Darling Detail No. 18: Beer in a Bag

Oh yes my dears, you read that correctly - beer in a bag!  And let me tell you, it's never look so good...
Darling Detail
I mean really - if your going to serve beer, you might as well do it in style ;-)  And I gotta admit I am loving this style!

Maybe it's because I hung out at the brewery yesterday afternoon that I have beer on the brain.  Or maybe it's because the hefeweizen might have gone straight to my head...whatever the reason, I am still loving the beer in a bag.  So cheers loves!

~ Ciao

...image via sitting in a tree (edited)


Who Says

...your cake stand can't be a small gold and glass table?  And that you can't have mirrors surrounding it?
Who Says
You bet your buttons I am loving this!  A simple gold and glass stand + some fabulous mirrors for decor = a glamorous spot for your cake, don't you think?
~ Ciao

...image via style me pretty

Two: Bright Sweets

Happy Wednesday darlings!  I am in an extra bright and cheerful mood today ;-)))  Oh yes, my sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew and mom should be arriving soon, and I couldn't be more OVER THE MOON!  And while I love soft colors, today I thought I would post something nice and bright to match my mood.  Actually two bright things...that just so happen to be sweet! 

How fabulous would these brightly colored rock candy sticks be on a dessert table, or even given as favors...
via vintage rose garden
So cheerful, no?  Another way you could bring these bright colors into your big day is with these...
Your own brightly colored soda pop!  Seriously, how fun are these?  Hmm, I wonder if they would leave your tongue blue, or green or pink?  And if they do, I think I want mine to be pink today...what about you? 

~ Ciao

...images via vintage rose garden & style me pretty


Tuesday Thought: The Note Book

So I just have to say it - one more day until my family arrives!!!  WEEEEEEE ;-)) I CANNOT wait to hug and kiss and sniff on my niece and nephew!  I have missed them soooo much I can't even begin to tell you.  I know, I know...I'll give it a rest, and get on with this 'Thought'.

The other day I was on Etsy looking for a particular item when I stumbled across this...
Tuesday Thought
A homemade notebook with a vintage deer on it! And I thought that it was just so dang cute that I had to see what else the seller, Arminho, had...which was lots of cuteness with a variety of different styles and colors to choose from.  So be sure to pop on over and have a peek.

Anyhoo, when I saw this Note Book (which is 4 x 5.5...a great size) I had a fabulous little thought or two ;-))  So here is your 'Tuesday Thought' my dears:  Use the Note Book as escort cards and favors in one!  Easy, no?

You can write the guests name and table number on the front.  Or I think they would be fabulous placed inside a little envelope or flat styled kraft paper bag.  I would write the guests names on the bag, the table number on the Note Book and wrap it up with a piece of twine - eeks so fabulous!  But I might be inclined to just write the name and table number on the bag and leave the Note Book nice and neat for them...all still wrapped up cute though ;-)  However, it really could be used in a variety of ways.

However, you could always just you them as gifts or favors.  Definitely something different...and you know how I like different!  Happy Tuesday my dears...wishing you a wonderful day ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via arminho's shop on etsy

Tuesday Shoesday #34: Simply Stylish

I am loving this little match up for today.  I am all about simple this week, and when I ran across these Chloe wedges I thought they would be a wonderful choice for a simply stylish bride...
And then I ran across this fabulous cake, and I thought the same thing - simply stylish...
Inventory Inspiration
With just the perfect amount of detail.  I love the grain of the wood on the heel of the wedge, just as much as I love the doily detail around the 1st and 3rd tier bottoms of the cake.  So what do you think my dears?  Simply stylish?

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~ Ciao

...image via net-a-porter & photography by jose villa via style me pretty


Flowers of the Week: 7.25.11

Good Monday morning loves!  Did everyone have a wonderful weekend?  Do anything fun?  Oh please do share, as I was holed up for the majority of the weekend crafting.  And when I was out it was running errands.  I do have to admit though - I was so in my element ;-)

Since I have been neck deep (notice way more then knee...hehe) in crafting lots of different goodies, I am really in the mood for something simple for this week's flowers.  And a bouquet doesn't get much simpler than this...
Flowers of the Week
A single magnolia bloom that is STUNNING!  For some reason I feel that stunning all in caps still doesn't justify how breathtaking this single bloom is.   I literally caught my breath when I saw it!  What do you think my dears...would you carry a single stunning bloom?  If it looked like this, I would!

