Flowers of the Week 12.21.09

Just in time for winter.  I seriously L-O-V-E this bouquet for a winter wedding!
So perfect with the muted greens, whites, creams and soft grays!  Just fabulous don't you think?

~ Ciao

...flower design by rountree


On the Table: Shells

There is nothing prettier and simpler than a glass bowl full of shells.  What I really like here is that the shells are all white - leading to a simple, clean but elegant centerpiece idea.
Design, Shells
Wouldn't this be amazing at a winter wedding by the beach!  Just dreamy.

~ Ciao

...image via atlanta bartlett


Who Says...

...ornaments are only supposed to be used during the holidays!  These cute glass ornaments from Pottery Barn would be stunning at your wedding hanging from trees or just about anywhere!  Imagine a handful of these votive ornaments hanging in a tent...oh the effect from the candlelight suspended in mid-air would be magical.  Or instead of having a centerpiece at each table I would hang a group of them over each table.  Romance anyone?
Wedding, Holiday
The second glass ornament is a mini vase.  I used something similar at my wedding, back in 2000.  I hung them over each table in place of a centerpiece.  I had to create a fishing line system in my tent in order to make it work - but the result was simply breathtaking...especially when there was just the slightest breeze and they swayed like they were dancing!
Wedding, Holiday
Whatever you decide - have fun with it! 

~ Ciao

...images via pottery barn


On the Table: Holiday Inspired

With the holidays all around us, I have been seeing a lot of red lately!  Who hasn't?  Yet, when I ran across this picture I thought that it would be a great simple way to decorate your tables at your wedding.  And, I know - wholly brightness, but if the color scheme doesn't work for you a can of spray paint can work magic!
Simple, sophisticated and a little fun don't you think?  And if this is just to simple for you...think place cards, favors or a sprig on the plate!

~ Ciao

...photo tina rupp


Shoe Storage

So what do you do with your wedding shoes after you have worn them?  I think most people put them back in their box - even though I am sure some probably still wear them on occasion.  Well how about putting them on display like this...
Fashion, Shoes
I L-O-V-E this idea!  This is definitely how I would do it.  Don't they look just amazing?  Oh, so pretty.

~ Ciao

...image via lonny and shoes jcrew

Color Palettes: Sorbet

Inspiration today comes from a picture of waxed cord.  I knew as soon as I saw it the sorbet colors in raspberry pink, orange and lemon would make the most beautiful summer wedding palette. 
Don't believe me?  Take a look at this pale yellow cake with raspberry pink and orange detail!
Wedding, Cake
So adorable don't you think?

~ Ciao

...photo (1) via papiervalise and (2) katie stoops


Flowers of the Week 12.14.09

Summer country is what I am thinking about this week.  This easy arrangement of hydrangea, bells of ireland, roses, ivy and branches in greens and white all tied with a simple ribbon in yellow is just what I am in the mood for after days of rain! 
Wedding, Flowers
Plus, I love how it's adorning the door - the perfect touch.  Simply lovely isn't it?  Happy Monday!

~ Ciao

...photo nato welton



The perfect wedding shoe that is!  I am drooling (really) over these Christian Louboutin Studio 120 peep toes.  I think they would make the most spectacular wedding shoes!
It's those red soles that do it.  Imagine being in all white and having the red pop out.  I L-O-V-E it.  Oh, and the pictures would be sooo cute.

~ Ciao

...image net-a-porter


I Scream, You Scream

We all scream for ice cream!  This is just fabulous.  I am not sure whether this was arranged or not...but I love it and had to share.  How fun would it be to have an ice cream truck make a pit stop at your wedding! 
That way everyone gets what they really want! 

~ Ciao

...photo southern wedding film photography

Who Says...

...you have to wear white on your wedding night?  I think this would be just perfect...
Just a thought!

