Horseshoes Anyone?

Ever since Carrie (a la Sex and the City) wore the horseshoe necklace - horseshoes have definitely made a comeback!  Whether you are a Sex and the City girl, a cowgirl, a horseshoe player or just plain love horseshoes - this is a fun way to incorporate them into your wedding!  Fabric-covered horseshoes...
The horseshoes can be found here.  But they only have 3 choices.  That however would not stop me from making them myself...or better yet, having someone in the family make them for me (oh, you know who you are!).  Anyway too cute!  I would use them instead of table numbers, and on the seating cards I would make horseshoe shaped with a piece of the pattern that matches that the table the person is sitting at!  I would them place the seating cards into wooden trays filled with grass or possible dirt (that just sounds so bad for some reason) and hang the horseshoe shaped cards from small metal stakes!  Now, that is one perfect detail, if I do say so myself!  Plus, horseshoes are the sign of good luck...and they ring around the stake...so many ways to play this one.  Hope I provided you with some inspiration!

~ Ciao

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