Looking forward to an exciting week here at LCW!  My family comes in on Wednesday, so life is gonna get even more crazy good...but do have some lovely planned for you ;-)

P.S. - A warm welcome to my new followers!  Thank you to the moon and back for the follow ;-) 

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty


Two: Sweet Lavender Details

A sweet treat to help your guests stay cool...
Doesn't that popsicle look delicious?  I would love one right now ;-)  And here's a sweet treat for your guests to take home...
I am adoring the 'White Sugar' soap in the lavender paper, aren't you?  They would make fabulous favors at a bridal shower, or gifts at a bridesmaids luncheon!

~ Ciao


LCW's First Annual Cake Week: Day 4

Hi darlings!  So here we are on 'Day 4' already...goodness it's gone by so quick it seems.  Today I don't have four cakes for you, but I do have a fabulous four tiered cake that I just ADORE!  Which is just as good, right?  Here is 'My Sweet Love'...
I love everything about this cake...the four tiers, the smaller base and the height, the sweet details, the real flowers on top and the darling garland! 

Tell me my darlings - how many tiers do you like?  Do you like a larger cake base, or a smaller more tall one?  And I noticed that all the cakes I posted so far are white...would you do a color?  Would love to hear all your lovely thoughts...so do share ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via 100 layer cake

Homemade: Doily Mason Jars

I am thrilled that it's Thursday, aren't you?  It means another 'Homemade' post and one more day until the weekend.  And I am so looking forward to this weekend as I will most likely be crafting for 12 hours straight each day!!!  Anyone wanna come join me?  I'll make cocktails ;-)  Come on - what's better then cocktails and crafts?  Hehe.

Alright, enough bribing outta me...and onto this 'Homemade' post.  You have to love when a homemade project only requires four items to make, don't you?  Have a look-see at these doily adorned mason jars... 
Just lovely, no?  And all you need for this project are:  mason jars, doilies, candles, and some twine or string...and viola simply stunning candlelight!  However, you could use a little, just a teeny tiny bit, of spray adhesive to make sure the doilies stayed in place instead of sliding around the jars for setup...but it's totally optional.

Hmmm...maybe I will make some of these up real quick so I can then craft by candlelight!  So then it will be crafting, cocktails and candlelight...now that's the way I like to craft ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by arrow & apple via style me pretty

Fizz & Frills

Hi loves!  Do you remember me hinting at something yesterday in my first post?  I know the fabulous Aleah at Valley and Co. noticed...thank you and mwah!  Well this is what I was hinting about...
Fizz & Frills
Over The Moon Vintage Rentals (aka me...hehe) is going to be a vendor at Fizz & Frills for both days, and I couldn't be more elated about it!  I kept debating about applying to be a vendor for my homemade items...but finally I took the leap and applied.  And now I am so glad I did as this will be my first event ;-)

I will be selling and taking orders for my homemade custom designs.  I have been a busy little bee trying to get ready for this event, and am in the process of creating some new homemade items that I can't wait to share with you once the event is over.

There will be lots of Fizz & Frills, and other vendors as well so you DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!  Make sure to get your tickets HERE!!!  And I will see you there...can't wait to say 'hi' ;-)

~ Ciao
...image via fizz and frills


LCW's First Annual Cake Week: Day 3

Eeks - yesterday was two cakes for the second day of Cake Week, and today is three cakes for the third day of Cake Week...I swear I did NOT plan this!  It just so happened to work out that way, and I am liking it ;-)  

Anyhoo, I do have three simply fabulous cakes for you!  Have a look-see at these three lovelies...
Why is it that sometimes the simplest designs can be the most stunning?  I love that each has a different number of tiers.  I also love that each has it's own branches and blooms.  Talk about detail...
Simply cake perfection.  So tell me loves - do you like the simplicity of this cake...or is it too plain for you ;-)  Would love to hear your thoughts!

