Inspiration to Creation No. 1: The Details

Goodness, you still with me? Three posts today is a lot!  However, this is the Inspiration to Creation post that I have been waiting all day for ;-)  I do think this is going to be an amazing series, and I hope you love it and find it helpful!  Can't wait to hear your feedback throughout the week.

Okay first things first!  On Friday I showed you the inspiration pictures, so today I want to focus on the details.  Remember I am taking this step-by-step, and the first step is figuring out what makes up this gorgeous table decor.  My first step if I want to recreate a look is to study the picture(s) of the look and then jot down the details of the design.  So again, here are a couple of pictures for you...
Inspiration Creation Details
Did you study the pictures, and make some notes as to the details?  Yes, fabulous!  Here is a list of the details that I jotted down after I spent some time studying them:

     a.  3 oil lamps
     b.  2 clear glass compotes for the larger flower arrangements
     c.  small votives
     d.  6 mismatched salad plates
     e.  small colored glass vases to hold a couple of sprigs
     f.  owls
     g.  mismatched clear glass bowls for succulents
     h.  6 glasses with gold detail
     i.  7 embroidery hoops
     j.  a variety of sheer and lightweight fabrics
     k.  white table runner
     l.  6 white dinner plates
     m.  6 white napkins
     n.  6 sets of silverware

Did you see them all in the pictures?  A handful of them are obvious, but a couple of them you might have to go back and have another look to notice ;-)

And after looking through what I already had, and a quick trip to Home Goods (one of MY happiest places on earth - hehe) to pick up two green plates and a couple owls, here are most (a through j listed above) of the details I will be using to recreate the look...
Inspiration Creation 1 Detail
You will notice that not all of the details are identical, but they are similar.  The green votive holders (e above) I found at Michael's in the dollar bin for $1.50 each, and plan on using as vases on the table.  I know I have some owls...at the back of my storage unit, that I couldn't get too...but the two above I purchased from Home Goods (were they had bunches of them, in a couple other colors too), and I thought they would work well as I plan on putting succulents in them!  Also, the glasses are on loan from Aunt Millie (love her to pieces I do) and not only do they have gold on them, but a green color too.  However, I am working on another option for gold glasses...I'll have to let you know if it works out...so you'll just have to wait and see ;-) 

There will be more to come every day this week my dears - including a fabulous DIY using items from the dollar store - so be sure to check in everyday at noon as I have decided to do 3 posts a day this week!  See you tomorrow.

~ Ciao

...photography and images via brandon kidd & luna and chloe weddings

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