LCW's First Annual Cake Week: Day 3

Eeks - yesterday was two cakes for the second day of Cake Week, and today is three cakes for the third day of Cake Week...I swear I did NOT plan this!  It just so happened to work out that way, and I am liking it ;-)  

Anyhoo, I do have three simply fabulous cakes for you!  Have a look-see at these three lovelies...
Why is it that sometimes the simplest designs can be the most stunning?  I love that each has a different number of tiers.  I also love that each has it's own branches and blooms.  Talk about detail...
Simply cake perfection.  So tell me loves - do you like the simplicity of this cake...or is it too plain for you ;-)  Would love to hear your thoughts!

~ Ciao

...images via nine cakes