~ Ciao

...images via nine cakes

Who Says

...you can't wear your hair half up, in a bun and a ponytail and topped with a flower wreath on your wedding day?
fashion via sunday in bed
I can't tell you how much I am swooning over this slightly messy look!  Oh so LCW's Style ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via sunday in bed

Aisle Style: My Cup of Tea

Good morning loves!  I am running a bit behind today - as life just got even more busy around here...I'll explain soon ;-)  And my family is coming one week from today - YIPPEE!!!!  So the next couple of weeks are going to be super duper busy for me.  I am not complaining...just hoping to explain why at times my posts might be up a bit later than usual...so hang tight loves - things will be back to normal (whatever that is) around here about mid-August.

Let's get on with this post shall we...as this is one of the most darling ways I have seen an aisle decorated in a long time!  Have a look-see at the tea cups, pitchers and plates...
Aisle Style
I L-O-V-E it, don't you?  Now this is the out of the box thinking that sends me over the moon, and really is my cup of tea!  Hehe.  And the goodness doesn't stop there - look how fabulous the chuppah/canopy is that the bride and groom said their vows under...
Aisle Style
I am loving the lightness, sheerness and detail of the canopy, not to mention all the flowers and greenery, not only along the top of the structure but on all the poles as well.  All in all fabulous 'Aisle Style', no?

~ Ciao

...photography by todd hunter mcgraw via style me pretty


LCW's First Annual Cake Week: Day 2

You are in for a treat today darlings!  I have decided to post two cakes on this second day of cake week. So there is even more sweetness for you..because you deserve all the sweetness life has to offer!

When I saw this cake below, I knew without a doubt that it would make LCW's Cake Week!  I mean just look at this sweetness...
A simple white cake with two ruffles, a darling cake topper and fresh blooms all atop a picnic basket - le sigh!  But I also had to include this next picture as well, because you really can see how DARLING the cake topper is...
OMGoodness...love, love, love, love, love the silhouettes and the ampersand!  Ooh and the bakers twine too.  Everything about this cake I heart, don't you?

And here is the second cake for you today, which I think is just as sweet...
Just the right about of detail and a bloom, in white - really you can't go wrong here.  Ooh and did you notice the flowers in the first picture...I just realized that they are the bouquet I posted yesterday!  Ha - no wonder I love - the flowers and cake ;-)  However, when I saw this cake with silhouette cake toppers added to it...well now it is just fabulously sweet...
I mean really - cute, cute, cute!

There you have it loves - two sweet cakes with silhouette toppers!  So tell me - do you have a fave?  I have to go with the first one...it's the ampersand and the bunting style that are stealing my heart ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by jen huang via her blog

Tuesday Thought: Life Is Beautiful

Happy Tuesday loves!  I am excited it's Tuesday today, as I am loving my thought for today.  To be honest, I had a couple of different thoughts for this week, but I decided on this one...so I hope you like it as much as me ;-)  Have a look-see at my inspiration...
Tuesday Thought
I ran across this quote/print and it just brightened my day!  As Life Is Beautiful, no?  And what's more beautiful than a wedding?  So, of course, it got my brain spinning...as lots of thinks do ;-)

So here is your Tuesday Thought for today:  How fabulously fun would it be to give a small print of an inspiration quote/thought as a favor at your wedding!?!  Or even a picture of something that inspires you.

Your guests could take it home, frame it (or put it on the fridge, or desk...) and will always be inspired and remember what a special day it was.  Now, I am not saying to use the print above...it is just what inspired my thought, so I thought I should share it with you.  And as I just typed that...it made me think that the image above would make darling notecards...and notecards would definitely be a darling gift as well!  A great bridesmaids gift.  Okay, sorry...gotta a little sidetracked...just how my brain works ;-)

Anyhoo, what I love about this idea, is it is something that you could create on your own.  A DIY.  Granted, you could always find one too, but a homemade one would be wonderful.  Then you can take it to the printer, have them print it up and cut to size.  All you would have to do is roll them up, tie them with a ribbon/twine and add a small note for your guests and voila!  A very personal gift to your guests that just might inspire them on a day when they need it most!

~ Ciao

...image via vintage rose garden

Tuesday Shoesday #33: A Cascade of Flowers

I adore how the flowers cascade down the front of these Valentino's...
Tuesday Shoesday
Just as much as I adore this flower's petals cascading down the front of this cake...
Tuesday Shoesday
Both are oh so pretty, no?

