Bridesmaids Gift: Getting Knotty

Hehe - how about that for a title?  And I just have to laugh - as now every time I hear or think of the word knotty/naughty it reminds me of the fabulous Alison of The Knotty Bride!  Oh tell me it isn't the same for you!

Anyhoo, where were we - oh yes, bridesmaid gifts.  I ran across this fabulous bracelet, and fell in love with it's simplicity and nautical feel...
And wouldn't it make the perfect bridesmaids gift for your girls?  And if the bracelet isn't doing it for you (hehe), then how about this necklace...
How gorgeous is the teal color on this one?  Eeks - love!  But there are lots of other colors and styles available.  And another fabulous thing - she does custom orders.  You have to love that.  Plus, I just HAD to include these next two as their name is Luna Rope Necklace!  Here is Luna in Green Haze...
And Luna in Pink Haze...
LOVING the ombre!

And guess what my dears???  Head on over and pick one up for your bridesmaids or yourself as there is a special discount going on from now until Sunday!  Just use the code at the top of her page for 20% off.  Click right here to get there quick. 

~ Ciao

...images via goldhearted


  1. Love the bottom one... they're so sweet and simple!

  2. these are so fun. i love them!

    xo, chrissy.

  3. aye! I can't decide which one I love the most. Each one is pretty fab!!

  4. Oh, I love these!