LCW Style: Halloween Inspired

Hi there lovelies!  Continuing on with all things Halloween...I couldn't help but think that this dress would be PERFECT for Halloween...
LCW Sytle
Oh yes, love the dark side...hehe.  And you know what, black or not, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dress especially the neckline!  And I LOVE it that much that it just made itself onto my all time fave list ;-)

P.S. - How perfect is it with the flowers I posted earlier?

~ Ciao

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Flowers of the Week: 10.31.11

HAPPY HALLOWEEN my little darlings!

Of course, since today is Halloween, I just couldn't resist going to the dark side for this week's 'Flowers of the Week'...so have a look-see at this arrangement...
Flowers of the Week
Perfect for today, no?  Wishing you a wonderful Halloween darlings.  I hope it's filled with lots of treats ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via eddie ross


Handcrafted: Stumped

Hi there darlings!  It's funny that I am struggling a bit here with posting today.  I know I have been pinning away like CRAZY, but I have nothing!  NOTHING...and I keep sitting here trying to figure out what to do about it.  Maybe I'm on idea overload, or maybe my ideas have flown the coop - but whatever it is...I don't really like it ;-(  Does this ever happen to you?

And as I was sitting here totally stumped about what to post...the idea hit me -  I will post about stumps!  Yes, that's it, and I just pinned it a little bit ago.  And I kid you not...that is exactly how it played out...funny how that works sometimes, no?  Anyhoo, I pinned it not with this post in mind have you, but just cause I knew I liked it.  So here my darlings is your 'Handcrafted' with a 'Tuesday Thought' thrown in post for today...
Fun, no?  And as you can see in the first picture - your venue or home, if you like, does not have to be rustic.  I think these would be FANTASTIC in a loft area ceremony...marking each aisle.  Just paint the tops silver or gold for a more glam look...and you can sprinkle some silver or gold sequins to line the aisle as well.  No need for flowers with all that fabulousness ;-) 

But if you did use them for a more rustic setting - then mason jars filled with flowers on top would be the cat's meow!  Yes, I just said cat's meow...love that saying...HA.  However, you know I would LOVE to use them as fun seating at a casual outdoor affair too. 

And since I am now on a roll...that's just what happens darlings...how about using smaller or shorter stumps as table markers...paint each one a different color for each table.  Then you could have branches cut into coaster size pieces, paint them to match the color of the table that the guest is to sit at and have the guests names written on them! 

Even patterns for a more modern affair would be fun - chevron, check, quatrefoil (love that one) would be oh so FUN!  And if they were in gold and silver - so naturally glam.  Just keep in mind that for a more modern look clean edges of the coasters and stumps (like pictured above) would be best.  So you would want remove the bark darlings to achieve the look.  But I am sure you knew that ;-)

Learn how to make your own right HERE.  Thanks Martha for the inspiration!

~ Ciao

...image via martha stewart


Who Says

...you can't use fabric filled embroidery hoops as your ceremony backdrop?
Who Says

I L-O-V-E this idea!  I really, really do ;-)  And even if you don't want to use this idea for your ceremony, it would be fabulous just as decor or even for a photo booth.

~ Ciao

...image via purl bee

Perfectly Presented: Cake Table

Good morning darlings! How are you this fine Wednesday morning? Well, I hope.

Goodness, it has been a while since I have done a 'Perfectly Presented' post.  However, I cannot tell you how over the moon I am about this cake table presentation...
Perfect Presentation
It is just perfection, no?  Well you know how I feel about the vintage industrial sized wooden spool...AH.MAZ.ING in case you didn't...but the burlap is fabulous too.  I love how it's wrapped around the middle of the spool.  Plus the burlap on top with the ruffle, and the burlap covered potted plants, the two arrangements in vases, and the flowers on the top are all just so perfecly pretty to me.  And just so you know, I am dying to add one of these to Over The Moon Vintage Rentals collection!

Don't you love it when you run across an image that makes you catch your breath?  This one did just that for me ;-)  Hopefully it did it for you too!

~ Ciao

...photography by matthew morgan via the wedding chicks


Tuesday Thought: If The Bride Likes To Cook

Happy Tuesday dears!  Question for you?  Do you ever have an idea that you hold onto for a while...not quite ready to share with anyone, yet alone everyone?  I do ;-)   However, it seems that sooner or later I always end up sharing them with you!  Yet, this idea I have held onto for 12 + years. 