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~ Ciao

...images via net-a-porter & my sweet and saucy


LCW's First Annual Cake Week: Day 1

Welcome loves to LCW's First Annual Cake Week!  I figured since my birthday was yesterday, and my sister's is today - why not just make this whole week cake week!  Sounds fabulous, no?  Ooh and delicious too.  So every week of our birthdays, from here on out, it will be 'Cake Week'.  Why?  Cause you can never have too much cake, can you?

So let's kick off this week with one of my faves, shall we?  Have a look-see at this deliciousness...
 Just look at this detail...
OVER THE MOON is the only way to describe this cake.  Ooh, the blue color is one of the most dreamy colors ever, and paired with the gold and silver it is simply divine!  A great cake to start off LCW's 'Cake Week', no? 

~ Ciao

...images via nine cake

Flowers of the Week: 7.18.11

Good Monday morning my dears.  First I have to say THANK YOU to the moon and back for all of the lovely birthday wishes!  I had a fabulous birthday...and while I didn't have a picnic, I did have dinner outside and a cocktail by candlelight ;-)  Ooh, and I bought myself a gorgeous dress...felt so good to treat myself to something nice!

So enough about me and on to my sister for a minute...hehe!  You see, today is her birthday and I need to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and tell her that she is the best, most amazingly fabulous sister a girl can have!!!  She has made me an auntie to two of my favorite people in the world.  And they are proof that miracles do happen.  So no matter how many times I say thank you to her for making me an auntie, it will NEVER be enough for how I feel about my niece and nephew!  Plus, she has been amazingly supportive and encouraging on all my endeavors lately...which just means the world to me.  So sissy - I wish you everything under the stars on your birthday today!  I love you to the moon and back...to infinity! 

Thanks for hanging with me for a moment while I said that ;-)  I am dedicating this week's 'Flowers of the Week' to her, and to all the other best, most amazingly fabulous sisters out there!  This one's for you...
jen huang pc via decor 8 flowers of the week LOVE

Wishing you loves a fabulous week yourselves.  I have lots of goodness planned for this week...so see you soon ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by jen huang 


Sunday Sweetness

Adding one...
Happy Birthday
...year that is!

I set a handful of goals to achieve by my birthday this year, and I couldn't be more over the moon that I have achieved them all!  Well all except winning the lottery - but someone told me you had to play in order to win, so it's no wonder I didn't win!  However, I am still having a crown on my cake ...why?  Cause I can ;-)

And cheers to you my dear friends and followers - as you really are the ICING ON MY CAKE!  xoxo

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via kiss the groom


A Picnic, Dinner at an Outside Cafe & Cocktails by Candlelight

Yippee for Friday.  And it's not just any ol' Friday loves...it's the Friday of my birthday weekend!  Oh and you bet your buttons I am celebrating all weekend.  So happy birthday to me!  Ha.  Anyone that really knows me will probably be surprised that I just said that.  Oh things are changing around here these days...only for the better of course ;-)  I never used to make a big deal out of my birthday...always used to let it slip by, under the radar.  But as of this year I am changing that!  Because I should be celebrating me.  And you all should be celebrating yourselves too!

Anyhoo, I thought I would share with you how I would love to be spending my birthday weekend.  Interested in hearing about it?  Yes?  Well the title already tells you, but if you want to see some pretty pictures then read on my dears...so here's how...

With the perfect spot for a picnic...
Enjoying dinner outside at a small cafe...
And having cocktails by candlelight...
Sounds quite fabulous, no?  Ahhh...a girl can dream...especially on her birthday ;-)

I'll have to let you know if my dreams come true.  Wishing you an amazing weekend my dears!  See you back here on Sunday for some sweetness...and you know it's gonna be sweet as Sunday is actually my birthday - eeks!  xoxo

P.S. - Oh and don't forget - Monday starts LCW's First Annual Cake Week...a cake a day, all week long.  It's gonna be YUMMY!  Hehe

