Special Post: Shout Outs

***Warning:  Excessively long post...the longest writing post in Luna and Chloe Weddings' history I am sure.  However, there is lots of goodness here, so please (and thank you) be sure to read it all.***

There has been so many good things happening around the blogosphere lately with a handful of my friends...that I feel I just have to take the time to share them all with you.  And since I have been MIA a lot on Twitter lately, I really wanted to take a moment to tell them all how OVER THE MOON excited I am for them.  I really want to give some shout outs to them, as they are very much deserved...so I am...cause it's my blog and I can do that - he he!  Hmmm, where to start?  Alright in no particular order...

This week is the two year blogaversary of my super duper talented friend Kate's ever inspiring blog, Magnolia Rouge.  The inspiration boards she does ALWAYS inspire me, and get my head spinning with lots of lovely thoughts!  So thank you Kate.  And not only is her blog fabulous, but her stationery boutique, Ruby and Willow, is oh so fabulous as well!  And for one lucky reader she is offering an amazing giveaway in celebration of her two year blogaversary, that is so generous and fantabulous...so be sure to head over and get in on the goodness.

Also, last Friday my friend Chris' inspiring blog, Postcards and Pretties got an amazing makeover with the help of the Kate, from above...told you she is super duper talented!  Now these two are a force to be reckoned with I tell ya.  I have to tell you that if it wasn't for Chris, I would probably have never joined twitter...in turn never meeting half of the people I have.  Chris was one of the first people to reach out to me (along with Sofia and Megan), so I am ever thankful to her (and them) for that!  Chris does inspiration boards that ALWAYS inspire me too!  I always tell her that she transports me...and who doesn't want to be transported to loveliness?  Chris - I can't tell you enough how much I love your new look.  It is so perfectly you!!!  And again, I just have to tell you that you look marvelous (said with an accent of course)!!!

Another fabulously talented friend got a blog makeover too.  Abby of the darling blog Super Burbs' new look is so perfectly for her as well!  Let me tell ya, the suburbs have NEVER looked more super!  And it's no surprise that her look is so perfect, as the amazingly talented Carolynn, of Two Brunettes, helped create it with her.  (Sorry had to give a little shout out to Carolynn too, as I love her work...and she knows it.)  I can't get over how her new look reminds me of her amazing wedding...that was featured on Style Me Pretty in October, and more recently  featured in Brides magazine...you can see it right here.  Congrats my dear! You too look marvelous!!!  And happy 6 months to Otto...who has one of the cutest faces ever!  Please give him forehead kisses and belly rubs from me ;-)

Megan of the fantastic Forget Me Knot Weddings blog has made the leap into the wedding planning world full time, and I couldn't be more thrilled for her!  Yippee ;-)  I think, if I remember correctly, she was the first person that left a comment on LCW.  Also, I had the opportunity to meet her very briefly in San Francisco one day, and she is darling and I knew that she would be going places!  She has joined up with Emily of Enjoy Events, and together they make up Enjoy Events Co.  Do head over and check out there fantabulous new website and blog!  I know we will be seeing lots of goodness from these two, as witnessed on their Ruffled feature.  So congrats my dear...there is no doubt in my mind that you will be a success!

I wish I was small enough to fit into a suitcase...because if I could I would crawl into Sofia and Andre of Branoprata's (who too has a new and improved look that I love) and make the trip to Brazil with them, where they just booked a wedding!  How awesome is that?  They live in Portugal, and booked a wedding in Brazil!  Well that's how amazing Sofia and Andre are.  In all honesty, I am not surprised as they were just in New Zealand for Steph of Bubble Rock's wedding.  And I am sure you have seen their amazing work on Style Me Pretty or on a handful of other amazing blogs.  So congrats my friends on being internationally known ;-)  Hmph - I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock the microphone...okay, I know - BAD!  But sometimes, just sometimes, I really can't help myself!  And I wanted to see if you were still paying attention :-)))  Which of course I know you are!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Jacin of the fabulous blog Lovely Little Details in person, and she is just the sweetest ever!  But I am sure you are probably already aware of that ;-)  Her gorgeous wedding too was featured on Style Me Pretty in January...have a look-see at it here.  She recently teamed up with Lucia and Henny of Utterly Engaged, and Lydia of Ever Ours to put together a For Japan With Love event that is happening in San Francisco on April 26th to continue the effort to raise money for shelter and lifesaving supplies!  You can get the details and RSVP right here, and it's free to attend.  And squeal...I can't wait to go.  For Japan With Love has been amazing...and the money that has been raised through it is so inspiring!  Also, Jacin she is the creator of Jars of Love...which are jars of homemade jam that she makes (oh yes she does) and sells to raise money for people in need.  Currently, all sales of Jars of Love are going to For Japan With Love!  What an amazingly generous heart she has!

