy on them.  Oh yes, this palette would definitely work!

So my dears, what do you think of this palette for Earth Day?  As always, would love to hear your thoughts or if any visions flashed in your head ;-)  Stay tuned for another Easter wishes post coming up this afternoon.  Until then, be happy...it's Friday!

~ Ciao

...photography by lisa hubbard, and images via la boom, sunday suppers & domestifluff via postcards and pretties


Over the Moon

...about pretty Spring terrariums!
lily of the valley terrarium via country home
I love how they are simply filled with moss and petite blooms.  They would make beautiful centerpieces at a Spring soiree.  Ooh, how pretty would a handful of them be, in a variety of sizes, on an escort table, welcome table or favor table?  Yes, a favor table with lots of terrariums and favors of the same flower that is inside the terrarium would be oh so pretty!

~ Ciao

...via country home

Homemade: Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Happy Thursday my dears!  Today's 'Homemade' post is a bit different....still homemade, but this time it is homemade food.  I am sure you know by now that I am a huge fan of late night snacks at weddings (hint:  my late night snack posts that I do every so often)...so when I ran across these donuts and the recipe I thought they would make a fabulous homemade post!  Tell me these don't look yummy?
Late Night Snack
cinnamon sugar doughnuts, baked.
Late Night Snack
Baked cinnamon sugar donuts, yes please!  Plus, I love the fact that they are baked (in about 5-8 minutes) versus being fried.  While I have said time and time again that I am not a big sweets person, there are some things that are sweet that I love...soft and fluffy donuts being one of them.  I can't tell you the last time I actually had one, but that doesn't mean that I don't want one or two or ...

Anyhoo, I would serve the donuts with some hot chocolate, tea, lattes, or coffee...or even cute bottles of milk with a straw.  A perfect way to end the night...on a sweet note!  You can get the recipe right here for these yummy homemade treats.  Happy baking!

P.S. - There are lots of other delicious recipes on Hannah's blog,  Honey & Jam (darling name, no?), so be sure to head over and have a look-see (I am quite sure you will stay a while) at all the goodness she makes, and the fabulous pictures she takes!  Hehe...I rhymed ;-)

~ Ciao

...images and recipe via honey and jam


One Cake - Two Ways

Same cake, same cake plate...however with the change of a linen table cloth and the white sugar flowers and feather for a different flower and some ribbon...it shows that one cake can take on two totally different looks.  Just goes to show you, it really is...all in the details!

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via the brides cafe

Who Says

...you can't send your guests a scratch off Save the Date to see where the wedding will be?
Eeks - how fun are these scratch off save the dates designed by Swiss Cottage Designs?  I adore that they included a penny in a glassine envelope...just the perfect detail. 

I love interactive save the dates!  It gets your guests involved from the very start, and gives them something exciting to look forward to.  Tell me you wouldn't love to receive one of these save the dates in the mail?

~ Ciao

...found via oh so beautiful paper, & design and images by swiss cottage design


Tuesday Thought: Egg Cups

With Easter this weekend, I thought it would be fun to post an Easter inspired "Tuesday Thought" today.  How sweet are these dyed eggshells filled with petite blooms in simple egg cups?
via simple blueprint spring
So sweet!  And just perfect for use at a Springtime wedding.  So here is your Tuesday Thought for today:  How about using egg cups at your reception? 

As usual, there are so many ways in which to use!  Here is a really quick list I came up with :

*  You could use them as decor at your reception - just as they are on tables.
*  You could use them as escort cards - just add a flag with your guests name and/or table number.
*  You could use them as escort cards with your guests name written on either the eggshell or cups, and no table number as the table would be the flowers that are in them.
*  You could give the flower filled cups as favors.
*  You could also use them at each place setting for your guests to know where to sit...with a place card.
*  You could use them without the egg shell, and just fill them with blooms and tie a small ribbon around the cup.
*  You could use them as favors filled with just about any small sized candy.
*  You could plant a petite plant/herb/cactus/flower/succulent in them as well and give them as favors.

