Flowers of the Week: 4.11.11

Oh Monday - why did you have to come so soon?  I wasn't quite ready for you yet!  However, another Monday means another week closer to Summer.  And I heart Summer.  June just can't get here quick enough these days.  Then July, when my sister and her family come to spend two weeks for our birthdays.

Did I ever mention that my sister and my birthday are one day apart?  Different years, but one day apart.  Yes, mine first and then at midnight just for a split second it is ours, and then a second later it is hers!  I used to complain growing up that I never had my own birthday once she was born...as she was younger and we always celebrated our birthdays together on her day.  Golly, my mom usually forgets my birthday (I don't mean that in a bad way at all mom) as I think she is so used to celebrating on my sisters.  However, now I could care less!  I am so blessed and thankful I have a sister, and that she is such a big part of my life (even though we are on opposites sides of the United State).  We have always celebrated our birthdays together...yet, the last couple of years we haven't been able too.  But come this July we get to celebrate our birthdays together once again!  To say I am OVER THE MOON is an understatement.  Goodness, it is only April and I am already thinking about it. 

So you are probably wondering why all this talk about my sister?  Well when I saw this beautiful arrangement it reminded me of her...
Flowers of the Week
The oranges and yellows are so Cole (my sister)!  She looks fabulous wearing these colors with her brown curly hair ;-)  Now me, these colors don't look so good ;-(  Which I wish wasn't the case, as I do love orange and yellow.  I can however get away with the paler yellow, and the peach.  And I'm telling you a lot of people can't wear grey...oh but I can, and I love it!  Okay, I am now officially rambling. 

So tell me - did everyone have a lovely weekend?  Do anything fun?  Was the sun shining for you?  It was here, but it was still fairly cool.  Maybe that is why I choose a pop of color for this Monday - to bring in the warmth that has yet to fully arrive, and the wish for summer to hurry up and get here.  And if it hasn't arrived for you either yet, then I hope this adds some warmth and color to your Monday, my dears.  Wishing you a wonderful week!

P.S. - And Cole I think it is pact time!  Pact:   that we try never to spend our birthdays apart again!  Okay? 

~ Ciao

...image via poppies and posies and also seen on design sponge


  1. Gorgeous arrangement. David Austin roses are the bees knees and the colors are so happy! Have a great week dear!

  2. Stunning bouquet! So vibrant and I love the use of oranges, yellows and corals.

  3. STUNNING arrangement! so cool that you & your sister's birthdays are so close together!

  4. Gorgeous flower arrangement. Flowers are great centerpiece for any occasions, especially weddings.

  5. Firstly... I love your sisters name!! Secondly I adore this bouquet... it's just so happy!! I think my b'day is only a couple of days before yours too!!

  6. This is A BEAUTIFUL beautiful bouquet. Omg. I LOOOOVE.