Flowerwild February: Day 20

Wow!  I can't believe that this is the last day of Flowerwild February.  Didn't it just seem like February 1st yesterday?  I have to be totally honest here - I really don't want Flowerwild February to end.  I have really enjoyed looking forward to putting together some flowery goodness for you each day, and know that I am going to really miss it.  So to say this last post is bittersweet is an understatement. 

However,  I am ending on a great note I think...as this last post has some of my favorite arrangements in it.  I am over the moon about the variety of vessels and flowers used for each arrangement, all of the different textures and the feathers!  Hope you enjoy this last post as much as I do...
Eek - the last arrangement just gets me!  Seriously, how darling is it?  I just adore everything about it.

Also, I have to tell you that Kate, the designer and owner of Flowerwild, is just as fabulous as her arrangements!  I e-mailed her with a question that I received from someone, and not only did she get right back to me, she provided me with all the information that I had asked about. 

Kate will always be the first person I refer not just brides too, but anyone that is in need of flowers!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Kate for allowing me to post all of your AH.MAZ.ING arrangements all month long!!!  I sincerely appreciate it...mwah!

P.S. - Who knows...maybe I will do another month filled with flowery goodness!

~ Ciao

...images via flowerwild

Darling Detail No. 2: Escort Cards

Now this is my kind of detail - a vintage style mail slot escort area...
The details here are just perfect.  I love the calligraphy on the cards for the G-I, D-E and N-P, the vintage style envelopes, the little bird, the bunch of twigs that looks like a nest, and the touches of greenery here and there.  Darling, no?

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina

Flowers of the Week: 2.28.11

Hello loves!  Happy last day of February.  Are you ready for March?  I am, because with the coming of March, comes Spring - YAY!  So how about some dreamy light, and a darling bouquet wrapped in lace today?
Flowers of the Week
Ahhh yes, this is just what I am in the mood for this sunny morning! 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I have a crazy week this week, and hope that I can get it all done.  I have yet to post things in my Etsy store, but hope to get them up soon.  Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

~ Ciao

...photography by simply bloom


Sunday Sweetness

A helping hand...
Sunday Sweetness
Not just on the way there, but on the way back as well...
Sunday Sweetness
~ Ciao

...photography by amanda wilcher via style me pretty


Flowerwild February: Day 19

For the LOVE of peonies...
Oh, and berries too!

~ Ciao

...image via flowerwild

Sweet Friday

Ahhh Friday - I am so glad you are here!  With the chance of snow in the South Bay tomorrow (yes, snow!), I am looking forward to sleeping in and being all cuddly in my bed.  Granted, it won't be too late as I have lots to do this weekend, but just the thought of the possibility of it makes me happy!

Here's another thing that makes me happy...
Sweet Friday
...and not just because it is chocolate.  What makes me happy is the feeling I get from this picture - that homemade, baked just for me kind of feeling.  It's like you could reach into your computer screen and pick one up.  Just don't pick the one with the bite out of it - that one is mine...hehe!

This styling is perfect for a rustic, homemade or vintage dessert table!  I would do it just like this...to give your guests that same feeling.  I am sure that they would love it.  So much so, that they just might add a little extra confectioner's sugar on top!

Here is the recipe for you...
Sweet Friday
...so that you can create some of your own homemade goodness!

Hope you lovelies all have a fabulously sweet weekend!  See you back here on Sunday with more sweetness.

P.S. - Flowerwild February will be posted soon!

~ Ciao

...photography by, & recipe via what katie ate

Picture Perfect Palette No. 2

Oh do I have a pretty palette for you today...
Pretty, pretty, no?  Such a fabulous palette for a vintage rustic soiree.  It's clear that these colors make a perfect palette for this style.  

However, I would love to see this palette at a vintage beach wedding.  Here is just one way you could incorporate some of the palette's colors...
Pretty vintage glass bottles - a couple that I would fill with a simple flower or greenery, and the rest I would leave as is - empty.  Vintage bottles are a wonderful detail to use at a beach wedding...it's as if they might have been just washed up onto the beach.  Hmmm, wonder if there was a message inside, don't you?  And speaking of that - I would roll up the menus (would love them on worn, vintage paper) or maybe a thank you note, tie them with twine and place at each setting...it would have to be done just right though so it didn't looking cliche.  Another detail that I would add would be soft, washed linens on the table, and maybe some vintage doilies.