Of course, they are perfect to use at brunch/breakfast reception any time of the year!  Just a couple of thoughts for you this Tuesday.  Hope you enjoyed this post ;-)  And tell me my dears, how would you use these at a reception?

~ Ciao

...image via simple blueprint

Tuesday Shoesday #20: Gold Glossed & Jade Suede

Oh my dears, do I have a gorgeous pair of shoes for you today!  Have a look-see at these Gucci suede and glossed-python sandals...
Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday Shoesday

Such a perfect color for Spring and Summer.  They would look stunning peeking out from under your dress.  My heart is pitter pattering over these lovelies!

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~ Ciao

...image via net-a-porter


LCW Style: Marvelous Marchesa

Not too often do I post wedding dresses here at LCW, and you are probably wondering why?  Well, I have come to the conclusion that when you go into a bridal salon looking for a specific type of dress, you usually end with something you never thought you would wear or would look good on you.  Case in point - when I was looking for my wedding dress I went in not really knowing what I wanted, but definitely knowing what I didn't want.  However, my mom walked right up to a dress, pulled it off the rack and said: "This is it."  I took one look at the layers and layers of tulle, and said:  "I don't think so."  Yet, to appease her I said I would try it on - go figure it was a Vera (not that she knew that at the time), looked A.MAZ.ING on, and yes ended up being THE ONE! 

Since then, a handful of brides I have spoken with have a similar story.  Hence, why I don't often post wedding dresses...unless they happen to take my breath away, and are so spectacular that I just have to share!  And when I saw this Marchesa dress that is exactly what happened...
And you bet your buttons I am now a lover of layers and layers of tulle!  But no matter how you look at this dress, it is spectacular!  Just have a look-see at it from the side...
And the back...
And while I know layers upon layers of tulle aren't for everyone, I do think that every bride should try on a variety of styles...as the dress you would have never thought you would like, or would look good in often times ends up being THE ONE!

I will attempt to post dresses that take my breath away more often...as maybe, just maybe it might do the same for you.  And promise, not all the dresses that take my breath away involve layers and layers of tulle!

P.S. - I would love to hear your story about finding THE ONE! 

~ Ciao

Flowers of the Week: 4.18.11

Good morning my darlings.  Did everyone have a lovely weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  Me - I enjoyed watching a couple of movies at home, having a Saturday afternoon snack of a variety of cheeses, salami's and olives (yummy), and worked on getting a couple things done...like taxes!  All in all a very nice and calm weekend.

I am happy to admit that after thinking I would be seeing red on my taxes, this was not the case!  So since I didn't see red on my tax return, I knew I would be okay seeing red in this amazing bouquet without having to think about taxes ;-)  Have a look-see at this loveliness created by my fave floral designer, Kate of Flowerwild...
Flowers of the Week
And here's a little closer look for you...
Flowers of the Week
Amazing, no?  And even though red is not one of my fave colors, I am loving this bouquet.  There is so much to look at - the colors, variety of flowers, and lots and lots of texture all equal amazing in my book.  So here's to an amazing week my dears! 

I have another post coming up before noon, so I'll see you soon...

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via flowerwild via once wed


Sunday Sweetness

Petite can be so sweet...
Sunday Sweetness
~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via style me pretty


Darling Detail No. 8: How To Set A Table

Just in case you needed a lovely reminder...
What a darling way to show how to set a table.  It would be perfect to hand out a copy to friends and family that are helping with the setup of the event (if you're doing it yourselves), as a gentle reminder on the correct way to set a table, no?

I am adoring this illustration by Amy Borrell...as well as a handful of her other drawings...like The Moon, and Bird Eggs of Australia.  But how cute is it that she added a chandelier to the illustration above?  Oh, I love the detail.  If you are not familiar with her work...you can have a look-see of all of it right here

So will you be setting the table this weekend?  I will be...I do almost every night!  Cheers to a lovely weekend darlings!  I'll see you back here on Sunday, as always, for some sweetness.

