All Tied Up

I ran across the pic below and thought that it was a perfect little detail that can be added to your wedding without adding a lot of stress.  Even though the table below is set more for a the holidays (with the little bells), I still think a quick knot (or bow) of ribbon around the silverware and placing the seating card in the tines of the fork is a great touch.
Whether you are having a formal wedding or a more casual one - this idea can still be used.  How about some twine just wrapped around the silverware a couple of times for an outdoor rustic type of wedding?  Or polka dotted ribbon tied in a bow for a more playful look.  Or use rope and make nautical knots for a beachy/nautical look.  And remember, not only is the ribbon something that can be changed but the seating cards too!  Different shapes and styles can be used.  Or you may choose to use just one element instead of both.  As always - so many options!

~ Ciao

...photography polly wreford

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