And of course, this palette would be perfect for a classic, romantic, or an elegant garden wedding too.  This bouquet is a fabulous example of just how perfect it would be...
Flowers would be flowing out of their silver or gold vessels, the chandeliers would be hung (from trees, if outdoors), and lots of candles everywhere...is a good start, but I'll let your imaginations take it from there.

I would love to hear what you came up with!  So what do you think?  Is there a style that you like the best? 

~ Ciao

...images via style me pretty with photography by: (1) beaux arts:, and, (2 and 3) jose villa


Flowerwild February: Day 18

I love the natural feel of this arrangement...
No bright colors or big flowers in this beauty.  It has a calming, welcoming, cozy and easy feeling about it, no?  Absolutely perfect in it's simplicity.

~ Ciao

...images via flowerwild

The Look: Natural

I am so loving this look...
The Look
...and think it is perfect for a variety of settings.  From an intimate backyard wedding, a garden wedding, a wedding in a field,  a wedding in a forest or barefoot and on the beach - this natural look would be perfect each.  All you would need to do is change the bouquet and accessories, if any.

A lace wedding dress, a slightly messy updo and natural makeup is my idea of a casual, but beautiful wedding look.  Just add some flowers in your hair for a garden wedding, or a fabulous hair accessory (I LOVE the ones from Twigs and Honey) and you're done. 

However, I could see a fabulous gold locket on a long chain too.  Oh my...my opera singing great-great-grandma's brooch would be an AMAZING detail to add (after all, she is who I was named after).  I am sure that you can find an heirloom piece to wear as well!  And if perhaps the night was to turn a tad chilly, a lovely little cardigan would do just fine.  Eeek....can't you just picture it?

~ Ciao

...image via fashion gone rouge

Contributing Post

Hey loves!  My contributing post is up on Celebrations at Home...
Celebrations At Home Logo
Please stop by and have a look-see at what I created.  Here's a little sneak peek to peak for you...
Airplane Sneak Peek
Hope to see you there!

~ Ciao

...image via celebrations at home & concept, styling, design & photography all by luna and chloe weddings

Homemade: Sneak Peek

I am beyond tickled (and a little nervous) that not only do I get to show you a sneak peek of one of the things I have been working on, but that this will be the FIRST item in my ETSY store!!!

These would be DARLING one of a kind bridesmaids gifts, special favors for your bridesmaids who are throwing you a bridal shower, to say thank you, or just a gift to give.  I was originally going to make these as magnets, however I have decided that I will leave the option up to the buyer...you know me, I like options!  I am sure you do too ;-)  Anyway, here is your sneak peek...
A variety of vintage finds grouped together to make sets!  First let me say that I have only 4 sets (6 pieces including the salt shaker lid in each) of the above...two with the same flowers, and two others with different!  But the rest of the pieces are the same.  Each set will be sold individually.  And not only do I love the vintage salt shaker to hold a flower or two...but it is the PERFECT size to hold a pen or pencil!  And made into a magnet for the fridge...how cute would that be...to find a pen when needed...or hold a bloom to brighten your day.  The lambs are made out of wax, but they are not candles...and these little fellows run a tad on the pricey side (but still within reason).  However, with Spring coming I just couldn't resist!  I hope to have these listed in my Etsy store by Monday, February 28th.

Since every piece in this small collection is vintage, it only allows me to make as many as I can find.  I was so lucky to find four of each of these, as I love each piece.  But fear not, I am working on another collection of sets in red, with 6, that I should have ready to go by next week, and I will make sure I share those with you too! 

If you are interested in something in particular, or a larger numbers of sets - please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can do custom orders by the number needed, style/theme and colors too.  Granted it might take me some time to find them...but I most likely will find something that works perfectly!

Other items will be added to my Etsy store at random.  I will be listing these Luna and Chloe original design, stitched key tags by Monday as well...
Along with more in a variety of colors, one letter, one number, a variety of shapes, etc... all which will be listed soon. I have a couple of other things that will be listed soon including some non-vintage items, and  I am also working on grab bag favors for use at a wedding - so cute!

Prices will start at a couple of dollars and go up from there.  So hopefully there will be a little something for everyone.  I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek of my Etsy store!

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling and photography all by luna and chloe weddings


Flowerwild February: Day 17

Ahh, this bouquet is for all the anemone lovers out there.  Combined with berries this bouquet is stunning!  Enjoy...
Oh, and did you notice the little red flower detail on the wrapped stems?  So fabulous!