~ Ciao

...image via kris atomic & illustration by amy borrell

Picture Perfect Palette No. 5

Hooray it's Friday!  That alone outta make you happy.  Well that is, if this Picture Perfect Palette (PPP) doesn't ;-)  This week's PPP was inspired by my dear friend Chris, of the a.maz.ing blog Postcards and Pretties.  You see, she has been inspiring me all week long with 'Picnic Week' on her blog!  Click right here to have a look-see at all the pretty. 

However, while I am so very ready for a picnic - the last couple of days here have felt more like Fall than Spring with the sun shining, but the air crisp and the breeze cold.  So while I have been transported to pretty warm locales on Chris' blog each day this week, my reality here is bundling up a little more to fight off the chill.  Hmm, I think I like being transported to warm and pretty better than reality!

Anyway, since picnic and Fall like weather are on my mind I decide to use that inspiration in this week's PPP.  I went through a handful of Chris' inspiration board to find one picture that I thought would make a perfect Fall picnic palette. Here is the picture I chose, with the palette...
Picture Perfect Palette 5
A Fall picnic in the woods sure does create a pretty palette, no?  Lots of warm, rich browns and a pop of teal to add some color and interest.  Oh, and yes, I would die to have a vintage station wagon in that color..did you see the rims are the same colors as the car?  So fabulous!  What fun it would be to take on my antiquing expeditions.  I could find lots of fabulous things to fill it up with I'm sure.  Okay, enough about the station wagon and onto this post.

Well this is a no brainer thanks to the inspiration picture, but this color palette works perfectly for a rustic ranch, cabin or barn style wedding.  Yet, it doesn't have to be Fall to use these colors, a winter cabin wedding would look lovely too.  However, I am picturing a rustic (horse) ranch in the Fall.  And a great way to incorporate this color palette would be in some details...like wool blankets over hay bales for seating...
Picture Perfect Palette 5
Or for your guests to wrap themselves up in for added warmth once the sun sets.  For a winter wedding I can picture these wool blankets on the escort table, dinner tables or even the dessert table.  Try picturing an invitation suite for a rustic ranch wedding in this palette...it would be so pretty with a horse or buck incorporated on it, would it not?   I would keep the table decor in the neutral tones, and burlap would work well for a rustic ranch style.  And keeping the table neutral would allow you to bring in pops of the teal in either the menu cards, napkins, favors at each seat, etc...  I imagine a table full of wood rounds, branches or bark elements, cotton on it's branches, and lots of candles everywhere.  Yes, it would look wonderful.

However, this palette looks fabulous for a classic and whimsy wedding style too...
Picture Perfect Palette 5
Ahhh, pinwheels are so dreamy and fun...I don't know if I will ever tire of them!  For this style I would keep the table decor fairly plain and simple with everything pretty much in cream.  I would add some cream flowers with greenery of course, and pull the teal in as table numbers, or small pinwheels at each place with the guests name on it, or ribbon wrapped around the napkin...small light touches is all you need to keep it classic with a bit of whimsy.

And don't think for one minute that you can't use this color palette for a glamorous feel!  Just have a look-see at how lovely it could be...
Picture Perfect Palette 5
Eeks!  Now I understand that you might not want to wear a colored wedding dress, however, this color would look stunning for bridesmaid dresses.  Or you could always do creamy or beige dresses with teal wraps or shoes.  To really make this palette glamorous stick with the beige, golden and teal colors...beige linens on the table, soft full creamy, maybe with a hint of pink, flower arrangements on the tables, golden accents is what is going to up the glamour here...so make sure to have lots of golden touches!  And the wedding cake would look amazing on a gold stand or with gold accents on it, don't you think?

And finally, it looks pretty fabulous for vintage wedding too...
Picture Perfect Palette 5
Picture Perfect Palette 5
A vintage 4-H inspired theme, like the one above, is pretty fun and fabulous with this palette!  I adore the Best Cake ribbon on their wedding cake.  So many fun ways to incorporate this palette into a vintage wedding...like that station wagon in the inspiration picture!

