Over the Moon

...about kites at weddings - especially homemade ones!
Over The Moon
I would love to have the kites flying during the wedding and reception.  A breezy locale would be perfect to fly these homemade wonders. 

Or I would make bunches of smaller ones, offer one up to each guest and have them all fly them at the same time - can you even imagine the pictures?  Eeks!  And I might even take it a step further and have the guests write a wish on a piece of ribbon or fabric, tie it to the tail and then fly them!

Even if flying the kites isn't involved, they sure would make for some pretty and whimsy decor.  It would be 'KITETASTIC' (yep, a new Kristism), wouldn't you agree?

~ Ciao

...image via style me pretty


  1. I love kites. I'm terrible at flying them but that doesn't stop me. I love your idea for a kite filled wedding. The photos would look amazing!

  2. They make such a cute prop in photos... esp the one's in fab prints. I haven't flown a kite for years!

  3. What an original and jolly good idea! Well done you for thinking of it!

  4. YES! My fiance and I bought fabric for our wedding kites a few weeks ago! love Love LOVE!!!!