~ Ciao

...image via flowerwild

Darling Detail No. 1

I can't tell you how much I am adoring this...
Heart shaped butter with chopped cherries in it...just darling.  With a little added effort, you can take your butter to a whole new level.  Because life really is...all about the details!

~ Ciao

...image via sunday suppers & photography by karen mordechai

Who Says

...you can't use a vintage desk for your candy bar? And a vintage cash register to hold your M&M's?
Who Says
Okay, seriously this is AMAZING!  Every detail is perfection.  Did you notice the Y-U-M hanging from the tree in the first picture on the left?  Yes - yum, yum, yum!

And I think this just might be my all time favorite candy bar to date!  I mean...how darling is the cash register drawers?  The desk drawers? And the scale?  Oh you betcha I am OVER THE MOON about this!!!  Hope you are too ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by brandon kidd


Flowerwild February: Day 16

Eek...how pretty are these?
Flowerwild February
Stunning!  And the presention is just perfection.  Which one do you like best?  I seriously, can't decide!

~ Ciao

...image via flowerwild

Tuesday Shoesday #12: Head Over Heels

...for these heels -literally the heels!  I don't know what it is lately, but I can't seem to get enough of Miu Miu's shoes as fabulous wedding day options.  Take a look at these crystal-heel satin sandals...
Tuesday Shoesday
Tuesday Shoesday
Sparkly bling, yes please!  And did you notice in the first picture on the inside of the heel itself it's shiny, almost mirror like...oh the details how I do love you. 

Be sure to check out these lovely blogs for more Tuesday Shoesday goodness:

~ Ciao

...image via net-a-porter

Tuesday Thought: Sheet Music

Hello my dears!  I first need to say that I am sick..yucky.  So needless to say, my Thought today isn't styled at all.  However, I do have my own thought for you today, and it's another one that everyone can do!  No, really.  You only need I item - sheet music.

Your Tuesday Thought today is using sheet music (mine happen to be vintage, but any would work) as placemats on your table.  I removed the staples from a larger book so that I could take out the entire page to use.  Here, have a look-see...
Darling, no?  And they make great table runners too, if you would prefer to use them in that way!  Perfect for music lovers, vintage lovers (if using vintage) or anyone that is looking for an easy, but creative way to add a little detail to the table.

Okay, now I am off to bed to rest my pounding head, and this sinus infection that I picked up!  See you later today, with a Tuesday Shoesday post and a Flowerwild February post. 

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling & photography all by luna and chloe weddings


Flowerwild February: Day 15

Adoring this lush arrangement with the branches cascading down the side...
...and that HUGE peony!  Such a pretty mix of colors and textures.

~ Ciao

...image via flowerwild

Over the Moon

...about these chair covers!
And I am not a chair cover person when it comes to weddings!  But these semi-sheer ones with an AMAZING detail of fabric flowers on the back row are making me swoon!  With the light shining through...it sure does make them oh so pretty to look at, no?

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina

Flowers of the Week: 2.21.11

How about a gorgeous bouquet to start your day today...
Flowers of the Week
Ahhh...how I would love to start everyday this way, wouldn't you? 

So it's a holiday today...hooray!  Hope you have the day off, and have something fun planned.  Me, aside from getting over this cold that I picked up and that has kept me bundled up in bed for the better part of the weekend, I will be taking it easy, and finishing up my Homemade post for Thursday.

Stay tuned for two more posts coming up today though...an Over the Moon post, and the continuation of Flowerwild February.  See you soon!

~ Ciao

...photography by tec petaja


Sunday Sweetness

Sunday Sweetness
~ Ciao

...image via wedding chicks


Flowerwild February: Day 14

Happy Friday my dears!  I am so tickled that it's finally Friday, and I hopefully will have the chance to catch up on everything this weekend.  Wishful thinking?  I hope not!  Anyway, this bouquet is for all you red lovers out there...
Holy moly amazingness!  I L-O-V-E this bouquet.  See...berries again, and I am in love.  This is the perfect bouquet for a Fall/Autumn wedding, no?

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!  And if you haven't already, be sure to check out the FABULOUS Free Wedding Photography giveaway on Chris' blog, Postcards and Pretties.  Click right here to get to it.  Trust me, this you don't want to miss out on!

