Virtual Shower: The Key To Loving Marriage Is...

One of our dear friends, Steph of Bubble Rock Studios, is getting married this weekend on the 18th...which is our Friday, but Saturday in New Zealand where the wedding will take place.  I do have to admit that I am a bit jealous as not only is Steph in New Zealand, but my lovely friend, Kate of Ruby and Willow and Magnolia Rouge is too.  And if that wasn't enough, my other lovely friends Sofia and Andre' from Brancoprata are there as well to take pictures.  They flew all the way to New Zealand from Portugal...how amazing is that?

In honor her marriage the lovely Erin, of Sparkle and Hay, and Jacin, of Lovely Little Details, took the initiative to reach out to a group of friends to put together a virtual shower for her!  

We were all asked to contribute to what we thought was the key to a loving marriage. My response:  to laugh often, have fun, to remember why you fell in love and to have breakfast in bed with each other at least once a month! 

Congratulations Steph and Robin! Hope your day is as lovely as the two of you!  I wish you many, many years of laughter, fun, and breakfast's in bed!  Mwah.

Fellow friends and bloggers that took part in this shower are:

~ Erin of Sparkle and Hay ~ Alicia of The Charity Wedding ~ Claire of Realistic Wedding ~ Magalie of The Demoiselle ~ Naomi of Enchanted Dream Weddings ~ Chris of Postcards and Pretties ~ Lena of La Petite Coquin ~ Kim of Bride Goggles ~ Aleah & Nick of Valley and Co. ~ Jacin of Lovely Little Details ~ Lauren of Every Last Detail ~ Abby of Life in the Superburbs ~ Gaby of Cap Classique ~ Sofia & Andre' of Brancoprata ~ Kate of Ruby and Willow ~ Tami of Fabulously Wed ~

So be sure to head over to each of their fabulous blogs as well!

~ Ciao

...image by jacin of lovely little details & erin of sparkle and hay


  1. So sweet of all of you! Might as well have technology work for you.

  2. One of the sweetest ideas I've seen in a long time - she's going to love it! Congrats Steph + Robin!

  3. Thank you.... So so so very much Kristi... I am really happy you were a part of this bridal shower and I was very lucky to have Sofia and Andre with us on the day...
    I will never forget the sweet attention from all of you girls! xoxo