Tuesday Thought: Honeymoon Fund

Hello my dears!  This week's Tuesday Thought is an easy solution to a sometimes difficult question:  How do we ask our guest to contribute to our honeymoon?   With more and more couples these days wanting to have their guests contribute to their honeymoon in lieu of gifts, I think this is a great way to do just that...
Simple and easy!  I love how it doesn't ask for contributions, and that there is a lid on the pot.  Even if I had brought a gift for the bride and groom, and then saw this at the reception, I would still contribute something.  I like to think of it this way...wouldn't your guests rather have you remember their gift as the helicopter ride that you took versus a Kitchen Aid mixer (even though I love mine)...it's memories they are giving you, instead of appliances or linens.  And memories are priceless aren't they? 

One of my thoughts that I love...is to send a note to your guests that contributed to your honeymoon fund with a picture from the honeymoon, and tell them that their contribution was the amazing helicopter ride you took (send a picture by the helicopter), or the snorkeling excursion (send a picture in your snorkel and mask), etc...  Just an extra little touch that your guests will love - promise!

Also, there are a couple of websites out there that you can sign up at that allow your guests to contribute to your honeymoon (aptly called honeymoon registry)...such as thebigday.com, honeyluna.com and honeymoonfund.com...so sign up at one of these if you feel more comfortable.

P.S. - Eeek, a couple more posts coming up today - Tuesday Shoesday and Flowerwild February...so stay tuned.  WOW, you guys are getting four posts today...I just have so much to share with you this week that I am trying to fit it all in ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via the wedding chicks


  1. I think this is a cute way to do it, without pressuring guests.

    I went to a wedding where on their website, they didn't register anywhere, just asked for money for the honeymoon. I was turned off that I didn't have a choice. They also didn't say where they were going. If they had made me excited about their trip for them and explained what they were doing I would have felt better about giving.

  2. fantastic idea! this is also great for couples who live together and already have the kitchen aid mixer.