Picture Perfect Palette No. 2

Oh do I have a pretty palette for you today...
Pretty, pretty, no?  Such a fabulous palette for a vintage rustic soiree.  It's clear that these colors make a perfect palette for this style.  

However, I would love to see this palette at a vintage beach wedding.  Here is just one way you could incorporate some of the palette's colors...
Pretty vintage glass bottles - a couple that I would fill with a simple flower or greenery, and the rest I would leave as is - empty.  Vintage bottles are a wonderful detail to use at a beach wedding...it's as if they might have been just washed up onto the beach.  Hmmm, wonder if there was a message inside, don't you?  And speaking of that - I would roll up the menus (would love them on worn, vintage paper) or maybe a thank you note, tie them with twine and place at each setting...it would have to be done just right though so it didn't looking cliche.  Another detail that I would add would be soft, washed linens on the table, and maybe some vintage doilies.

And of course, this palette would be perfect for a classic, romantic, or an elegant garden wedding too.  This bouquet is a fabulous example of just how perfect it would be...
Flowers would be flowing out of their silver or gold vessels, the chandeliers would be hung (from trees, if outdoors), and lots of candles everywhere...is a good start, but I'll let your imaginations take it from there.

I would love to hear what you came up with!  So what do you think?  Is there a style that you like the best? 

~ Ciao

...images via style me pretty with photography by: (1) beaux arts:, and, (2 and 3) jose villa


  1. Gorgeous!! Love that photo with the bottles!! For some reason I want to add old fishing nets to it as well!

  2. Wonderful how you found those bottles and that beautiful bouquet to illustrate this palette! Lovely, lovely!

  3. Muted earthy. That's what I'd call the palette. Lovely.

  4. great palette! loving the bouquet :)

  5. Love that palette! Gorgeous!

  6. absolutely stunning..your right the palette works perfectly for a beach or garden wedding!!

  7. I love your new palette feature!! So lovely! I love it both ways!

  8. I love the thought and imagine of candles and chandeliers on trees. I love the soft palette and how you found these lovely colors from the first image. Happy Weekend.

  9. beautifully muted and soft color choices, lady, great picks!

  10. Beautiful! I love this series, it's so inspiring. I think my favourite is the beach concept - those are unusual colours for a beach wedding but I think they'd be so gorgeous.