Tuesday Thought: Straw Holder

Happy Tuesday my dears!  I finally got my act together somewhat and put a quick little something together for you.  An easy Tuesday Thought is what I have for you today.  Really, anyone can do this.  With all this warm weather I was craving some lemonade...really I was, especially after my long walk today.  And who doesn't like to drink their lemonade through a straw?  I know I do.

Well, it got me thinking...I should show you one of the MANY ways I use flower frogs at parties or events, and around the house. It's simply a great thought really - using a flower frog to hold straws...
Looks refreshing, no...
See, I told you anyone could do this!  It also works with stir sticks as well.  And since straws and stir sticks are so big at weddings these days - this is a unique and different way to display them.

And since I have so MANY ways to use flower frogs, I thought I would share a variety of them with you.  Instead of flower frogging you out, I decided I will post one a month over the next couple of months...so be on the lookout for them.

Hope you enjoyed this Tuesday's Thought!  I'm off to think of another thought for you for next Tuesday.

P.S. - Tuesday Shoesday and Flowerwild February will be coming soon!

~ Ciao

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  1. what a fun & unique way to display straws & drink stirrers! your are one crafty girl Kristi!!

  2. You are the queen of all things super pretty. Accept your title. xoxo!

  3. What fun! Oh, the ideas!
    *I drink everything through a straw so this is right up my alley! {A}

  4. I've never heard of a flower frog... but this is certainly a cute idea for a party!

  5. I was on your team...I was in your corner...I was supporting and getting ready to cheer for you...until you posted about the warm weather! Show off! ;)

    But all that aside, I still think this is a great idea. xo

  6. Now I want yummy lemonade! This is so cute but simple, great idea! Your ideas are fabulous :)