Homemade: S'mores Thumbprint Cookies

Happy Thursday loves!  Is everyone getting ready and gearing up for the 4th of July weekend?  OMGoodness - I still can't believe it's this weekend, and I have quite a busy weekend in store too.  Thanks oil light for coming on just before a holiday weekend (it flashed once at me last week, but I kept thinking it would go away...why do I do that, as I know it's not going to go away!)...now I have an appointment for an oil change at the dealership at 8 am on Saturday morning - ugh!  Anyone want to take my car in for me?  Anyone? 

Okay - enough about my sad oil change on Saturday morning at 8 am story and onto yummier things like s'mores!  One popular thing to do over the 4th of July weekend, besides seeing/launching fireworks, is to have a bonfire and make some s'mores.  However, I will not be sitting around a bonfire and making s'mores at any point this weekend (not that I am aware of )...boo!  But I'm not to bummed actually, as I ran across a fabulous alternative.  Have a look-see at these S'mores Thumbprint Cookies...
Yes, a fabulous alternative, no?

So for all the brides out there that want s'mores but, like me, have no bonfire in sight, you can always bake these up and serve at your soiree!  To make this deliciousness yourself, click here for the recipe. 

Happy baking my dears!

~ Ciao

...image via bakers royale

Aisle Style: In the Desert

About two weeks ago I told you darlings that I was starting a new series called 'Aisle Style' and I just wanted to say a few words before jumping right into pictures. I wanted to let you know that in most 'Aisle Style' posts I will be also be including the ceremony backdrop. To me the aisle leads up to this, so I might as well include it too...so you will usually find it at the bottom of each post ;-)

Anyhoo, I adore this desert style aisle! It's simple, but thoughtful and incorporates it's surroundings...
Aisle Style
The first two and the last two chairs are decorated with little posies of flowers which are just sweet.  At the first row in front, they also did a little stack of rocks - which are just a wonderful touch don't you think?
Aisle Style
The back of the aisle was adorned with simple pots filled with succulents and cactus...
Aisle Style
And for the ceremony location, one fabulous crossed piece of wood and a potted plant are all that's needed to mark the special spot...
Aisle Style
A simply gorgeous desert style aisle, no?

~ Ciao

...photography by kurt boomer via style me pretty


Who Says

...you can't wear a top hat on your big day?
Who Says
Or at least for pictures.  L-O-V-E!!!  And I love all her necklaces too ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina

Darling Detail No. 15: Simply Sweet Sugar

One of the simplest and sweetest details ever...
Darling Detail
Such a lovely way to make brownies even better, no?  Ah yes, these are the details that I heart!

~ Ciao

...photography by smitten via style my pretty


Tuesday Thought: Painted Pots & Lots of Thoughts

So sorry my dears ~ I thought I had scheduled this for earlier today...and just realized I didn't!  Eeks...it's late, but here it is...

Hello loves!  How is your Tuesday going so far?  Fabulous, I hope.  Mine is busy, a good busy!  And can you believe it - we are supposed to get some rain today!  Rain in Northern California, in June - doesn't happen all that often...so will see if it actually does ;-)

So I have a super simple 'Tuesday Thought' for you today.  Have a look-see at my inspiration...
Tuesday Thought
It's funny how things hit me sometimes.  And I know that we have all seen painted pots before, so I know this idea is nothing new.  But  I think they are a great idea to use at a wedding - easy and inexpensive.

So here are your 'Tuesday Thoughts'...yes, Thoughts - as you know I have a couple of them! 

First 'Thought': I think painting terra cotta pots in your wedding colors and then using them as centerpieces is a fabulous idea.  You can use a glossy paint, or a matte one - your choice as either would work, and you can paint them any color you want - either a variety of colors, or all one color for a more dramatic look.  Just have a bigger pot in the middle with some smaller pots around planted with flowers, herbs or plants.  You could always use the tiny ones to hold candles if you'd like.  Also, the tiny ones would look darling planted and use as place cards.  Plus, I like the idea of having a couple of the small pots stacked upside down (as they are above) on the table - they would be perfect to hold a table number that has been attached to a branch/stick...just stick the stick in the hole.  Or you could even stick a flag with the table number on it - just some extra fun, cute ideas.  And you know how much I LOVE moss!  I would love to see them filled with moss with pinwheels in the as a fun and whimsy centerpiece.  Granted you don't want painted pot overload so use care, but I do think they could be quite lovely. 