This weekend (as I mentioned yesterday, but had to mention again) is Allison of Engaged & Inspired's wedding!  And I can't wait to see the pictures of her big day!  She has done a lot of DIY's for the wedding, and I am sure that they will all look picture perfect.  It has been great following her journey to the big day!  My dear, I wish you nothing but love and happiness.

One blogger that recently tied the knot was the sweet and sparkly Erin of the rusticly chic blog Sparkle and Hay.  You can see all the stunning details of her big day that was featured on Style Me Pretty in March by clicking right here.  Congrats again my dear!  And I have to tell you my friends, there is a picture that she posted on her blog where her eyes are just GORGEOUS and oh so sparkly ;-) 

Another blogger that was most recently tied the knot is the lovely Claire of A Realistic Wedding!  I am always in awe at how perfectly her blog title fits her.  She is one of the most realistic people I know, which is so refreshing!  Ah sweetie, I am so thrilled your big day turned out as you dreamt it would!  You were a beautiful bride.  And because I did a little something for her wedding day - you know I am dying to see pictures as well!

Also, I have to mention the lovely Kathryn of Snippet & Ink.  Oh, I know you know who she is...but her wedding pictures (photographed by one of my fave photographers, Elizabeth Messina) and video from her December wedding in San Francisco were featured on Martha Stewart Weddings...and WOW!  Yep, I'm pretty much speechless.  Yet, Kathryn has been posting lots more loveliness on Snippet & Ink so be sure to have a look-see at all the amazingness!  I do have to tell you that their wedding video by Sandbox Love really touched me.  That is the kind of love I hope we all have, or find!  Thank you for sharing your story...it was absolutely amazing!  As I said in my comment:  I wish you lots of lazy days and road trips!

Finally, be sure to check out the Spring issue of At Home with Valley and Co. by the extremely talented husband wife team, Aleah and Nick of Valley and Co.  And the first edition of Styled, by the super talented Victoria of A Subtle Revelry.  There is lots of goodness and inspiration in each of them that you don't want to miss!

And on another fabulous, but personal note, I was OVER THE MOON about receiving a package in the mail from the Oxygen Network with a sneak peek at a show that just premiered on Wednesday, April 6th!  What show is that you ask?  Well, sTORIbook WEDDINGS with Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean.  I have to tell you all - I am a fan of the new show!  The premiere was of Tori and Dean helping a couple plan their big day incorporating Pugs (yes, the dogs).  Tori and Dean are a lovely couple.  You can really see the love between them...which is why I think their previous shows have been so successful, and this one will be too.  And to be honest, while I wasn't sure how it would all look in the end, it turned out beautifully!  Plus, the fact that Tori thought of a Pug adoption at the wedding was an incredible idea...three pugs were adopted - that is goodness in my book!  Not only that but Tori, and her best friend and Dean did a lot of work themselves which goes to show you what fabulous people they really are!  So if you missed it this past Wednesday, please be sure to tune into it this coming Wednesday (I know I will be)...I'm pretty sure that you won't be disappointed!  And no, this is not a sponsored or paid portion of the post.  The opinions are mine.  Just in case you were wondering ;-)

EEKS - I just have to give a HUGE shout out to Anna of Fash Boulevard, who just left a comment on my earlier post today that she is engaged!!!!  WOOHOO!!!  It happened last night, and I couldn't be more thrilled for her!  Congrats Anna - how sweet of you to take the time to come and share your amazing news with me ;-))).  You know I will be looking forward to seeing wedding inspired posts on Fash Boulevard!

Okay - so did I not tell you...LOTS OF GOODNESS!!!  I LOVED doing this post, and think that I need to do a post like this more often ;-)

Good golly, I know I am forgetting a lot of other things, and I am so sorry if I left anyone and their good things or accomplishments off...as it was not, and never would be intentional!