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty

Aisle Style: Stumpendous

Eeks - moss, Queen Anne's Lace, ferns and flowers all atop stumps - yep, you bet your buttons my hearts all a flutter!  Oh you know how I feel about moss ;-)  Anyhoo, tree stumps do make for some fabulous aisle decor, no?
Aisle Style
However, I have to be honest here and say that I am NOT loving the chairs above...it's the color of them that's not working for me, especially in the location with the other decor.  I would love to have seen wooden benches, hay bails with fabric and a wooden plank or even chairs in a different color.  But we aren't here to talk about the chairs are we?  No, we're here to talk about the aisle decor.  And I DO (hehe) love the stumps!  Here are a couple close up pics of the flowers and moss for you my darlings...
Aisle Style
Oh so pretty, no?  And this style really is achievable too.  Some wood stumps, mason jars filled with a variety of flowers and some moss...and voila - stumpendous aisle decor!

~ Ciao

...photography by desi baytan via style me pretty


Homemade: Spool Invites

How is your Thursday going so far loves?  Fabulous I hope!  Mine started off a little slow and running behind, but I am definitely on track now ;-)  I think it's the weather here.  We went from a high in the 90's last week to yesterday with a high of 71 and today 72!  Not normal for July in Northern California.  However it is nice to get a break from the heat...but it somehow throws me off a bit.  I know the heat is going to start back up on Sunday, so I think I am going to try and enjoy this little cool streak.

Anyhoo loves - I have a darling homemade post for you today.  No, it's not my own...but it sure is super cute!  PERFECT for a bridal shower.  I stumbled across this fabulous idea via Creature Comforts (love Ez's blog), who found it on Casey's lovely little blog called My Life as a Sugar Lander.

Casey created these DARLING invites for a craft party that I just LOVE!  Here have a look-see for yourself...
Darling, no?

Yet, I think these would make wonderful invites for a bridal shower or bridesmaids lunch!  However, you could always turn them into save the dates instead of invites too ;-)  Instead of scissors at the top, have an illustration of a knot or whatever your pretty little imaginations can dream up!

This is one invite that I am sure, at some point, I will make. 

P.S. - This is a cute for baby shower too...announcing whether it's a boy or girl...or even announcing you are expecting!

~ Ciao

...images via my life as a sugar lander

Darling Detail No. 17: Tea Stained Tags

Gotta tell you lovelies that I am adoring these Bride and Groom tags tucked into the forks...
Darling Detail
And, you will notice that the tags aren't just for the Bride and Groom - there is one at each seat...
Darling Detail
Such a darling detail, no?  Ooh, I am loving that boot glass too ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by metcalfe via style me pretty


Who Says

...you can't wear more than one statement necklace on your big day?
Who Says
I am loving all of these!

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina

Over The Moon

...about this invitation suite and bunting...
The adorable illustration by the groom...
The darling "I know the bride" and "I know the groom" paper pins for the ceremony...
The escort cards, and the "happily ever after" program fans...
Over The Moon
And the vintage truck holding up the windows used for the escort cards...
Who Says
All of it!  How about you?

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via his blog and one lovely day


Tuesday Thought: Paper Flowers

Ahh another Tuesday, another Tuesday Thought!  And a darling thought I have for you today.  It's funny how you find something and think it's soooo fabulous...only to go to another blog and see the same thing in one of their posts!  You know what I am talking about, right?  Well that was exactly what happened when I stumbled upon this fabulous idea...
Tuesday Thought
I immediately said - oh I am saving that for my Tuesday Thought post...and then I run across it on The Wedding Chicks right here.  We both must have been looking in the same places ;-))  However, when I originally saw it I had one thought that popped into my head instantly...go figure.

So here is your Tuesday Thought for today:  While these would make fabulous decorations at your event, why don't you use them as escort cards!  With such an amazing array of cardstock these days you could do one color for each table...or have one color of the rainbow at each table with a table number!  Either way, I think they would be over the moon

And what I love most is that these are an easy DIY with the step-by-step directions for three different flowers right here.  But as always there are lots of ways to use - as a backdrop to your ceremony area, on the cake, as bouts for the boys, or group a bunch together and make a bouquet for the girls, or attach a clip and wear in your hair...lots of options really!

Oh you bet your buttons this is another project that just got added to my never ending list of to do's ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via scrapbooks etc.