You see, I LOVE to cook.  I don't cook very often anymore and I am pretty sure that I lost my touch now...however, at one point I was a very good cook, or so I like to think.  At my bridal shower years and years ago - I received a cookbook from Aunt Millie as a gift.  Yet, there was a super special part  - and that was I was living in the Chicago area at the time, and she was living here, in California.  She had mailed my gift to my soon to be mother-in-law's house to have her bring to the shower.  So you could only imagine my amazement when I unwrapped a gift from her, as she wasn't even there.  I cried when I opened it!  It was sooo special to me, especially since my Grandma had passed away years before.  The cookbook she sent me was The Joy of Cooking and had a lovely little note inside the front cover.  It was at that moment that I thought a cookbook shower would be so fabulous! 

I know long story, but not too long ;-)  But I felt I had to share so you knew where my thought came from... because when I ran across these two pictures, it brought back all the memories...
Tuesday Thought
Tuesday Thought
And figured that now was the perfect time to share my long held thought ;-)

So I have a couple Tuesday Thoughts for you!  The first being for a BRIDAL SHOWER (my original thought) - why not host a cookbook shower for the Bride (or Bride and Groom even).  Have each guest bring a cookbook (you can have them e-mail you the name, so there is no duplication), with their favorite recipe bookmarked in the book and an short note on the inside cover!  You can deorate the tables, as above, with a couple of the cookbooks the hosts are giving.  And you can have other cooking utensils or items than the rolling pins...even though I heart the rolling pins ;-)  It would be cute to do a variety of cooking utensils on the table - a whisk, a wooden spoon, etc...  Not too many, just like above is perfect I think.

My second and final thought is for a WEDDING - instead of table numbers have each table be a different cookbook ;-)  I LOVE this idea.  Then as a favor you can copy a recipe from each book, bind all the recipes together, and give it away as a favor ;-)  I think I would attach a little wooden spoon and some cooking string to the small bound book too!

I know I have talked about recipes and possibly even cookbooks before, however, I don't think I have shared these ideas with you.  Can't you imagine (if you like to cook) getting bunches of cookbooks with a note in each one with favorite recipes in the book, words of cooking advice, or even thoughts on the recipe for a good marriage. 

I have always beleived that cooking together and eating meals together is an important part in a relationship.  It's a chance to work as a team, and then sit down together and actually talk to one another.  It is ONE of the biggest things I miss being single...along with being the little spoon and kisses on the top of my head...but you don't really need to hear that ;-)  And if you don't cook...then just enjoy your takeout together...hehe....cause there are definitely days we did that too!

Just my thoughts for you on this Tuesday my dears.  See you tomorrow.

~ Ciao

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Tuesday Shoesday #46: Marveously Metallic

Good morning sweetpeas!  Are you ready for another installment of Luna and Chloe Wedding's Tuesday Shoesday?  Well I hope so, as I think mine are extra sweet...hehe.

I ran across this darling pair of Chloe metallic leather ballerina flats...
Tuesday Shoesday
And couldn't help but think they would make fabulous dancing shoes!  But here is the sweet part - then I ran across this oh so fabulous metallic cake...
Tuesday Shoesday
And thought that they sure do make a great pair, don't you think?  Yes, pun absolutely intended...ha.  But I do love how both of them are low and sleek.  Plus, I love the detailing on the shoe, and the cake stand - they are just fabuous together too.  And speaking of fabulous - how about that cake?  Seriously, have you ever seen anything so marevelously metallic?  I just can't stop staring at it...however, I think a slice of it would stop that ;-)

Be sure to check out these lovely blogs for more Tuesday Shoesday goodness:

~ Ciao

...images via net-a-porter & style me pretty


Picture Perfect Palette: A Wall

Hiya loves ;-))). Sorry, I'm running a bit behind schedule today! How about I try and make it up to you with a lovely palette? Sounds good, no? Then have a look-see at this...
So gorgeous, no?  And I love that all the colors came from the wall - so lovely.  But I gotta say, the dress is lovely too!

~ Ciao

...image via dustjacket attic

Flowers of the Week: 10.24.11

Happy Monday lovelies ;-)  Did you have a wonderfully sweet weekend?  Do anything fabulously fun?  Me - well, I pinned all weekend.  No, seriously...pretty much all weekend long.  I love that I could stay in bed with my iPad and pin away the day...HA!  It's a perfect thing to do when you're not feeling well...just look at pretty pictures and pin the ones you like - easy peasy...and that's a good thing because that's about all I could handle all weekend!