Second 'Thought':  I think the smaller pots would looking darling in your wedding colors, stacked upside down on your dessert table to have your guests fill with sweets and take home!  As for the hole in the bottom (if there is one), well I would just use a piece of paper in a coordinating color, punch using a circle punch and with a glue dot or two adhere to the bottom of the pot.

Third 'Thought':  They are always darling planted with flowers, herbs or plants and used as escort cards!

Fourth and final 'Thought' for today:  I would LOVE to see the small painted pots hanging as decor - they'd be a fabulous pop of color from above.  And for all the tall people, like me, just make sure to hang them high enough so people don't hit their heads!

There are lots of other darling ways these pots can be incorporated into weddings - like planted with flowers, herbs or a plant for a favor, filled with a pretty bag of dirt and some seeds for your guests to plant their own...  Get creative loves and see what 'thoughts' pop into your pretty little head!  Ooh, I'd love to hear about them too ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by gabriella imperatori-penn

Tuesday Shoesday #30: Buckles & Butterflies

Oh Manolo - you sure do know your way to a woman's heart!  Have a look-see at these jewel buckle d'Orsay's...
Tuesday Shoesday
Gorgeous, no?  What a fabulous pair to wear on you wedding day.  I love all the colors, don't you? Those buckles?  Yep, love those too!  And I think a perfect match for these shoes is this wonderful butterfly wedding cake by Martha Stewart...you know, this one...
However, if the butterflies are too whimsy for you, this macaroon cake would be another fabulous option...
I don't think you could go wrong with either one.  Awww, shoes and cake - really does it get any better? 

Be sure to check out these lovely blogs for more Tuesday Shoesday goodness:

~ Ciao

...shoe photography by lane dittoe via wedding chicks, martha stewart butterfly cake via wedding cake pictures & macaroon cake by sweet merveilles found via elizabeth anne designs


Something Blue

A gorgeous statement necklace for $125...
YES please!

~ Ciao

...image via oliphant designs

Flowers of the Week: 6.27.11

Okay, I am a little stumped how today is the last Monday of June!  Really, where is the time going?  I mean Friday is the first of July - this Friday!  Aye, aye, aye - I really need time to s...l...o...w down.  Or for there to be at least 4 more hours in every day.  I'm not picky - really, I will take either one ;-)  And while my sister and her family (can't wait to get pictures of my nephews red hair - it's FABULOUS) and my mom are still coming to visit for almost two weeks, the trip got pushed back til the last week of July - whew, that buys me some time to get ready for their visit.  I have lots to do.

So tell me - how was your weekend my dears?  Did you do anything fun?  I had a delightful weekend that was pretty productive and fun!  Oh, and you must have a look-see at the bed I picked up - it really is over the moon.  You can see it right here. It's perfect for a boudoir shoot ;-)

Anyhoo, moving right along...here is a gorgeous white, with a bit of blue, bouquet to start off the week...
Flowers of the Week
Oh little pops of blue, I I heart you.

~ Ciao

...photography by embrace life via ruffled


Sunday Sweetness

Kisses in the front seats...
Sunday Sweetness
~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty


Picture Perfect Palette No. 7

Yes, it's official...as determined on my previous post today - I'm on a nautical kick!  So I am going to continue on that kick today with a beach inspired Picture Perfect Palette. 

And I know it has been a while since my last PPP post, so I am hoping that this one makes up for it!  So without further ado, here is PPP No. 7...
Picture Perfect Palette No. 7
Such a pretty and calm palette.  Tell me my previous 'Darling Detail' post of the compass escort cards wouldn't be perfect with this palette?  Oh, I think it works perfectly...
Picture Perfect Palette
And while I know this palette is too bland or blah for most people (however, I do LOVE it), it is a wonderful base for a color palette.  By adding just one color to this palette, whether it be orange, green, yellow, etc...you can create a bunch of fabulous events.

So let's just jump right into this first example of this palette, shall we?  First up is some gorgeous outdoor event inspiration.  Have a look-see at the fabulous curtains...
Picture Perfect Palette
I love how the venue fits into this palette - from the sand/dirt floor to the fabulous walls.  And by the addition of some gorgeous material set against the beige linen, it makes for quite a gorgeous backdrop.  Carrying the color of the material over to the dessert table, it still keeps in line with the color palette.  Don't the desserts fit perfectly with the palette as well?

Up next is this homespun, homemade, vintage table...
Picture Perfect Palette
I ADORE the look and feel of this decor.  And look what the addition of just a hint of orange to this palette can create.  Amazing, no?