~ Ciao

...photo jonas bresnan


Faux Snow

Yes, this picture is straight off the Pottery Barn website...not intended for weddings really...but that doesn't mean that this wouldn't make a fabulous centerpiece at a winter wedding!  How amazing would your table look covered with a little faux snow and candlelight?  Lower the lights, light the candles and revel in the magic of the flickering flames.
Holiday, Wedding
Other things that come to mind when I see the picture above...tartan (plaid), velvet, wool blankets, hot apple cider spiked with rum, and a horse and carriage to sweep you away!  But, remove the snow and you could have an amazing outdoor, woodsy wedding with lighter fabrics, colors and the like.  As I always say - ideas are everywhere!

~ Ciao

...image via pottery barn


Color Palattes: Gold

One thing I love about gold is that it plays off of the light - giving you more than just one color.  Another thing, it's blingy.  Combine the two and you will get a warm and fabulous color scheme.  Take a look at this cake, which is quite formal and blingy, do you see just gold?  No, you see a variety of shades and depths of gold (I know, I put color boxes along the side to help).  Wouldn't it make a decadent color scheme for a more formal affair?
Wedding, Cake, Color
And if a more casual affair is what you are going for, then the cupcakes below are a great way to incoporate gold into your color scheme.
Wedding, Cupcakes
Wether you incorporate just a hint of gold or go all out - the end result, I'm sure, will be fabulous!

~ Ciao

...photos raymond hom


Flowers of the Week 12.7.09

This weeks flowers are a combination of pink, purple, grey and green.  Plus the bouquet below has lots of texture.  I love the overall feel of this bouquet.  The majority of the flowers are calm, casual and natural...and then you get that pop of hot pink which brings it up a notch - just fabulous.
I am loving it.  Happy Monday!

~ Ciao

...image via lauren and abby ross


Color Palettes: Flowers + Stole

What do you get when you combine a vase full of pretty flowers and an amazing faux fur stole?
Fashion, Flowers
The most gorgeous color palette.  How amazing would this rich, warm color palette be at your wedding?  And the stole over your dress, with pearls - so glamorous!

~ Ciao

...images via lisa hubbard & kendall farr


Please Pass the Salt

First off, I can't help but think how cute these favors would be at a beach wedding...maybe because of the ocean's salt water...who knows.  I will tell you that I do think this is a cute and simple favor idea that is perfect for a DIY bride.  And if the bride or groom is either a chef or just loves to cook it would make it even better - it would be the personal touch that I am always looking for.
Wedding, Favors
I really love the shape of the bottle, and those labels are just perfect with the scalloped edge (which is reminding me of ocean waves).  The added sprig of rosemary on the bottle is the type of detail I love - just a little something extra!  And if you think about it - who doesn't like a little salt?

~ Ciao

...image via frances janisch


Shell Filled - Update

Okay, so just yesterday I posted a giant clam shell with different ideas on how you could use at your wedding.  And low and behold, today I look online at Pottery Barn - and yes, they are selling a clam shell!  Not only that - but what do they fill it with?  Hello, ice and oysters on the half shell.  Seriously, I have not seen it until two minutes ago, when I knew I had to give you an update and post the pic....so here it is...
Man, am I good!  Just kidding, of course.

~ Ciao

...image via pottery barn

Going Green

So here is a simple, casual tabletop style that I think is just fabulous.  Rice steamers as centerpieces?  Yes, and I am loving it! 
Tabletop, Wedding
And in doing some research they would be quite affordable to purchase (depending on the size of your wedding).  Here is a closeup pic of one I found...
Wedding, Details
So you are probably thinking what the heck would I do with all of them after the wedding?  I would give them away as a gifts at the wedding to one lucky person at each table (depending on the type of table and the number of steamers on each table, you could give away multiple ones at each table).  Tape a cute little "You are the Winner" ticket under the chair...whoever sits there gets to take home the steamer.  Oh what fun!

