Tuesday Thought: Painted Pots & Lots of Thoughts

So sorry my dears ~ I thought I had scheduled this for earlier today...and just realized I didn't!  Eeks...it's late, but here it is...

Hello loves!  How is your Tuesday going so far?  Fabulous, I hope.  Mine is busy, a good busy!  And can you believe it - we are supposed to get some rain today!  Rain in Northern California, in June - doesn't happen all that often...so will see if it actually does ;-)

So I have a super simple 'Tuesday Thought' for you today.  Have a look-see at my inspiration...
Tuesday Thought
It's funny how things hit me sometimes.  And I know that we have all seen painted pots before, so I know this idea is nothing new.  But  I think they are a great idea to use at a wedding - easy and inexpensive.

So here are your 'Tuesday Thoughts'...yes, Thoughts - as you know I have a couple of them! 

First 'Thought': I think painting terra cotta pots in your wedding colors and then using them as centerpieces is a fabulous idea.  You can use a glossy paint, or a matte one - your choice as either would work, and you can paint them any color you want - either a variety of colors, or all one color for a more dramatic look.  Just have a bigger pot in the middle with some smaller pots around planted with flowers, herbs or plants.  You could always use the tiny ones to hold candles if you'd like.  Also, the tiny ones would look darling planted and use as place cards.  Plus, I like the idea of having a couple of the small pots stacked upside down (as they are above) on the table - they would be perfect to hold a table number that has been attached to a branch/stick...just stick the stick in the hole.  Or you could even stick a flag with the table number on it - just some extra fun, cute ideas.  And you know how much I LOVE moss!  I would love to see them filled with moss with pinwheels in the as a fun and whimsy centerpiece.  Granted you don't want painted pot overload so use care, but I do think they could be quite lovely. 

Second 'Thought':  I think the smaller pots would looking darling in your wedding colors, stacked upside down on your dessert table to have your guests fill with sweets and take home!  As for the hole in the bottom (if there is one), well I would just use a piece of paper in a coordinating color, punch using a circle punch and with a glue dot or two adhere to the bottom of the pot.

Third 'Thought':  They are always darling planted with flowers, herbs or plants and used as escort cards!

Fourth and final 'Thought' for today:  I would LOVE to see the small painted pots hanging as decor - they'd be a fabulous pop of color from above.  And for all the tall people, like me, just make sure to hang them high enough so people don't hit their heads!

There are lots of other darling ways these pots can be incorporated into weddings - like planted with flowers, herbs or a plant for a favor, filled with a pretty bag of dirt and some seeds for your guests to plant their own...  Get creative loves and see what 'thoughts' pop into your pretty little head!  Ooh, I'd love to hear about them too ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by gabriella imperatori-penn


  1. love ALL of these ideas, especially the potted herbs as favors!!

  2. I adore painted pots for all sorts of fun uses. They are the best as herb favors and also for pencil/pen caddies. Lovely!

  3. These are so pretty! What a fantastic idea. :)