~ Ciao

...images via flowerwild

Event Rentals & Etsy Store

With as many vintage items as I have collected over the years (like over 70 vintage mason jars, a 7 foot long fainting couch, windows, display pieces, furniture, etc...), I am in the process of offering up some of these unique items for event rentals.  I don't know if you have noticed, but there has been an Event Rentals tab at the top of my blog for a very long time...yet, I haven't done much with it.

I recently had to move from a small storage unit to a larger one (yep it's that bad), but with the larger space I have more room to see the items I actually have.  At one time I had soooo much more, before it was all stolen.  Yes, I was robbed and they took EVERYTHING...all my vintage china, columns, windows and doors from old farm houses in Iowa, tables, chairs, linens, furniture, chandeliers, etc...all of it. Yet, I have slowly been collecting things again, and think I have finally reached a point where I feel that I have enough (although still not a lot) that I can do it.

I so wish I had known about the workshop that Jeni Maus, of Found Vintage Rentals just had...I would have been the first to sign up.  I am hoping at one point she will offer another one, and I will be sure I attend.  Take a look at her studio where the workshop took place...
Now this is my kind of heaven!  And I just love the table, don't you?  Ahhh linens, some ruffles, a simply ivy plant, china and a flower in a teacup is a simple, but statement making table.  So many details in these two pictures to love - the fabric filled embroidery hoops, all the mismatched chairs, the books hanging above the table, etc...

Maybe one day, I will be able to move out of a storage unit and into a studio myself...hmmm I am dreaming big here...but maybe, one day.  I'll just have to wait and see. 

In the meantime, if you see anything in my Tuesday Thought posts or my Homemade posts that I do on Thursday's, and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and would like to rent for an event...then let me know at lunaandchloe@yahoo.com!  I would be more than willing to assist you ;-)

And don't hesitate to contact me if you see anything I make and are interested in ordering.  I am working on setting up my Etsy shop for custom orders. 

~ Ciao

...images via found & photography by studio emp

New Series: Picture Perfect Palette

Do you ever see a picture and think that the colors in it would make the perfect palette?  Eek, I do it all the time!  So I thought, why not introduce a new color series to LCW doing just that.  One of the big decisions a bride has to make fairly early on is...what color(s) they want to have at their wedding.  I am hoping that this new series will show you lots of different color palette options to choose from.

I know that I could create inspiration boards for you, but I decided I am going to leave that up to my two fabulous friends, Chris of Postcards and Pretties and Kate of Magnolia Rouge and Ruby and Willow who create the most A.MAZ.ING boards out there!  However, just to mix things up, you will see some added inspiration in the form of color, not necessarily the feel of the image or style...but the color, and how if you love the colors you can incorporate them into your event no matter the style or theme.

So without further ado, the first Picture Perfect Palette...
I am loving the colors in this picture; soft with creamy undertones.  They conjure up images of an ivory wedding dress, pink bridesmaids dresses and flowers with just a hint of the two darker shades.  I would add in pops of melon for contrast.

The wonderful thing about seeing a color palette is that you don't have to necessarily choose all the colors.  For me the soft pink, creamy vanilla and melon would be the colors I would choose (go figure), with the darker colors brought in here and there.  And just to give you a little idea on how you could incorporate these colors, I found two examples for you - one being a bridesmaid dress...
I am adoring all the pleats on this dress!  It's a perfect match for the soft pink and brings in the vanilla in the sash detail.  And the second is flowers...
As for the flowers (yeah, I know...you have seen them before ;-)), I adore the pink and hint of vanilla...yet, if you look closely those berries and the small darker flowers pick up the two darker colors in this palette.

And if this color palette isn't working for you, check back next week for a new one!  I would love to hear your thoughts on this new series.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ;-)  I thought about giving the colors names, but couldn't decide.  Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this post!

~ Ciao

...images via the alternative wife, rose and ruby, and once wed  with photography by jose villa


Flowerwild February: Day 13

I am sure that a lot of you have probably seen this bouquet before, but I just couldn't help post it anyway...
I'm pretty much speechless on this one.  Everything you could possibly want in a bouquet this one has...including feathers!

~ Ciao

...images via flowerwild

Homemade: Crystal Adorned Push Pins

Happy Thursday loves!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far.  Mine has been so busy...which didn't allow me a lot of time to work on a homemade project for you.  However, I do have an easy peasy project that I think you might like. 

