Homemade: Dessert/Candy Bar

Happy Thursday my dears!  Wow, what a whirlwind this week has been so far.  It all started on Monday with an emergency phone call to the dentist, who was actually closed, but did call me Tuesday morning to fit me in yesterday.  Boo...going to the dentist is not my favorite thing.  It's not that it hurts, or the noise...it's just that I am sitting there with my mouth wide open for almost two hours - not my idea of a fun afternoon! 

While I haven't had a cavity in years, the fact that I grind my teeth (hint:  you probably never want to be my roommate unless you wear earplugs to bed), and that the fillings that I do have are from when I was young, it was only a matter of time before my old fillings started to crack and fall out.  Sounds gross, huh?  Sorry, it wasn't that gross it just sounds like it is.  It happened to me almost a year ago on one tooth, but this time it was a bottom molar...the good news in all of this - they replaced my old silver filling with a new white one!  All in all though, not what I wanted to do on a Wednesday afternoon when I had a list a mile long that got put on hold.  So sorry Cole if Madi and Riley's Easter presents don't arrive on time as I never made it to the post office today! But I do have to tell you Madi's Easter Sand Bucket (they live in Florida and are at the beach a couple times a week so it is perfect) filled with goodies turned out soooo cute...marshmallow bunnies included!

Okay, on to this post already!  It just seems so fitting that I am posting a dessert/candy bar post and talking about cavities, is it not?  Anyhoo, today's post is EXTRA special, and so near and dear to me.  Almost three weeks ago, the lovely and fabulous Claire of A Realistic Wedding was married.  Not too long after we met on Twitter, Claire saw some of the things I was crafting with black lace and she asked me to craft some things for her dessert/candy bar at her wedding.  I was sooooo honored and tickled that she asked! I crafted, packaged carefully, shipped and then waited to see how it all came together!  Well yesterday the wait was over as she posted a couple of the pictures on her Facebook page!  So today I thought I would show you the pictures that I have been waiting to see.  Here you go...
I decided on hat boxes to use as booster to add some visual height...plus they were light weight and would travel across the United States without costing too much to ship.  I removed the lids (so I could use both the tops and bottoms) flipped them upside down and covered them in a fabulous yellow paper with a raised fleur-de-lis motif on it.  A very similar motif were on the picture frames that I found that were to be used to display the cupcakes.  And yes, all those black lace rosettes, in a couple of different sizes, I made too.  I made all the rosette and black string heart cupcake toppers as well.  And I adore the black finial I found...and thought it was the perfect touch for the center tower.  I added to the the box that I shipped Claire, a couple of different black ribbons to be used to wrap around the boxes as the final detail.  I am thrilled it traveled the long distance without any breakage, and all came together just as Claire had wanted!

So my sincerest thank you Claire for trusting me on one of the biggest days of your life!  I am over the moon that you were so thrilled with the way everything turned out...and I am so elated to have been able to show a small part of your big day here on LCW!!!  Congrats again my dear ;-))) Mwah.

P.S. - Remember to brush those pearly whites often and after eating dessert or candy...otherwise you too might end up at the dentist ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by richard israel photography via claire's facebook page


  1. It turn out perfectly!! I can't wait to see more images of Claire's wedding and knowing you were part of the team makes me even more proud of you!!

    PS: hope you're feeling better today ;)

  2. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! You did such an amazing job and I'm so just blessed to know you! I got so many compliments on that candy bar, you have no idea!

    The photo credits, though, go to Richard Israel Photography!

  3. OMG! How wonderful was it for Claire to ask you to create such lovely things for her big day. Great job Kristi...love it!!

  4. wow those are just so amazing. so so amazing.

  5. Wow how amazing of you to do this for Claire.. can't wait to see more pictures!! Super clever naturally!