Tuesday Shoesday #32: Bronzed Burch & Buttons

Good Tuesday morning to you lovelies!  How about we start off this morning with a pair of fabulous bronzed Tory Burch shoes...
Tuesday Shoesday
And then of course have some cake with bronze buttons...
I think all mornings should start out this way, don't you?  Oooh maybe a little bubbly too.  Cheers to you my dears!

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~ Ciao

...images via net-a-porter & 100  layer cake


Aisle Style: Breathtakingly Bold

I am adoring this yarn ball filled with flowers adorning the aisle...
Aisle Style
Such a fabulous way to decorate the aisle, don't you think?   And just have a look-see at the amazing spot these yarn balls led up too...
Aisle Style
A breathtakingly bold spot in which to say your vows in front of.  Now this is what I call...over the moon!

Goodness, there are so many ways in which to decorate the aisle and ceremony spot.  It is one spot, I think, that is sometimes forgotten.  However, proof above that this is a spot where magic happens.  So don't forget to create some magic of your own loves!

~ Ciao

...photography by sarah rhoads via style me pretty

Flowers of the Week: 7.11.11

Black and white done oh so right...
Flowers of the Week
Not too often do I see a black and white bouquet that I love...however, this one I DO!!!  How about you?

Happy Monday loves.  Looking forward to another great week her at LCW...hope yours is great as well.

~ Ciao

...image via w wedding flowers


Inspiration to Creation No. 1: The Creation

Woohoo it's Friday!  And what a week this has been.  It's been a wonderful jammed packed week here at LCW.  I am happy that next week I am back to 2 posts a day...because the week after that - yep, back to 3 because of the First Annual Cake Week here at LCW.  Nothing like a cake a day, for an entire week.

I also have to tell you I am squealing with delight that my business cards for Over The Moon Vintage Rentals are on there way, and my website is going to coding in two weeks - WEEEEEEE!!!!  Oh yeah, that's me squealing like the pig in the Geico commercial ;-)  And if you haven't see it...you must right here as it will make you giggle.  And giggling is ALWAYS good!

Okay, I dilly dallied long enough.  I bet you are ready to see the creation of this table aren't you?  Eeks, I hope so...and can't wait to hear your feedback about the series.  I APPRECIATE so very much the feedback you have been leaving me daily - so thank you to the moon and back my dears!  Mwah!!!

***Note - I do have to say one thing before I get to the pictures.  My budget did not allow for flowers.  However, I searched the yard and yards of neighbors (with permission of course), and picked up a couple of succulents - so while there are flowers and succulents on the table, they are NOT the ones I would have arranged if my budget allowed for me to go flower wild (oh yes, pun totally  intended)!  And believe it or not, but the only colored flowers in bloom that I could find were roses, and I did not want to use roses...so the flowers are most definitely lacking the color of the inspiration table...but it still looks fabulous!

Of course I had to make one change...I used white paper doilies down the center of the table instead of a table runner!  I liked the softness it added,  and as always I wanted to put my own little touch on it.  So here is the creation...
I took the pictures at Aunt Millie's house as I felt her home fit the vibe of the table...plus she has these fab retro rugs, which I don't think made the pictures.  But with a wall of windows it let in lots of light and reminded me of the inspiration space.  Here are the rest of the pictures for you...
You can see that all of the details and projects are included as well.  Don't the DIY compotes look great?  Really, you would never know that they were homemade for about $2.00.  Which is definitely a detail that I love.  Granted, I wish the flowers were more similar and had some more color.  All in all though a fabulous and fun creation ;-) 

So that's it loves!  Remember I wanted to recreate the inspiration...not match it exactly!  That's what is all about...being inspired by something, creating something similar...but ALWAYS with your own touch. 

I hope this series has provided you with some inspiration and some insight on how if you break down the details, and take it step-by-step - you can do it!

Wishing you a wonderfully delightful weekend.

P.S. - Oh and I was sooo bummed that I had to take down the fabric chandeliers.  The pictures of them might not be that great, but they looked amazing hanging up!  So if you like them...definitely make them, because they are fabulous.  I seriously think I might hang a couple of the ones I made for this shoot in the corner of my bedroom ;-)
~ Ciao

...styling and photography by luna and chloe weddings