~ Ciao

...image via scott horne and sur la table


Shell Filled

So I saw this pic and thought...hey, there is a super cute idea!  Yes, I know this is set for the holidays - but how cute would this be at your wedding?  Especially one with a beachy theme.
How cute would these giant clam shells be filled with some sand to display your table cards?  How about filling them with your favors?  (Above the hostess filled the shell with little boxes of macaroons for her guests as their parting holiday gift - too cute!)   Or you could use smaller ones either filled with water and floating candles as your centerpieces, or filled with flowers, seagrass, shells, etc.  Also, these would be super cute filled with some ice and used for either oysters on the halfshell type of buffet, shrimp buffet, or drinks.  Think outside the shell (corny, I know) and see what else you can come up with!  As always, I can go on...let me know if you would like more ideas...not just for this post - but any of my posts!  Happy Tuesday inspiration. 

~ Ciao

...image via homes and gardens


Flowers of the Week 11.30.09

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  And to start off this week, as I always do, is a wonderful bouquet that I have chosen  for the "Flowers of the Week" this week.  I am loving the dreamy feel of this bouquet...and all those fabulous pale colors and the texture from the variety of flowers...simply swoonworthy!
Wedding, Flowers
Soft and romantic is what I am in the mood for today...how about you?  Also, did you see the trailing turquoise ribbon?  Love!  Have a great week.

~ Ciao

...flowers by lauryl lane


Weekend Wishes

...for an absoluetly wonderful Thanksgiving.  May it start off with a handful of fresh fall flowers...
A perfectly set table for lots of family, friends, food and fun...
And a wonderful spot for you and your sweetie to nap...
Sweetie, I will meet you here later, okay?  Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  May we all make sure to take the time to be thankful for all we have...I know I will.

~ Ciao

...images elizabeth messina & linens by sarah drake designs

Sensational Stitching

I am absolutely SWOONING about the detail on this cake!  I can't stop looking at it...it has become an addiction, I think.  It looks so real.  What do you think?
Wedding, Cake
This lovely cake was created by eat cake be merry (love the name)...let me tell you...I would be MERRY if I had this cake to eat!  You must check out all their a~maz~ing creations. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

~ Ciao


All Tied Up - II

About two weeks ago, I posted a pic for a cute, easy, stress free way to add a little extra detail to your table...and below is another pic that I found along the same lines as my previous post - so I just had to post.  How cute is this?
Oh my brain is going a thousand miles per minute here - with all of the options that you could do.  The butterflies are perfect for a spring or summer wedding, but change them out to fit your theme.  How about cute little mushrooms for a outdoor woodsy wedding, little stars for a december holiday wedding, fall leaves, a fern frond...the list is endless.  Plus, I L-O-V-E how the ribbon is just loose, casual and weaved (loving the word...you could take just that word and go with it) through the tines of the fork!

~ Ciao

...image via stylist martha barnabe


Flowers of the Week 11.23.09

Here is a special little treat for you!  I love the casual feel of this arrangement.  Not only that, but using elements such as fruit, veggies and herbs with a touch of flowers is so perfect these days - where weddings are defined by you and your honey.  Definitely not your "traditional" wedding flowers - but still amazing.  Couldn't you just imagine this arrangement as your centerpiece?
Flowers, Wedding
Just perfect.  Happy Monday!

~ Ciao

...image via kissthegroom


Decanter Details

Here's a perfect little detail...
Wedding, On the Table
I love this little detail for a couple of reasons.  #1.  Depending on the type and style of the decanter you choose, you can use this detail at any type of reception.  #2.  You can either set up a wine bar using the decanters, or place one (or a couple) of decanters on each table.  #3.  Use can choose a variety of types and styles of decanters for a more eclectic feel.  #4.  Multiple decanters allow you to choose a variety of wines (how cute are the labels above).  #5.  You could print out wine cards that describe each wine, and why you and your honey like it.  #6.  Group all one style like the picture on the left (choose larger decanters to make a statement) with different types of wine, and use as the centerpiece on each table - with small flower arrangements, clusters of grapes or decorated grapewood vines, and candlelight...oh so pretty!  Inspired yet?  I hope so.

~ Ciao

...image on left michael partenio & image on right project wedding


Cream, Peach, Lavender or Pink?