I have been working on something for someone that is full of sparkle, shine and glitter! One homemade project that I came up with was crystal adorned push pins.  I don't want to show too much, but I will show you this...
Pretty cute way to bling out your push pins, no?  You only need two items for this project.  However, I like a third.  Here is what you need:

Plastic tipped clear push pins - color ones would work too
Crystal stickers - I found mine in the $1.00 bin at Michael's
And I like to add just a drop of super glue so the crystals stay on!

That's it!  So now you too can add some bling to your bulletin board...or anywhere else you might like.  Enjoy your day my dears!

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling & photography all by luna and chloe weddings


Virtual Shower: The Key To Loving Marriage Is...

One of our dear friends, Steph of Bubble Rock Studios, is getting married this weekend on the 18th...which is our Friday, but Saturday in New Zealand where the wedding will take place.  I do have to admit that I am a bit jealous as not only is Steph in New Zealand, but my lovely friend, Kate of Ruby and Willow and Magnolia Rouge is too.  And if that wasn't enough, my other lovely friends Sofia and Andre' from Brancoprata are there as well to take pictures.  They flew all the way to New Zealand from Portugal...how amazing is that?

In honor her marriage the lovely Erin, of Sparkle and Hay, and Jacin, of Lovely Little Details, took the initiative to reach out to a group of friends to put together a virtual shower for her!  

We were all asked to contribute to what we thought was the key to a loving marriage. My response:  to laugh often, have fun, to remember why you fell in love and to have breakfast in bed with each other at least once a month! 

Congratulations Steph and Robin! Hope your day is as lovely as the two of you!  I wish you many, many years of laughter, fun, and breakfast's in bed!  Mwah.

Fellow friends and bloggers that took part in this shower are:

~ Erin of Sparkle and Hay ~ Alicia of The Charity Wedding ~ Claire of Realistic Wedding ~ Magalie of The Demoiselle ~ Naomi of Enchanted Dream Weddings ~ Chris of Postcards and Pretties ~ Lena of La Petite Coquin ~ Kim of Bride Goggles ~ Aleah & Nick of Valley and Co. ~ Jacin of Lovely Little Details ~ Lauren of Every Last Detail ~ Abby of Life in the Superburbs ~ Gaby of Cap Classique ~ Sofia & Andre' of Brancoprata ~ Kate of Ruby and Willow ~ Tami of Fabulously Wed ~

So be sure to head over to each of their fabulous blogs as well!

~ Ciao

...image by jacin of lovely little details & erin of sparkle and hay

Flowerwild February: Day 12

Since I didn't post red flowers on Valentine's Day, I thought I would make up for it today by posting a red arrangement...
There is something about this arrangement that just mesmerizes me!  Every time I look at it I am drawn into the flowers, and get lost in all those magnificent petals that have no end.  Please tell me you know what I mean, otherwise you might just think I am losing it ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via flowerwild

The Blackest Forest

...Gateau that is, is what I am craving today!  Just have a look-see, and I am sure you will be too...
Ummm, tell me this doesn't look delicious?  And seriously, could it be anymore fabulous?  The chocolate trees are just amazing and a detail that I love.  And with ingredients of black cocoa and chocolate ganache how could it not taste yummy?  I can see why it received 173 comments, as the presentation alone is perfection!  Oh how I would LOVE to see this cake at a wedding! 

And if you feel inclined to make this yourself, just click here for the recipe.

P.S. - I have a feeling you might be seeing those chocolate trees again sometime :-)

~ Ciao

...image via desserts for breakfast

Who Says

...you can't put flowers or plants in hotel silver and use as your centerpieces?
Who Says
Can't you just imagine how fabulous this would look filled with flowers?  Oh, I L-O-V-E!

~ Ciao

...image via ethan ollie on etsy


Flowerwild February: Day 11

Red and pink...such a pretty combination, don't you think?
I think it is safe to say that I have an obsession with berries lately.  But who can blame me...just look at them!  They really take these bouts to a whole new level. 

~ Ciao

...images via flowerwild

Tuesday Shoesday #11: Just Beachy

Since my earlier Tuesday Thought post was about honeymoon's...so I have beach, sand and sun on my mind and couldn't help but post these fabulous Gucci bamboo and rope detailed sandals...
Tuesday Shoesday
Tuesday Shoesday
The rope detail makes them so perfect for a beach wedding, no?  Or any wedding by the water for that matter.  And even if you aren't having a beach wedding, you can always pick them up to take on your  honeymoon if you're heading somewhere warm!