I find it amazing that through this little blog, and Twitter that I have made friends all over the world!  Yes, people I actually consider my friends.  Friends that I otherwise would have never met!  Friends that are supportive and encouraging.  And while we all have wedding blogs,  there is no competition amongst us!  Now were else does that happen? 

So to all my friends mentioned above, and other blogger friends not mentioned - thank you for making this one of the best experiences of my life mentioned!  I have been continually impressed and thrilled by the love and friendship I have found in blogland.  With so many people, new friends, and conversations, I can only think of one occasion in the past year and a half that I didn't walk away smiling from ear to ear!  So my dears, I wish you all bunches and bunches of success in all your endeavors, and I cannot wait to hear about them and support you in them! 

And even though it may seem like I disappear from Twitter or commenting for a few days, know that I am always around.  So if there is anything you ever need or I can help out with in anyway, please don't hesitate to e-mail me or send me a direct message...as I always have time, or will make time for my friends!

Happy Friday my dears!  And a warm welcome to my new followers!  There are lots of happenings around here and things that are in the works, so stay tuned for a big announcement coming soon...let's just say that I hope my new business website and LCW look marvelous too!  Yes, you read that correctly - new business which I am over the moon about  and can't wait to tell you more!  What you ask?  Hmmm, just think vintage, and I am sure you'll figure it out ;-)   I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and continues visiting LCW for fabulous and over the moon details for weddings and events. 

Thank you for your kind words and support, they are so appreciated.  In return I hope that LCW inspires you, or at least brings some pretty or goodness to your day!  See you back here on Sunday for some sweetness.

P.S. - My Picture Perfect Palette post will be back starting next Friday too.  I can't believe it has been 3 weeks already without me posting one...aw I miss those posts, so I can't wait to get back on track with them..but I just had to do this post today ;-)

 ~ Ciao


  1. You are the sweetest person alive. Seriously.LOVE YOU!

  2. This is so much fun and what a great way to ring in the weekend; with lots of goodness happening to so many talented and wonderful people. Thank you for including us, my friend! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. thanks so much for the shoutout! loved this post. you're so so supportive of everyone!

  4. you, my dear, are the sweetest little gal around. it was so wonderful to meet you and understand the extent of your sweetness in person, and this post just goes to show why everyone is so OVER THE MOON ;) for you, too. thank you so much, see you on the 26th!!!!!

  5. What a sweet shout out post...it's a great community!

  6. Oh Kristi... this just brightens my all week... and what a week it was...thank you for this my friend... you don't even imagine how this makes me feel...And YES; LCW inspires me EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

  7. Yep, you brought tears to my eyes. You are so amazing, Kristi. You amaze me EVERY SINGLE DAY and I'm so lucky to "know" you. One day, VERY SOON, we will meet and gab fabulously over wine!

  8. What a wonderful post to highlight some amazing people/blogs! Props to you!

  9. look what you did...I'm all emotional after reader this Kristi.
    Thank you so much for all your support. You truly are one amazing friend!

  10. What a fantastic post, darling! There are so many wonderful things happening, and it's amazing to see them all in one place, not to mention from such a divine woman!

    Hope I'll see you at the For Japan with Love event!

    xoxox, Lena

  11. Thank you so much for the shout out! You're too too sweet!

  12. You might think you're not known internationally, but in France, you already have a fan (and I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one :)

    Thank you for your inspiring and loving blog !
    All the best for your business !


  13. oooh sweetheart this just positively MADE my night reading! you are so, so, lovely and i am so touched beyond words and so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful wedding blog world community & for YOU! xo

    & I should mention - you need to shout yourself out for all of the amazingness on Luna & Chloe and for Style Me Pretty - especially all of your fantastic finds that style me pretty is always re-posting to their FB wall too! xo

  14. So sweet. All of these ladies are so wonderful and so creative. Love them all...as much as I love you and your site :)

  15. I love that you brought everyone together in one post!!

    Your blog inspires me so much. I would love to your first 'brown' wedding friend!

  16. You are so sweet and supportive which means the world!! Thank you so much for your sweet shout out!! I am sure we will see each other soon enough again!! XO

  17. Kristi.. you know how much I love this!! Thank you a million times for the kind words! What a fabulous post and such a great way to send out your thanks. I adore your blog and the continuous fabulous ideas you come up with and inspire us with and I can.not.wait. too see this new venture you're teasing us with too!!! I heart you xo