Flowers of the Week: 7.18.11

Good Monday morning my dears.  First I have to say THANK YOU to the moon and back for all of the lovely birthday wishes!  I had a fabulous birthday...and while I didn't have a picnic, I did have dinner outside and a cocktail by candlelight ;-)  Ooh, and I bought myself a gorgeous dress...felt so good to treat myself to something nice!

So enough about me and on to my sister for a minute...hehe!  You see, today is her birthday and I need to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and tell her that she is the best, most amazingly fabulous sister a girl can have!!!  She has made me an auntie to two of my favorite people in the world.  And they are proof that miracles do happen.  So no matter how many times I say thank you to her for making me an auntie, it will NEVER be enough for how I feel about my niece and nephew!  Plus, she has been amazingly supportive and encouraging on all my endeavors lately...which just means the world to me.  So sissy - I wish you everything under the stars on your birthday today!  I love you to the moon and back...to infinity! 

Thanks for hanging with me for a moment while I said that ;-)  I am dedicating this week's 'Flowers of the Week' to her, and to all the other best, most amazingly fabulous sisters out there!  This one's for you...
jen huang pc via decor 8 flowers of the week LOVE

Wishing you loves a fabulous week yourselves.  I have lots of goodness planned for this week...so see you soon ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by jen huang