How do you choose the color of your cake?  With so many choices out there it can be difficult to decide.  But, who says you have to have only one cake?  Why not two, or three, or four?  And all in dreamy pastel colors...
I love how each cake is not only different in color but with the flower detail too.  It works because the flower detail on each is done in the same way.  So if you choose to have multiple cakes, keep in mind to use one element that ties them together.  I think I would choose four different kinds of cake too!  Yummy.

~ Ciao

...image rick lew


On Ice

Wow, I L-O-V-E this idea!  How fabulous is this oyster bar?  I love the way it is used for oysters, but it can be used in so many other ways too.  I really like the tealights scattered inside - but be careful here...a sleeve held too long could catch fire quickly!  I would place the tealights in votive holders to protect the flame and my guests.  But seriously this is just fabulous.  I think it could be made pretty easily too.  Galvanized steel trays, a couple of galvanized pots flipped upside down with some adhesive and your done!
Here is my twist on the idea above - you could use quarter round metal plant stands placed back-to-back.   
Wedding, Garden
Use two to make a half circle or four for a full circle (there is another option at gardners.com) - making sure to get the tray liners as well. What a statement four would make!  Filling the top tray with flowers would be pretty amazing too. Since these plant stands aren't too tall, you could easily place on a table.  What I love about the plant stands is that you can spray paint them any color you like.  With the tray liners you could easily do an oyster bar like the picture above.  How about a shrimp bar?  Fill the tray liners (after a good washing of course) with water and then freeze (have your caterer do...since your freezer might not be big enough), remove from freezer, place on plant stand and display your shrimp...done.  But, you could also use it for any type of appetizers, drinks, on a buffet table or to display desserts!  Plus, there are plenty of other ways to use - display seating cards with the trays lined with moss, grass, river rocks, sand, seaglass, etc.  Or use to display favors.  As always - tons of options.  I am really loving this idea - great indoors or out, formal or informal.  Whatever you decide - have fun with it!

~ Ciao

...images brian woodcock and gardeners.com



Yes, I know...huh?  But I am adoring this sign!  And you could easily use this idea for your wedding - spell out your new last name (if it's not too long), your initials, your wedding date or you could spell out I do, love, just married...oh, I think you get my idea...
Fashion, Wedding
And if the structure is just not a possibility - hang letters from a tree, between trees on a rope, above the entrance door or individually staked along a path...oh yes, I could keep going!  The end result - MAGIC!  And how cute would your pictures be?

~ Ciao

...photography sasha eisenman


Very Vera

I can't help but just swoon over Vera Wang's Fall 2010 collection.  I think there is something here for just about anyone.  I will be total honest here - I never thought I would wear a big wedding dress - but when I tried on a tulle ball gown by Vera (years ago) I fell instantly in love.  It was THE DRESS as my mom had said...even before trying any on!  So I have a tendency to lean towards ball gowns...hence why I am starting with these...
Layers upon layers of tulle...I L-O-V-E!  Check out those necklines...OMG!  Similiar to the one on my dress...but I did change it.  So keep that in mind.  Both of the dresses above could be strapless and you would still get that great punch of sheer black from the sash.
What I love about the two dresses above is the way that the bottom half of the dress falls.  It's like multiple bustles - how perfect.  And check out the pleats on the bottom of the dress on the right! 
Ah, the trumpet shape.  I think this shape is perfect on the right person...not everyone can pull this off.  However, I would suggest trying on many different shapes and styles - trust me - you'll be surprised!  But I do love the way the dresses trumpet out just below the knee.
And for someone wanting a slimmer style - you can't go wrong with either one of the dresses above!  Whether you keep the dress as is, or you make some adjustments (like removing the sash or changing the color) you won't be disappointed with a dress by Vera Wang!

~ Ciao

Flowers of the Week 11.16.09

Simply stunning in white and yellow (but would look fabulous in any color)!  Love the casual feel of this arrangement.  The great thing about this simple arrangement is choose the color, a couple different flowers and a ribbon and your done. 
Wedding, Flowers, Centerpieces
It would also look pretty scattered around the table and not tied together.  Either way - you can't go wrong.  Happy Monday!

