Tuesday Thought: Plated Escort Area

Happy Tuesday loves!  I am quite excited today is Tuesday, as my puppy sitting duties for my cousin starts today while she and her hubby head to New York.  So for the next couple of days I get to hang with one of the cutest puppies!  Oh his name - Gus, and I hear that he likes to cuddle ;-)

But before I head off to get licked to death, I thought I would share with you the 'Tuesday Thought' for today.  Have a look-see at this ceremony backdrop...
Tuesday Thought
Fabulous, no?  While this was used for the ceremony backdrop, I had another idea the first time I saw this picture.

So here is your Tuesday Thought:  Use this idea for your escort area.  Just write your guests names on the plates with either the table number next to their name, or have a table number on each plate with your guests names below!  Sounds like a lovely and fun idea to me.  And once everyone finds their seats, remove the plates and you have a great backdrop for a photo booth too.  Talk about multiple uses here ;-)

And before I start to list a handful of other ways to use...I am off - to give scratches behind the ear and belly rubs!  See you tomorrow my dears.

~ Ciao

...photography by jessica claire via style me pretty


  1. i love the textures in this and you are so right - this could totally double as a photobooth backdrop - and a lovely one at that!

  2. I haven't seen a backdrop like this before, but I agree that it could serve multiple uses. Genius.

  3. I just fell off my chair-this is gorgeous!

  4. Just pure lovely...its great when things can be used different ways.

    Love your idea missy!!

  5. ooh this is such a fantabulous idea!