Perforated Paper, Yes Please

Well really Papel Picado...which literally means "perforated paper".  Papel picado is a Mexican folk art of cutting paper into elaborate designs commonly used at celebrations and events.  And while I am sure most of you lovelies have seen papel picado, I can't help post the picture below as it is papel picado perfection to me.
You see...papel picado is usually made from brightly colored paper...however, I am LOVING the neutral color of this one.  By far this is my favorite one to date!  I also love how the papel picado fits perfectly not only with the venue of this wedding, but the decor as well.  Here have a closer look at the tables...
See perfectly, no?  ~~~SQUEAL~~~   Yep, that's me excited!   Excited about how much I love the papel picado, how fabulous this table decor is, and to again be able to show that a neutral color palette for a wedding can be oh so gorgeous!

~ Ciao

...photography by kirsten ellis of beaux arts photographie via oh how charming


  1. Ohh I love it in neutral tones too! So pretty!

  2. Ooh, so fun! These are a truly fresh spin and totally unique!

  3. I never thought that papers can be this elegant. It's a very serene idea to create such a reception like this. I remembered my first participation in weddings. Reception area is always the topic after the wedding ceremony.

  4. Really? Kraft papel picados?? It doesn't get much better than that... I actually love this more than the brights but then I'm the neutral queen!! And papel picado sounds so much better than perforated paper!!

  5. adoooorable! where do you find this stuff, lady?