All Tied Up - II

About two weeks ago, I posted a pic for a cute, easy, stress free way to add a little extra detail to your table...and below is another pic that I found along the same lines as my previous post - so I just had to post.  How cute is this?
Oh my brain is going a thousand miles per minute here - with all of the options that you could do.  The butterflies are perfect for a spring or summer wedding, but change them out to fit your theme.  How about cute little mushrooms for a outdoor woodsy wedding, little stars for a december holiday wedding, fall leaves, a fern frond...the list is endless.  Plus, I L-O-V-E how the ribbon is just loose, casual and weaved (loving the word...you could take just that word and go with it) through the tines of the fork!

~ Ciao

...image via stylist martha barnabe

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