However, I did rally up some energy and attend a lunch, and visited with friends and family on Saturday for a couple hours...but other than that I did not do too much, or leave the house all weekend...which is sooo NOT me!  But I just haven't been feeling 100% ;-(  Headaches and a fever = no fun.  And I see a doctor visit coming soon if things don't straighten up around here.  Granted, I don't feel awful and miserable - just not very good, and my normal full of energy self.  I am hoping that all changes this week, and whatever I have will just go away...I wonder if that's wishful thinking?!?!

So I really am in need of some beautiful flowers to brighten up my Monday.  And I think this bouquet will definitely doing the trick...
Flowers of the Week
All wrapped up pretty and ready to go.  Hmm, I don't mind if I do ;-)

Here's to a great week (sick or not, dang it) here at LCW!  I'll be back soon with my second post.  Until then - enjoy the flowers...hehe.

~ Ciao

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Sunday Sweetness

...is mini layer cakes!
Sunday Sweetness
Hope you had something sweet this weekend!  Me?  I had Aunt Millie's Raw Apple Cake...talk about Fall flavors...oh so DELICIOUS :-)

~ Ciao

...image via always with butter


Pinning Away

Is what I have been doing all day!  It's Friday, and yet again I have a headache and a fever...so weird, as I felt the exact same way last Friday too.  Wondering if this is going to start being a weekly occurrence?  Goodness, I hope not!  Now you know why this post is up so late...eeks.  But this poor girl is taking it easy, and I think that I will spend the rest of the afternoon laying around in bed and pinning away...because that's about all I can do as my head hurts to much to think...HA!  And while I haven't really pinned that much before, I think that is all going to change now...as I think I am slightly addicted.  Just slightly. 

Alrighty, enough complaining outta me...I gotta keep pinning anyway...well that is until I take a nap in a little while ;-)  If you want to see what I have been pinning, here's a sneak peek...
And for anyone interested, you can see and follow me HERE!  Hopefully you will be inspired ;-)  Okay, gotta go...this post just took the last of my energy...tired girl ;-(

Have a lovely weekend darlings!  Stay well, and I will see you back here on Sunday for some sweetness.

~ Ciao

...luna and chloe on pinterest

I Have FALLen In Love

...with Vera Wang's Fall 2012 collection...
OVER THE MOON dreamy, and oh so perfect for Fall!  And while I usually don't like posting lots of dresses...when it comes to Vera Wang - I ALWAYS make an exception ;-)  My faves are the first and last dresses.  What's your fave or faves?

~ Ciao

...images via onewed


Homemade: Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Hey there darlings!  How's your morning going so far?  Mine...medium ;-)  However, it would be a whole lot better if I had some of these...
I heart cinnamon rolls!  But cinnamon roll cookies - just genius, I say!  And someone please tell me why do cinnamon rolls always remind me of Fall and Winter?  And why do I CRAVE them at this time...never in Spring or Summer...just Fall and Winter.  I think they are a cozy food, and I always like being cozy in Fall and Winter -so I guess that would be it, no?  But I LOVE the fact that these are cookies...so much easier to serve up...even though I would love to see a cinnamon roll bar at a wedding...maybe mine if  when I ever get married again ;-) 

Anyhoo...wouldn't these make a great midnight snack at a wedding?  I would serve them up (ooh warm would be VERY GOOD) with some coffee or hot chocolate and your guests will be smiling from ear to ear.  Okay, well that might be the alcohol, but still, they would at least be smacking their lips from the deliciousness. 

And if you didn't want to serve them up at the wedding itself, they would still make great favors packaged up all cute.  Just look how lovely they looked stacked...
Packaged up all pretty...because really everything is SO MUCH BETTER when packaged up all pretty...and your guests would be happy, happy, happy to take these home I'm sure!

Well darlings, if you would like to make your own...the always FABULOUS Bakers Royale is the place to go....but you can click right HERE to get to the recipe quick! 

Happy baking.  Let me know when they are done, and I will be right over ;-)

P.S. - I am LOVING 'Fall Week'...hope you are too!

~ Ciao

...images via bakers royale

Handcrafted: Halloween Pom Pom Tassel Garland

Hi loves.  I just wanted to share these with you really quick, as I made these darling pom poms for a photographer for Halloween pictures...
And just check out the picture the fabulous Tori of Recollections Photography sent me....
Recollections Photography
Soooooo D-A-R-L-I-N-G!!!  And my tassels look pretty cute too, no?

THANK YOU TORI at Recollections Photography sooo much for sharing with me ;-)  And be sure to check out all of Tori's goregous pictures on her blog!!!

