Tuesday Shoesday #21: Glitter Goodness

Good Morning my lovelies!  I hope my pick for today's 'Tuesday Shoesday' adds a little sparkle to your day....because we could all use a little more sparkle, no?  Have a look-see at these glitter snake-effect and leather ankle boots by Thakoon...
Tuesday Shoesday
Goodness even the heels sparkle!
Tuesday Shoesday
When I first saw these ankle boots I was kind of torn as to whether I loved them or not.  It's not the fact that they are an ankle boot...because I have to tell you that I am an ankle boot wearing kind of girl!  And I loved the bright blue and the sparkle, but the navy leather wasn't doing that much for me.  So I figured in order to decide how I felt about them, I really needed to see them on to determine if I LOVED them.  This is a picture I found from the runway ...
Tuesday Shoesday
Granted the shoes look a bit darker in this picture, but LOVE them indeed.  Actually, I loved Thakoon's entire Spring 2011 line!  Anyhoo, I would have to say they would be perfect for your something blue, and would look amazing with a white wedding dress!

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...images 1 and 2 via net-a-porter, & 3 via style.com


  1. In the words of Tyra... they are fierce!!

  2. they're a bit futuristic! can't go wrong with a glittery heel.