Flowers of the Week: 2.21.11

How about a gorgeous bouquet to start your day today...
Flowers of the Week
Ahhh...how I would love to start everyday this way, wouldn't you? 

So it's a holiday today...hooray!  Hope you have the day off, and have something fun planned.  Me, aside from getting over this cold that I picked up and that has kept me bundled up in bed for the better part of the weekend, I will be taking it easy, and finishing up my Homemade post for Thursday.

Stay tuned for two more posts coming up today though...an Over the Moon post, and the continuation of Flowerwild February.  See you soon!

~ Ciao

...photography by tec petaja


  1. you MUST have the best taste in flowers in the world, swear. i don't even like flowers and every time you share a bouquet, my heart flutters a little and I get all girly over here. that's skill, lady.

  2. Whhhaaaa Lizzie... you don't like flowers? Please don't tell me you also don't like icecream? I have heard of that once!! I love these, specially the little berries!! Happy Monday to you!

  3. once again gorgeous pick! hope your feeling better my friend!

  4. Love the casual "plucked from the garden" look of this bouquet! Be well. :-)