Darling Detail No. 18: Beer in a Bag

Oh yes my dears, you read that correctly - beer in a bag!  And let me tell you, it's never look so good...
Darling Detail
I mean really - if your going to serve beer, you might as well do it in style ;-)  And I gotta admit I am loving this style!

Maybe it's because I hung out at the brewery yesterday afternoon that I have beer on the brain.  Or maybe it's because the hefeweizen might have gone straight to my head...whatever the reason, I am still loving the beer in a bag.  So cheers loves!

~ Ciao

...image via sitting in a tree (edited)


  1. You're right-I don't think beer in a bag has ever looked quite so good!

  2. Ditto to what Lena said; this looks like a lot of fun!

  3. I know some people in my friend circle who would appreciate something like this. :) Nicely done!

  4. Such a novel idea.. great for a backyard bbq!

  5. Who knew beer could be made to look so elegant. Such a wonderful idea and thank you for sharing it.