Homemade: Doily Mason Jars

I am thrilled that it's Thursday, aren't you?  It means another 'Homemade' post and one more day until the weekend.  And I am so looking forward to this weekend as I will most likely be crafting for 12 hours straight each day!!!  Anyone wanna come join me?  I'll make cocktails ;-)  Come on - what's better then cocktails and crafts?  Hehe.

Alright, enough bribing outta me...and onto this 'Homemade' post.  You have to love when a homemade project only requires four items to make, don't you?  Have a look-see at these doily adorned mason jars... 
Just lovely, no?  And all you need for this project are:  mason jars, doilies, candles, and some twine or string...and viola simply stunning candlelight!  However, you could use a little, just a teeny tiny bit, of spray adhesive to make sure the doilies stayed in place instead of sliding around the jars for setup...but it's totally optional.

Hmmm...maybe I will make some of these up real quick so I can then craft by candlelight!  So then it will be crafting, cocktails and candlelight...now that's the way I like to craft ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by arrow & apple via style me pretty


  1. These jars are absolutely gorgeous-and nothin's better than cocktails and crafts!

  2. The three C's... sounds fabulous!!! Loving the doilies with the mason jars!!