Flowerwild February: Day 12

Since I didn't post red flowers on Valentine's Day, I thought I would make up for it today by posting a red arrangement...
There is something about this arrangement that just mesmerizes me!  Every time I look at it I am drawn into the flowers, and get lost in all those magnificent petals that have no end.  Please tell me you know what I mean, otherwise you might just think I am losing it ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via flowerwild


  1. Wow! What an amazingly colored flower arrangement. xo style, she wrote

  2. haha no! your not losing it...I totally understand..all that beauty puts you in a trance

  3. Love! I think I see some David Austin roses in there, but I am no flower expert. I did a Valentine's day post on them becuase they are my favorite roses!

  4. I DO know what you mean! Just so many lovely layers. Can't out-craft nature there!