And moving on from a homespun, vintage style - lets go to the other end of the spectrum with some elegant winter inspired decor.  Here the addition of deep, rich green is brought in, however, still in small batches...
Picture Perfect Palette
Eeks - I love the way it's used here too!  Just picture charcoal linens, white plates, clear glass vases in a variety of sizes filled with white feathers as centerpieces.  A couple of painted pine cones (a beigy metallic is what I am picturing) and greenery on the table mixed among the vase(s) on the table would add a natural but elegant look.  Lots of candles on the table would complete the look.  Yet, some silky ribbon (possibly tied around the napkin or wrapped around a menu card) in a deep, rich color would be a fabulous addition as well.  Do you see it?  Fabulous, no?

Ahh, so there you have it my dears - a Picture Perfect Palette!  Hmm - that's one palette used four different ways, if you include the beach/compass inspiration...always amazing to see how you can incorporate it into any style of event.  Goodness, I love doing these posts; hope you love them as well.  Here's to a lovely weekend - may it be as fabulous as you!  I'll see you Sunday.

~ Ciao

~ image via pretty stuff, image via lh calligraphy, photography by beaux arts photographie via style me pretty, image via 100 layer cake & domino

Darling Detail No: 14: Compass Escort Cards

I think I might be on a nautical kick!  I know the ever so wonderful and uber talented Chris, over at Postcards and Pretties, is already on one - as she said so right here ;-)  But with my Getting Knotty post yesterday, this post now, and a Picture Perfect Palette post coming up soon...well I think I just have to say that I am on one as well! 

So with that - have a look-see at these darling compass escort cards...
Darling Detail
Eeks...so perfectly nautical, no?  You can purchase these darling compass escort cards on LH Calligraphy's Etsy shop, where she calligraphy's the names and table numbers of your guests for you.  Click here to get there quick.

However, she also sells a compass kit with blank paper inserts so you could make your own.  AND, if you change the fabric they are on (or don't use fabric at all), and use a fun font these could easily be used for a woodsy wedding too.  How darling would they be hanging from trees?  Just flip the names around on the inside of the compass, attach some twine to the metal ring and hang. 

Or you could hang them while closed and have the guests names on the outside, just use a Glue Dot to adhere the paper too without ruining the compass.  Then on the inside have the table your guest is to sit at - so they have to open to find their seat.  And continuing on, have a sign that says "Please Find Your Way To Your Seat".  And have the table numbers be not numbers at all, but directions like NNE... oh you know I could go on, but I will stop there before I get too carried away.  But they would be oh so cute, no?

~ Ciao

...images via lh calligraphy (2nd image edited) found via coco + kelley


Homemade: Paper Wrapped Cans

Holy moly - I can't believe it's Thursday already!  Yippee - one more day until the weekend ;-)  And I heart weekends ;-)  However, I must not forget that today is Thursday, and that means it's time for a 'Homemade' post!

I kind of have been on a kick with cans lately.  A couple of weeks ago I did a 'Homemade' post about spray painting them and using as centerpieces...see here if you missed it.  So today I thought I would bring you one more quick and easy peasy homemade idea using cans.  How about paper wrapped cans as centerpieces?  Here have a look-see at what I am talking about...
Darling, no?  I adore all the different papers used, as well as how some cans are covered more than others.  And how fabulous is it that you are recycling?  Love it as every bit helps!

To make all you have to do is wash and clean the cans.  Let them dry completely.  Then determining the width of the paper just cut it to size.  I would then spray the back of the paper with spray adhesive and adhere to the can - viola!  Pretty centerpieces that most definitely 'Homemade' ;-)

I have vision of lots and lots of pretty papers swirling in my head right now!  Can you imagine all the paper options - aye, aye, aye so many to choose from!

~ Ciao

...photography by janae shields via style me pretty

Bridesmaids Gift: Getting Knotty

Hehe - how about that for a title?  And I just have to laugh - as now every time I hear or think of the word knotty/naughty it reminds me of the fabulous Alison of The Knotty Bride!  Oh tell me it isn't the same for you!

Anyhoo, where were we - oh yes, bridesmaid gifts.  I ran across this fabulous bracelet, and fell in love with it's simplicity and nautical feel...
And wouldn't it make the perfect bridesmaids gift for your girls?  And if the bracelet isn't doing it for you (hehe), then how about this necklace...
How gorgeous is the teal color on this one?  Eeks - love!  But there are lots of other colors and styles available.  And another fabulous thing - she does custom orders.  You have to love that.  Plus, I just HAD to include these next two as their name is Luna Rope Necklace!  Here is Luna in Green Haze...
And Luna in Pink Haze...
LOVING the ombre!

