Tuesday Thought: Ribbon Wrapped

Please forgive me for getting this post up late!  I have been fighting a migraine since yesterday, and with all the pounding that is going on in my head, I seriously can't think of anything but for it to stop!  

While I was attempting yesterday to rally, and put my ideas together for you - it just wasn't happening.  And then it hit me...not every Tuesday Thought has to be elaborate.   LCW is all about the details, and sometimes the small, easy details are just as fabulous, no?  So when I ran across this picture that I had saved awhile back, I remember liking it for two reasons: (1) It is something everyone can do; and, (2) It really is eco-friendly, without lots of extra packaging... 
cookies via just be splendid
I have two thoughts here: 

(1) I think this would be a cute way to serve up cookies on a dessert table.  We all know that most people can't just take one cookie...so why not make it easy for your guests and tie up two or more of one or more varieties, and let them unwrap their treat at their seat; and,
(2) I wouldn't have any problem picking this up and taking it home as a favor...would you?  Let the cookies take center stage and show themselves.  I am sure that one of the cookies will be finished before your guests get to their car.

P.S. - Tuesday Shoesday is coming up shortly!

~ Ciao

...image via just be splendid


  1. Hope you are feeling better! Cute ribbon like this makes everything look better!

  2. I love the idea of these on a dessert table - easy for the taking!
    Feel better soon!

  3. Adorable!! This is really a good idea ;)

  4. lol your right...if i received these little cookie bundles as a favor, they wouldn't last by the time i left the venue!

    hope you feel better...migraines are so annoying! xoxo

  5. I love ribbon for everything! I think that looks like it could have gone with Rachael's wedding that I featured today.

  6. Ok firstly those cookies look so damn good I would gobble them up before everyone had finished sitting down!! Secondly love how creative you could get with the ribbon!