On the Table: Fabulous Fruit

I think it's been ages since my last 'On the Table' post - I will definitely have to get better about posting them more often...starting with today!

And with yesterday being the first day of Summer and all - I thought this fabulous fruit centerpiece would be the perfect pic to post today, as it has Summer written all of it... 
Gorgeous, no?  I adore the pop of color from the tablecloth, and the simple white compote.  I would love to see these centerpieces on long tables, placed here and there on the table.  Plus, with just a couple of other details - like fruit and leaves on the table, a handful of vintage bottle of leaves and blossoms, and some candles I think it would make for some stunning decor! 

Of course you could always bring in a fun or cute element at each place setting too.  I can think of a handful of things to do - like each guests name written in white ink on a leaf at each place, the napkin wrapped with simple twine and with a blossom stuck in the knot, of course a cute flag on a stick with a name on it, stuck in a piece of fruit at each setting would be darling and fun...  But tell me loves, what would you do?

~ Ciao

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  1. So pretty... how come my fruit bowl never looks like this?