LCW's First Annual Cake Week: Day 2

You are in for a treat today darlings!  I have decided to post two cakes on this second day of cake week. So there is even more sweetness for you..because you deserve all the sweetness life has to offer!

When I saw this cake below, I knew without a doubt that it would make LCW's Cake Week!  I mean just look at this sweetness...
A simple white cake with two ruffles, a darling cake topper and fresh blooms all atop a picnic basket - le sigh!  But I also had to include this next picture as well, because you really can see how DARLING the cake topper is...
OMGoodness...love, love, love, love, love the silhouettes and the ampersand!  Ooh and the bakers twine too.  Everything about this cake I heart, don't you?

And here is the second cake for you today, which I think is just as sweet...
Just the right about of detail and a bloom, in white - really you can't go wrong here.  Ooh and did you notice the flowers in the first picture...I just realized that they are the bouquet I posted yesterday!  Ha - no wonder I love - the flowers and cake ;-)  However, when I saw this cake with silhouette cake toppers added to it...well now it is just fabulously sweet...
I mean really - cute, cute, cute!

There you have it loves - two sweet cakes with silhouette toppers!  So tell me - do you have a fave?  I have to go with the first one...it's the ampersand and the bunting style that are stealing my heart ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by jen huang via her blog


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  2. OMGILOVETHATTOPPERSOMUCH!!! I'm loving cake week so far ... keep them coming!

  3. They are both adorable.... white done right!! Just a couple of little touches make them perfection!!