And guess what my dears???  Head on over and pick one up for your bridesmaids or yourself as there is a special discount going on from now until Sunday!  Just use the code at the top of her page for 20% off.  Click right here to get there quick. 

~ Ciao

...images via goldhearted


Who Says

...you can't have a basket full of springs as your centerpiece?
Who Says
How original and creative is this idea?  Not your typical centerpiece...so of course I heart it!

~ Ciao

...photography by lark photography via style me pretty

On the Table: Fabulous Fruit

I think it's been ages since my last 'On the Table' post - I will definitely have to get better about posting them more often...starting with today!

And with yesterday being the first day of Summer and all - I thought this fabulous fruit centerpiece would be the perfect pic to post today, as it has Summer written all of it... 
Gorgeous, no?  I adore the pop of color from the tablecloth, and the simple white compote.  I would love to see these centerpieces on long tables, placed here and there on the table.  Plus, with just a couple of other details - like fruit and leaves on the table, a handful of vintage bottle of leaves and blossoms, and some candles I think it would make for some stunning decor! 

Of course you could always bring in a fun or cute element at each place setting too.  I can think of a handful of things to do - like each guests name written in white ink on a leaf at each place, the napkin wrapped with simple twine and with a blossom stuck in the knot, of course a cute flag on a stick with a name on it, stuck in a piece of fruit at each setting would be darling and fun...  But tell me loves, what would you do?

~ Ciao

...photography sang an


Tuesday Thought: Summer Camp

So I decided that I would continue on with this Summer theme ;-)  And what's more Summer than camp? 

I used to go to camp every year and loved it!  I remember going to horsemanship camp (yes, there was such a thing) for a couple of years when I was older, and it was by far my fave.  We all were given a horse at the beginning of the week, and it was our job to take care of it for the week.  Plus we rode in the morning and afternoon.   We also made crafts, swam each day at the pool, had ice cream sundaes, ate every meal outside and had bonfires, sang camp songs and ate s'mores at night...ahhhh what amazing memories I have from camp! 

Alrighty, enough about my adventures of camp and onto today's thought already.  Have a look-see at this picture I ran across on Poppytalk about a month ago, and saved just for today...
Tuesday Thought
Darling, no?  I really L-O-V-E it!  Of course, it also got lots of thoughts swirling around in my head...

So here is your Tuesday Thoughts for today...as I have a couple of them:  First, wouldn't this silhouette be cute for a list of your bridesmaids at a camp themed wedding?  It wouldn't be too difficult to make.  Have a silhouette cut out, paint with chalkboard paint and write on the names of your girls, and don't forget to make one for the boys as well!

Another thought that popped into my head immediately was creating something similar to use for escort cards.  You can make any silhouette that you like...I would love to see different shapes cutout, painted and with a list of names of your guests and the table they are to sit at.  You could really get creative with the shapes too.  And they would look so darling all lined up, or nailed to a tree!

Also how fun would it to be use this for a bachelorette weekend!  Send invites on silhouette shaped cards, have your girls divided into bunks/cabins/tents, and you could even have some teams for some sporting fun like badminton, bocce ball or croquet, followed by cocktails on the lawn!  Oh now I would LOVE to create something like this...hmmm, I think I see a Summer photo shoot coming..hint, hint ;-)

Hey, it's Summer - so have some fun, and get creative!

~ Ciao

...image via poppytalk, also seen on ritzy bee

Tuesday Shoesday #29: Straps and Stripes

Adoring these fabulous strappy Jimmy Choo's with just the right amount of shimmer for Summer...
Tuesday Shoesday
And the straps and shimmer are reminding me of the stripes and peralized finish on this cake...
Ah yes, both would be shimmering perfection for a Summer wedding, no?

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~ Ciao

...images via net-a-porter & my sweet and saucy

Happy Summer

Nothing says Summer like strawberries and gingham...
Flowers of the Week
Just wanted to take a moment to wish you the happiest Summer my dears!  Mwah.

~ Ciao

...image via tiny white daisies


A Present of Profiteroles

Oh me oh my - this would be amazing on a dessert table...
Present of Profiteroles
The perfect gift to share with your guests, no?  And I adore that it is all tied up with a chocolate bow!  Just might be dessert perfection.

