Flowers of the Week: 7.25.11

Good Monday morning loves!  Did everyone have a wonderful weekend?  Do anything fun?  Oh please do share, as I was holed up for the majority of the weekend crafting.  And when I was out it was running errands.  I do have to admit though - I was so in my element ;-)

Since I have been neck deep (notice way more then knee...hehe) in crafting lots of different goodies, I am really in the mood for something simple for this week's flowers.  And a bouquet doesn't get much simpler than this...
Flowers of the Week
A single magnolia bloom that is STUNNING!  For some reason I feel that stunning all in caps still doesn't justify how breathtaking this single bloom is.   I literally caught my breath when I saw it!  What do you think my dears...would you carry a single stunning bloom?  If it looked like this, I would!

Looking forward to an exciting week here at LCW!  My family comes in on Wednesday, so life is gonna get even more crazy good...but do have some lovely planned for you ;-)

P.S. - A warm welcome to my new followers!  Thank you to the moon and back for the follow ;-) 

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty


  1. Beautiful. I featured a bride last week with a single magnolia bouquet, and it blew me away. So simple, but so very pretty!

  2. so simple, but absolutely beautiful!

  3. stunning, indeed! glad you had fun crafting this weekend! I too love to get my craft on!

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  4. I wish the magnolia's on our tree would last long enough to pick and look like this!! No fair!! This is so beautiful!