~ Ciao

...photography by over the moon vintage rentals & recollections photography

Darling Detail No. 25: Wheat Garland

Good morning darlings ;-)  Well, I decided I can't do 'Fall Week' without a darling detail, now can I?  And the detail that I am loving for Fall is this wheat garland...
Darling Detail
Natural, earthy rusticness is just perfect for Fall.  And it would be so simple to make!  Goodness, I see a small project coming on ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via 100 layer cake


Pom Pom Tassel Giveaway Winner

Hi loves!  We have a WINNER of the giveaway...

Yippee ;-))))  Please contact me via e-mail at lunaandchloeweddings@yahoo.com and let me know what colors you would like, and where I should ship!  Congrats again, and am so thrilled that you can use them at your wedding!

THANK YOU to everyone who entered!  I just might have another one of these giveaways before the end of the year, as it seems lots of you liked the pom pom tassels ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by luna and chloe weddings

Who Says

...you can't serve up your dessert on the back of a bike?
Who Says
A perfect way to enjoy your big Fall day.  And for a smaller affair - this would be AH.MAZ.ING! 

I can totally see sweet treats in a basket or vintage wooden crate on the front of the bike too ;-)  Oh and you bet your buttons I would be using the tree the bike is leaned up against as well...I'm think something handcrafted in fabric with pockets so sweets can be placed into, or wooden shelves that caramel apples could be placed on, or mason jars attached to the tree to hold cake pops, or ...!  They all would be darling, no? 

~ Ciao

...image via sweet paul

Picture Perfect Palette: Fall on a Plate

Good morning, afternoon, evening, day to you my dears!  Goodness, I swear I start every single post with 'good morning' and I bet bunches of you don't look at my blog in the morning.  Hmmm, I think I need to come up with something cute and clever instead, no?

Anyhoo - so far this week I have covered Fall flowers, fashion, food, and shoes and sweets...now I'm moving onto color ;-)  Believe it or not, one of my favorite things.  Even though my fave color palette is white, cream and beige with a hint of golden glam, doesn't mean I can't appreciate lots of other colors! 

Color palettes are all over blog land, usually in the form of inspiration boards, and I tend not to do inspiration boards, as there are a couple of lovely ladies that are AMAZING at putting color palette's together in inspiration boards.  Some of my faves are Chris at Postcards and Pretties, Kate at Magnolia and Rouge and Kathryn at Snippet and Ink.  I find I will leave the inspiration boards up to these lovelies to bring the beauty week in and week out when it comes to color ;-)  However, I do like to post a picture of a palette that I am loving, as I have done bunches of times in the past! 

And you know what?  I usually do a different kind of post called Picture Perfect Palette...but I think from now on I am going to use the name for this type of post, as it is just soooo fitting, don't you think?  So I will have to come up with something else for the other type of post now.  Gotta love when I change my mind...not confusing at all...sorry!

And while I am not one for the usual color palettes for the seasons, I did run across this Fall picture, and fell in LOVE...something I do on a weekly, if not daily, basis around here, hehe...
Fall Color
I guess what I love is the richness and earthiness of the shades...not to mention the mushrooms!  What's on the plate alone is a fabulous palette...
How earthy and pretty is the ink with the sienna and goldenrod colors?  And ink color works just as gorgeously with the orange coral and bisque colors too.  So if all five colors are too much for you - there are a couple of color palettes within this one, that you might find one that works for you.  They sure do make a lovely Fall palette, no?

~ Ciao

...image via country home


Tuesday Thought: Caramel Apples

Happy Tuesdays my dears!  So I am finally starting to feel like myself again ;-)  Still feel like I need lots of sleep, but another day or two and I'll be back to 100%!

Okay, I know that caramel apples are nothing knew, but check these out...
carmel apples
Talk about dipped in something fun...these caramel apples have a little something extra special with a double chocolate drizzle or a dip into dried fruit, toffee bits, nuts, and/or cocoa nibs!

So here is your simply (as that's about all I can muster up today) 'Tuesday Thought' my dears:  I would LOVE to see a caramel apple station at a wedding!  Not one where the guests do it...but one where they go up and place their order, and choose their dipping ins ;-)  They can be made, with the guests names attached, and then the guests can pick them up later on in the evening after the caramel has cooled.  Or you can have each guest fill out a tag that has been at each seat with their name on it,and what they want...and then at the end of the night they can pick it up!  Plus, it would be fun for your guests to watch they make them if they wanted too!  Goodness with choices like chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and nuts like macadamia's, pecans, almonds, and lots of other creative choices...your guests are sure to find something they like!  I think I want a caramel apple dipped in chocolate and then topped (or bottomed, depending on how you look at it) in macadamia nuts please - YUMMY!