And you bet your buttons you can make your own!  Get the recipe and how to right here.  Happy present making my dears ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via poires au chocolat

Flowers of the Week: 6.20.11

I am actually quite excited that it is Monday today...yes, believe it or not ;-)  As this week (on Tuesday) is the official start of Summer, and I couldn't be more over the moon about it.  And with temps supposed to be in the 90's on Tuesday, I am looking forward to pulling out my white linen dress and kicking off Summer with a smile!

And speaking of white - how about this gorgeous white bouquet...
Flowers of the Week
Ah yes, the perfect way to start off the week and the official start Summer.  Don't you just love how big the blooms are?  And of course this gorgeousness was created by the uber talented Kate, of Flowerwild...who was featured in the latest Martha Stewart Weddings magazine...yep, she's that fabulous!

Wishing you a fabulous week, and an amazing Summer my dears...I have a feeling it is going to be a really good one!

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via flowerwild


Sunday Sweetness

Oh so sweet words! 

Happy Father's Day to all the fabulous fathers out there...may you be treasured forever!

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via la partie events


Aisle Style: Pinwheels

I know they have been all over blogland for quite awhile now, but that doesn't make me love them any less!  And I am especially loving these...
I'm adoring the neutral, natural colors...especially the two made out of book pages!  And to have them hanging on chairs that decorate the aisle is just the perfect touch, don't you think?  Oh me likely lots ;-)

P.S. - I've decided to start a new series of posts called 'Aisle Style'...as this is a fabulously fun area for oh so pretty details!

~ Ciao

...images via wedding style guide


Homemade: Fabric Bows

Happy Thursday darlings!  How fabulous are these homemade bows... 
Eeks - I am loving the materials they are made out of...burlap, linen and cotton!  And to make you really only need some material (of course), pinking shears (scissors would work just fine), a stapler and a glue gun...really that's it!  Check out the step by step DIY right here.  I so need to try making these ASAP!

I want to try making smaller ones which would be perfect to adorn escort cards, and I want to see if I can make big ones for decoration...my head is spinning already with ways in which to use ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via for the love found via poppytalk

Inspired By: An Embroidered Book Cover

I am in love, love, love with this embroidered book cover...
Inspired By
Isn't it just fabulous?  Eeks - even if I didn't like the book, I have a feeling I would be buying it anyway because the cover is just that fabulous!  And I wonder if this table decor was inspired by it...
Inspired By
Hmm...I get the feeling that it just might have been, as the table itself is set in it's own little secret garden...
Inspired By
Oh, I am loving the ombre tablecloth too. Loving it all really. Fabulous inspiration, no?

~ Ciao

...images via erin ever after via lake jane and via la partie events


Who Says

...you can't mini-moon or honeymoon in a tent?
Who Says
Oh, I think this might be romanitc for a couple nights, don't you?

~ Ciao

...image via pretty stuff

Darling Detail No. 13: Frosted Roses

Now these frosted roses really are darling...
And in the most perfect shades of green!  Goodness, I am just loving the color.  Oh and wait - it gets better - yes, better.  You can make these yourself with the step by step DIY created by Strawberry Chic.  See better ;-) 

Hmm, I think if you added some bunting it would be the perfect wedding cake, don't you?  However, I will probably be trying this technique on the next cake I bake I love it that much!

~ Ciao

...images via strawberry chic


Tuesday Thought: Ring Holder

Good morning darlings!  How has your morning been going so far?  Mine has been busy, but I like busy.  Plus it's supposed to get a little toasty here today, 84 is what they are predicting, so I see a nice long walk after a light dinner later...which always makes me happy ;-)

So are you ready for your "Tuesday Thought' for today?  I have to tell you - I am loving this thought ;-)  Have a look-see at what inspired me...
A vintage tin filled with moss - L-O-V-E!  And anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE moss and vintage...and this picture has both...so of course I had to think of some way in which to actually use something just like this.  And then it hit me...

So here is your Tuesday Thought for today:  Use this moss filled vintage tin to hold the rings!  The ring bearer could hold this tin with the rings attached as he walks up the aisle - cute, no?  Just add a small stick, stake or even a pretty pin to attach some ribbon or twine and the rings too and you'll be good to go.

~ Ciao

...photography via elizabeth messina via kiss the groom

Tuesday Shoesday #28: A Wedge?

