{Possible New Series} Inspiration to Creation: The Inspiration

Happy Friday my dears!  I am so tickled that this is a long weekend, as goodness knows I need one ;-)  So tell me - do you have any fabulous plans for the weekend?  Going anywhere?  Or staying home and hanging with friends and family?  Me? I am staying local this year, and have a variety of things to do ;-)

I have been doing some thinking around here lately.  And since LCW is in the process of getting a new look, I was thinking about adding another new series to the blog as well.  I know I just added 'Aisle Style'  which is fun, but I really want to add something that will really help readers (whether you are a bride or not) on how to recreate looks they love.  I know most of us heard the feedback about how brides felt about photo shoots, so I was thinking about taking a photo shoot and breaking it down, so anyone could recreate the look themselves.  A photo shoot all at once can always be overwhelming, but broken down by element, I think, makes it much easier, don't you?  

Since this is a 'possible' new series, I am hoping your feedback will provide me with whether I should make this a monthly series or not.  The way I was thinking of doing this new series was to do it over a week.  So the first day will be the inspiration, the next couple days will be taking an element and recreating it, of course with a DIY, if possible, thrown in as well, and the final day, Friday, will be putting it all together - a wrap of of the week so to speak.  Goodness, I hope that make sense! 

And with Monday being a Holiday for the 4th of July, I thought I would post the inspiration for you today, and then follow up with the rest of the series on Tuesday through Friday next week.  So are you ready for your inspiration?  Well here it is...
On the Table
I know I used a picture of this table in my Picture Perfect Palette No. 7 that I posted last Friday, however after seeing the picture again I remembered how much I ADORED the table decor, and would love to recreate it.  So off I went on a hunt to find more pictures for this series, and lucky me, I found a bunch!

Now keep in mind, I am just one person with a limited amount of money for this new series, so it isn't going to be a perfect match!  Goodness, I don't even have a table that looks like that...so you get the idea here.  Yet, I will break down the elements, and show you a DIY or two that would let you recreate something similar ;-)

So are you with me my dears?  I know I have a full line up of posts each week already, and am still trying to decide how to post this new series - add a third post a day for one week a month?  Cut out one of my normal posts one week a month?  Hmm, something I will be definitely thinking about over the weekend!  To me, that is the hardest part of this new series...well that - the name of the series (still might change it), and not have unlimited funds to recreate!

My dears, I hope you have a SPECTACULAR and SPARKLY 4th of July weekend! I will see you back here on Tuesday, as I am not planning on posting until then. So may you all find some sweetness of your own this weekend! Mwah.

P.S. - Also be on the lookout for LCW's First Annual Cake Week starting on July 18th with a fabulous cake posted every day.  That's five straight days of yummy goodness.  And I decided that every year from here on out on the week of my and my sister's birthday will be Cake Week!  Oh and do I have some pretty cakes lined up for you ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via & photography by brandon kidd


  1. Great idea - love it and love the inspiration above and would love to see it come to life and be recreated. Happy 4th!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    I always love to see inspiration shoots broken down - it's fun to sort of see someone take what seems almost unattainable and make it more so attainable. If that makes sense? he he!! happy 4th!!

    xo, chrissy.

  3. This is so cute! Nice spirit on the pictures! Looking forward for more amazing posts!Thank you!

  4. Yes, please do continue with this series! I'm pretty sure a lot of us DIY-ers will appreciate it so much!

    Happy Fourth of July!