I find it so very interesting that sometimes you see a palette and you think...hmmm, I like it but, it's not too exciting, or I'm not sure how this palette would work for a specific venue/theme/style, etc...  Yet, once you start working with a palette it really starts to take a life of it's own.  At first, I liked this palette - not loved, liked...I really, really liked it for a rustic ranch style wedding.  However, after I started looking at images to work with that I have stored away, I found lots of different styles, and I really started to love the colors!  So my dears...tell me, do you like or love it?  And do you have a favorite style for this palette? 

Hope you enjoyed this PPP post today!  It's been a couple of weeks since my last one, and I so missed them.  I promise to try and not let that much time go by again.  Happy Friday my dears.  I have one more post coming up for you later today...so I will see you again soon.

P.S. - Thank you bunches Chris for the inspiration!

~ Ciao

...image (1) via postcards and pretties via country living, (2) photography by sarah maingot, (3) photography by thayer allyson gowdy via a. hana design, (4) via lolinif  and (5 & 6) photography by christine lim via ruffled


Over the Moon

...about all of these chandeliers!
Eeks!!!  Holy moly this is so gorgeous, no?

However, I want to make a small point here...while the chandeliers above are fabulously gorgeous (and would be pricey if you had to purchase on your own)...what really makes the picture above so over the moon for me is that there are mulitples of them!  One chandelier in the picture above would be great, would it not?  However, having multipe chandeliers is what really makes a statement without being too over the top...or what I call "over the moon". 

My point:  mulitples don't necessarily have to break the bank or budget to be over the moon.  A lot of homemade paper chains, golden paper stars, bunting, twinkling lights, hanging mason jars filled with candles, etc.. are all fairly inexpensive items...yet, all over the moon in my book!  So when you are thinking of adding a detail to your big day, think about how to take it from great to over the moon.  For example, three paper chains over the tables are great, but 5 or 7 would be over the moon

P.S. - Just don't go over the top...unless that is the look you are going for...and then go big...really big ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by allyson thayer gowdy

Homemade: Dessert/Candy Bar

Happy Thursday my dears!  Wow, what a whirlwind this week has been so far.  It all started on Monday with an emergency phone call to the dentist, who was actually closed, but did call me Tuesday morning to fit me in yesterday.  Boo...going to the dentist is not my favorite thing.  It's not that it hurts, or the noise...it's just that I am sitting there with my mouth wide open for almost two hours - not my idea of a fun afternoon! 

While I haven't had a cavity in years, the fact that I grind my teeth (hint:  you probably never want to be my roommate unless you wear earplugs to bed), and that the fillings that I do have are from when I was young, it was only a matter of time before my old fillings started to crack and fall out.  Sounds gross, huh?  Sorry, it wasn't that gross it just sounds like it is.  It happened to me almost a year ago on one tooth, but this time it was a bottom molar...the good news in all of this - they replaced my old silver filling with a new white one!  All in all though, not what I wanted to do on a Wednesday afternoon when I had a list a mile long that got put on hold.  So sorry Cole if Madi and Riley's Easter presents don't arrive on time as I never made it to the post office today! But I do have to tell you Madi's Easter Sand Bucket (they live in Florida and are at the beach a couple times a week so it is perfect) filled with goodies turned out soooo cute...marshmallow bunnies included!