Do you ever see something that grabs your attention, and you can't decide whether you like it or not...however, you keep going back to look at it?  Ugh, that is what I have done with these Miu Miu oxford wedges for weeks now...
Tuesday Shoesday
There is just something about these wedges that I think is fabulous, but they could also go oh so wrong - if you know what I mean!  However, I do believe I am liking these wedges.  Hmm, I must like them if I am posting them ;-).  I think they would be cute to wear for a bridal shower or a rehearsal dinner.  So yes, I like these wedges.  Oh, and I would also like a wedge of this as well...
But just a small one please!  Both the shoes and cake have a rustic, organic, natural quality about them, no?  They are classic - with a twist.  And you know, I love a twist ;-)

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~ Ciao

...image via net-a-porter & photography via millie hollman via style me pretty


A Few of My Favorite Details

So I told you in my previous post that the weather has finally warmed up here - which allowed me to get outside and take some pictures...something I have been wanting to do for weeks now, but it seemed like every time I had the time it was either raining or overcast and grey...but not this weekend - Yay!

And since I started the day off talking about small flower arrangements, I figured I would continue with the 'small' theme of the day and share with you a few of my favorite small items that are available for rent through my vintage rental company, Over The Moon Vintage Rentals.  Have a look-see...
Vintage Rentals
I can't  tell you how much I love each of these vintage pieces!  I adore the crate that can be used in bunches of ways, the petite marble birdbath is just darling and can hold sweet treats or a simple bloom, the cream colored Big Ben clock with chippy paint makes a fabulous table number (if set to the right number), the birdcage also with cream chippy paint with two rusted small bells still attached is the perfect spot for a flower arrangement or to hold cards, the different sized milk bottles look fabulous holding simple blooms or pinwheels on long sticks, and a lovely floral pillow in the softest shades invites you to sit down and stay awhile!  Ahhh yes, a few of my faves ;-)

To see more items, head on over to OTMVR and along the right side you will see Vintagte Rentals Inventory with categories...these items, and more, are in the Props and Details category!

~ Ciao

...photography by luna and chloe weddings/over the moon vintage rentals

Flowers of the Week: 6.13.11

Happy Monday my dears!  So tell me...did you have a lovely weekend?  Do anything fun?  The weather here finally warmed up, and I was able to get outside and take lots of pictures for Over The Moon Vintage Rentals...will be sharing a few with you later today, so be on the lookout for them ;-)

For the 'Flowers of the Week' this week I thought I would give some attention to small arrangements...which can be just as fabulous as the big ones!  So here are two small but fabulous centerpieces that I just adore...
Flowers of the Week
Darling, no?  Oh yes, me likey lots!

Here's to a wonderful week darlings - may you enjoy all the small moments of it.  Mwah.

~ Ciao

...images via a savvy event


Sunday Sweetness

A cake and a crown...
Sunday Sweetness
Are always sweet!

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty


Wrap Me Up

Whew - thank goodness it's Friday!  I have to tell you...cat sitting for two weeks, then puppy sitting for a week, and now that it's Friday I am officially off of puppy duty as of this morning.  However, I am babysitting tonight for some friends, and once I am done with that I CANNOT wait until I can wrap myself up in my cozy's later on and get snuggly! 

However, if I had a pretty robe like this...
Or this...
Or this...
I would most definitely be wrapping myself up in it!

How perfect would these stylish and cozy robes be as bridesmaids gifts for your girls?  You could choose either one style for all the girls, or choose one for each girl.  No matter how you choose, you really can't go wrong. 

What I love about Doie's robes so much is that one size fits most, so it makes it easy to order and you don't have to guess on your girls sizes.  Also, they are super soft, made with sustainable materials like bamboo jersey and silk...and they are made right here in California - seriously, gotta love that!  And really, they are fabulous gifts for the girls. 

I always love pictures of the Bride and her girls getting ready wearing similar or the same outfits - it's a bonding experience really.  The getting ready time is such a fabulous time of your big day...why not look fabulous during it? 

***And they are offering discounts for Brides!
Save 15% off on 3 or more, 25% off on 5 or more, 35% off on 8 or more.***

So head on over to Doie and have a look-see, as there are more styles and colors to choose from!

P.S. - And I think I am taking a 'sitting' break for awhile. It's funny how friends and family have come to rely on me to take care of their pets (as I am a HUGE pet lover), and when Summer roles around, I have to tell you I am always busy as everyone is taking vacation. I had one day off between the cat and then the dog...hey at least I got a day ;-)  However, with getting Over The Moon Vintage Rentals up and running and blogging on OTMVR and LCW...I have NO time for anything else these days!  I hope now that all this sitting is done for awhile...to get back to comments and some Twitter time...as I miss seeing all the lovely and my friends!!!  Hope everyone has a calm and cozy weekend!  See you back here on Sunday for some sweetness ;-)

~ Ciao

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