~ Ciao

...photography polly wreford


Color Palettes: Cupcake Liners

Oh yes.  See I think the pic below is so lovely - calming, soothing with just a little hint of glam (the silver liner on the bottom).  How pretty would this color combo be for a wedding?  White, pale pink, pale yellow and a hint of silver for some shimmer and sparkle.  I think we've all seen pink and white - but what I love here is the yellow - it adds just a little pop of color.
Wedding, Color
I can picture it already...outdoor in spring or summer with large, casual flower arrangements...a basket of white parasols with a silver monogram...floating vases hanging from trees with tealights in some and flowers in the others...a string of white bunting flags with names and table assignments on them blowing in the breeze...pretty linens with just a hint of pattern and design on the tables with small silver mercury glass candleholders...a white cake with silver details surrounded by fresh flowers in white, pale pink and pale yellow arranged on a small table under a tree partially covered with a bed net...okay, I know...but just for a second close your eyes and see if you can see it!  Or what do you see? 

~ Ciao

...photography anna williams


All Tied Up

I ran across the pic below and thought that it was a perfect little detail that can be added to your wedding without adding a lot of stress.  Even though the table below is set more for a the holidays (with the little bells), I still think a quick knot (or bow) of ribbon around the silverware and placing the seating card in the tines of the fork is a great touch.
Whether you are having a formal wedding or a more casual one - this idea can still be used.  How about some twine just wrapped around the silverware a couple of times for an outdoor rustic type of wedding?  Or polka dotted ribbon tied in a bow for a more playful look.  Or use rope and make nautical knots for a beachy/nautical look.  And remember, not only is the ribbon something that can be changed but the seating cards too!  Different shapes and styles can be used.  Or you may choose to use just one element instead of both.  As always - so many options!

~ Ciao

...photography polly wreford


Shades of Blue

I love it when bridesmaid dresses are in various shades of one color.  The different shades of blue dresses in this pic below is just beautiful!
~ Ciao

...photography via amorology


Horseshoes Anyone?

Ever since Carrie (a la Sex and the City) wore the horseshoe necklace - horseshoes have definitely made a comeback!  Whether you are a Sex and the City girl, a cowgirl, a horseshoe player or just plain love horseshoes - this is a fun way to incorporate them into your wedding!  Fabric-covered horseshoes...
The horseshoes can be found here.  But they only have 3 choices.  That however would not stop me from making them myself...or better yet, having someone in the family make them for me (oh, you know who you are!).  Anyway too cute!  I would use them instead of table numbers, and on the seating cards I would make horseshoe shaped with a piece of the pattern that matches that the table the person is sitting at!  I would them place the seating cards into wooden trays filled with grass or possible dirt (that just sounds so bad for some reason) and hang the horseshoe shaped cards from small metal stakes!  Now, that is one perfect detail, if I do say so myself!  Plus, horseshoes are the sign of good luck...and they ring around the stake...so many ways to play this one.  Hope I provided you with some inspiration!

~ Ciao


Flowers of the Week 11.9.09

I am swooning over these flowers.  The peach is the perfect shade, and it's not overdone.  I am loving the use of apple branches with baby apples in this first pic.
The arrangements are loose and casual - perfect for an outdoor wedding.  Maybe that's it - I like peach in casual arrangements!  Plus, how cute are the pears used as accents around the centerpieces below?
They were spot on in adorning the cake - just one perfect peach flower is all it needs (well besides the greenery).  Happy Monday!

~ Ciao

...photography lisa lefkowitz


Delightfully Delicious Details

Oh Happy Friday!  Here is an absolutely amazing editorial done by the ever so talented photographer Lisa Lefkowitz for Brides Northern California glossy (Fall Winter).  There are a lot of details here...
A great way to welcome guests - they instantly know they are in for some fun!
Could the above be any cuter?  Seriously, love all the touches.  And just take a close look at the clothespins...plain - never!
I am loving the way the pies are displayed above...such personal touches.
Cake anyone?  I'm just smitten with this style.
Even the condiments got a makeover! No detail left undone...
Just some inspiration for the weekend!  Happy (details) Weekend!

~ Ciao

...photography lisa lefkowitz