Okay, on to this post already!  It just seems so fitting that I am posting a dessert/candy bar post and talking about cavities, is it not?  Anyhoo, today's post is EXTRA special, and so near and dear to me.  Almost three weeks ago, the lovely and fabulous Claire of A Realistic Wedding was married.  Not too long after we met on Twitter, Claire saw some of the things I was crafting with black lace and she asked me to craft some things for her dessert/candy bar at her wedding.  I was sooooo honored and tickled that she asked! I crafted, packaged carefully, shipped and then waited to see how it all came together!  Well yesterday the wait was over as she posted a couple of the pictures on her Facebook page!  So today I thought I would show you the pictures that I have been waiting to see.  Here you go...
I decided on hat boxes to use as booster to add some visual height...plus they were light weight and would travel across the United States without costing too much to ship.  I removed the lids (so I could use both the tops and bottoms) flipped them upside down and covered them in a fabulous yellow paper with a raised fleur-de-lis motif on it.  A very similar motif were on the picture frames that I found that were to be used to display the cupcakes.  And yes, all those black lace rosettes, in a couple of different sizes, I made too.  I made all the rosette and black string heart cupcake toppers as well.  And I adore the black finial I found...and thought it was the perfect touch for the center tower.  I added to the the box that I shipped Claire, a couple of different black ribbons to be used to wrap around the boxes as the final detail.  I am thrilled it traveled the long distance without any breakage, and all came together just as Claire had wanted!

So my sincerest thank you Claire for trusting me on one of the biggest days of your life!  I am over the moon that you were so thrilled with the way everything turned out...and I am so elated to have been able to show a small part of your big day here on LCW!!!  Congrats again my dear ;-))) Mwah.

P.S. - Remember to brush those pearly whites often and after eating dessert or candy...otherwise you too might end up at the dentist ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by richard israel photography via claire's facebook page


Locket Love

I was thrilled when I ran across these vintage lockets...
And I think they would make gorgeous gifts for your bridesmaids, for your wedding day or after.  Each locket opens to hold two photographs, mementos or love notes.  It be perfect to hold a picture of your sweetheart and a petal from your bouquet after your wedding day, no?

The vintage floral wallpaper, peacock on a branch and the butterfly gallery set lockets are just a few of my faves for under $40.00 each.  However, there are lots of other fabulous designs available.  So head on over to Verabel on Etsy to have a look-see at all the other options.  I am sure you will find something you like, and even if they aren't your style...Mother's Day is just around the corner.  Happy shopping my dears! 

~ Ciao

...images via verabel on etsy

Who Says

...you can't display your wedding cake in a vintage washstand?
Now you know I ADORE this...however, I almost always adore the unexpected!

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via nonpareil #07


Tuesday Thought: Eggstra Special

So today's Tuesday Thought is a little bit 'out there'.  Which isn't the first time one of my ideas has been 'out there'...and I am sure certainly won't be the last.  However, if done right - it could be oh so cute!  And with Easter just around the corner, you know I HAD to post.  Have a look-see at this ...
Okay really, how cute is this?  Wouldn't you love to get this in the mail?  And wouldn't you feel eggstra special receiving it?  Me - super duper cute, yes and yes!

So your Tuesday Thought for today is:  Why not use these cute little eggs as your Save the Dates!  How darling would this be for a wedding on a farm....especially one with chickens? 

I would paint the egg in one (or more) of the wedding colors.  Hmmm, you could even paint the date on the outside, paint save the date on the outside or leave the outside just plain, and on the note on the inside have a small save the date or your information...depending on what you, if anything, you do to the outside!  The paper doesn't have to be as narrow as the piece above.  You could easily do three lines or four and still get it to fit in the egg.  Just keep the length of writing across the paper on the shorter side, as to keep the paper small when rolled.  Also, the cost of mailing wouldn't be too much either as the box, egg and filler/padding (we all know there needs to be some) are all pretty lightweight.

However, you know if I was having a baby - I think I would LOVE to use this idea for birth announcements!  (And no, I am not pregnant in case you were wondering.)  But you could really come up with something cute like - "look what just hatched", or "our little chick has hatched", or "we have some eggstra special news"...well you get the idea.

I found this darling idea on Poppytalk, who had originally posted it last year before Easter, but re-posted part of it again this year for Easter and I am so tickled they did as I think it is such a cute idea.  Anyhoo, if you are looking how to make these yourself either follow the steps above or you can get the step-by-step right here!

Now get crackin my dears...just not the egg...yet ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via poppytalk