Be sure to check out these lovely blogs for more Tuesday Shoesday goodness:

~ Ciao

...image via net-a-porter

Tuesday Thought: Honeymoon Fund

Hello my dears!  This week's Tuesday Thought is an easy solution to a sometimes difficult question:  How do we ask our guest to contribute to our honeymoon?   With more and more couples these days wanting to have their guests contribute to their honeymoon in lieu of gifts, I think this is a great way to do just that...
Simple and easy!  I love how it doesn't ask for contributions, and that there is a lid on the pot.  Even if I had brought a gift for the bride and groom, and then saw this at the reception, I would still contribute something.  I like to think of it this way...wouldn't your guests rather have you remember their gift as the helicopter ride that you took versus a Kitchen Aid mixer (even though I love mine)...it's memories they are giving you, instead of appliances or linens.  And memories are priceless aren't they? 

One of my thoughts that I love...is to send a note to your guests that contributed to your honeymoon fund with a picture from the honeymoon, and tell them that their contribution was the amazing helicopter ride you took (send a picture by the helicopter), or the snorkeling excursion (send a picture in your snorkel and mask), etc...  Just an extra little touch that your guests will love - promise!

Also, there are a couple of websites out there that you can sign up at that allow your guests to contribute to your honeymoon (aptly called honeymoon registry)...such as thebigday.com, honeyluna.com and honeymoonfund.com...so sign up at one of these if you feel more comfortable.

P.S. - Eeek, a couple more posts coming up today - Tuesday Shoesday and Flowerwild February...so stay tuned.  WOW, you guys are getting four posts today...I just have so much to share with you this week that I am trying to fit it all in ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via the wedding chicks


How darling are these fluttering flags, pinwheels, paper chain cake banner garland bunting, rainbow roses, and bow ties...
...so darling, no?  All of these cupcake/cake toppers are made of felt, and can be found at Knock Knocking's Etsy store.  Plus, you can also find pinwheel brooches which would be darling for flower girls, bridesmaids, to adorn your bouquet...or about 100 other uses! So get Knock Knocking my dears...you'll be tickled you did.

~ Ciao

...images via knock knocking's etsy shop found via somewhere splendid


Flowerwild February: Day 10

So how is everyone's Valentine's Day going so far?  Lovely, I hope!  Since it is Valentine's Day, I have a special treat for you for Flowerwild February.  What? You ask.  Well, I have not one, but four small but spectacular arrangements for you today...and they are not red, even though I do love you!
Flowerwild February
Pretty perfection, no?  My dears, I sincerely hope your day just keeps getting better.  Mwah, mwah!

~ Ciao

...images via flowerwild

Over The Moon

...about this affectionate kiss card!
affectionate kiss card via three potato four
I cut it in have so you can read all of the adorableness...
So perfect on Valentine's Day, no?  Gosh, we really need to bring stuff like this back...I love it!!!

And I can't tell you how tempted I am to recreate this card!  The other side of the card would have a space for the name and adress of your honey, and then you could fill out this side...yes, lip mark and all, and mail it off.

Tell me you wouldn't love to receive this in the mail from your significant other?  Or you could leave it for your honey to see when he got home from work.  Hmmm, just might have to do this!

~ Ciao

Flower of the Week: 2.14.11 & A Valentine's Day Wish

Happy Valentine's Day loves!  Because I sincerely adore you, I wanted to give you all a little present...
Just a little something, from me to you!  I sincerely appreciate all of your lovely comments and support!  My wish for you this Valentine's Day...bunches, and bunches of love...not just today but everyday, for the rest of the year!  And even if you are by yourself this Valentine's Day - make sure to love yourself and treat yourself to something just for you!

I had these images saved just for today's post, but loved when I saw one of them used last week in my fabulous friend, Chris', amazing Love Letters inspiration board!  And I couldn't agree with her more..."there is something so romantic about a handwritten love letter!"

I have some great posts scheduled this week:  the first one coming up shortly, as well as I will be continuing with Flowerwild February (coming up around noon), and a new series I am starting here at LCW this week.  So I'll be seeing you soon!

P.S. - Wouldn't this carnation heart be darling used at your wedding, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner?  I think so ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via pretties and posies


Sunday Sweetness

Love on the rocks...
Sunday Sweetness
...has never looked so sweet!

~ Ciao

...image via grey likes weddings