Homemade: S'mores Thumbprint Cookies

Happy Thursday loves!  Is everyone getting ready and gearing up for the 4th of July weekend?  OMGoodness - I still can't believe it's this weekend, and I have quite a busy weekend in store too.  Thanks oil light for coming on just before a holiday weekend (it flashed once at me last week, but I kept thinking it would go away...why do I do that, as I know it's not going to go away!)...now I have an appointment for an oil change at the dealership at 8 am on Saturday morning - ugh!  Anyone want to take my car in for me?  Anyone? 

Okay - enough about my sad oil change on Saturday morning at 8 am story and onto yummier things like s'mores!  One popular thing to do over the 4th of July weekend, besides seeing/launching fireworks, is to have a bonfire and make some s'mores.  However, I will not be sitting around a bonfire and making s'mores at any point this weekend (not that I am aware of )...boo!  But I'm not to bummed actually, as I ran across a fabulous alternative.  Have a look-see at these S'mores Thumbprint Cookies...
Yes, a fabulous alternative, no?

So for all the brides out there that want s'mores but, like me, have no bonfire in sight, you can always bake these up and serve at your soiree!  To make this deliciousness yourself, click here for the recipe. 

Happy baking my dears!

~ Ciao

...image via bakers royale


  1. I'm just going to let you know that you're killing me w/ these.

  2. S'more cookies! Oh my goodness just perfect for my sweet tooth.

    Happy Fourth of July!