Ooh and there would be so many cute ways to package them if you are giving them as favors!  Or if you just want to make your own...these are pretty easy to make, as you use wrapped caramels and chocolate pieces ;-)  You can get the recipe right HERE my dears.

Happy dipping my dears!
~ Ciao

...image via country home

Tuesday Shoesday #45: Nuts for Boots

Good morning lovelies - Happy Tuesday to you!  Since I am posting all things Fall this week, I thought these Chloe leather boots would be perfect for a rustic Fall affair...
Tuesday Shoesday
I'm loving the simple detail and the seams on these boots, and I think that a wedding dress adorned with a leather belt would be so cute too!  Plus, don't they pair up nicely with the texture and colors of these handmade completely edible nuts...
I am going NUTS over these!  No really, I am ;-)  How totally fabulous are they?  I love that they are completely edible, and filled with chocolate.  And they look wonderful on top of a cake.  Now that would be my kind of Fall cake...a gorgeous white cake with strategically placed nuts!  No pun intended at all loves.  And I think I would need a squirrel cake topper too ;-)

Not your traditional Fall inspired cake, but one that would most definitely make a statement!

Be sure to check out these lovely blogs for more Tuesday Shoesday goodness:

~ Ciao


LCW Style: Fall Fashion

Well we can't do a Fall Week without some Fall fashion, now can we?  So I figured why not start with the little ones!?!  No not children, puppies...or dogs if you like.  Tell me that this bow tie wouldn't be darling for your little fella...
LCW Style
Oh my goodness - just look at that face!  He's like - Mom, not again...I'm tired of smiling!  And that face and the bow tie...I am dying of cuteness over here ;-)  So many other cute choices over at Happy Dog Clothes on Etsy.  Hey, we can't forget man's best friend now can we...hehe.

~ Ciao

...image via happy dog clothes

Flowers of the Week: 10.17.11

Hi loves!  Happy Monday to you.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I can tell you I spent most of mine trying to get better.  I think I slept pretty much since Thursday...so sorry no post on Friday...I just had the flu hit me like a ton of bricks, and it really knocked me off my feet.  However, I am feeling better now, and I have lots of catch up to do today.  But I figured I would make this week - FALL WEEK.  So all my posts this week will be Fall inspired...which I thougth might be a little fun ;-)  Plus, I am really trying to get into the Fall mood...and I was hoping this might do the trick...we shall see!

And since it is Fall Week around here, I thought kicking off the 'Flowers of the Week' with this bouquet was most appropriate...
Flowers of the Week
Oh so pretty wheat wrapped up with brown lace - doesn't get much more Fall than that!  You know what loves, I think I am heading out to pick up some wheat...as I just got a little idea for some decor for the shop next month.  See you back here in a bit with some Fall inspired LCW Style ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography by stephanie williams via jl designs


Sunday Sweetness

...is homemade bunting blowing in the breeze!
Sunday Sweetness
Lots of it...
Hope you lovelies are having a great weekend!  See you back here tomorrow ;-)

~ Ciao

...via be imbued 2


Handcrafted: Giveaway

So sweeties, in honor of Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy opening it's doors today - I thought I would host a little giveaway ;-)  Who doesn't love a little giveaway?  Goodness, I know I do.  And you know what?  This giveaway is custom...which means you get to pick the colors you want!   So what am I giving away, you ask?  Why these...
...13 custom tissue pom pom tassels!  Okay sweeties - here are the details on how to enter...

 Leave a comment blow on how or where you would use these pom pom tassels.

For additional enteries:

~ Become a follower of Luna and Chloe Weddings
~  Follow Luna and Chloe Weddings on Twitter @lunaandchloe and then leave a comment that you did.
~  Like Luna and Chloe Weddings on Facebook and then come and leave a comment that you did.
~  Tweet this - I just entered to win a custom tissue paper pom pom tassel garland on @lunaandchloe! http://bit.ly/qCPQfO #Giveaway - and then come leave a comment that you did.

And if you already follow my blog, follow me on twitter or like me on Facebook then make sure to leave separate comments that you do ;-)

Giveaway ends on October 18, 2011 at 10 pm CST.  Giveaway open to U.S. readers only.

UPDATE:  Giveaway has ended thank you ;-)

That's five ways and chances to enter...GOOD LUCK!

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling, crafting & photography by luna and chloe weddings

Handcrafted: Luna and Chloe Handcrafted

Well loves, the time has finally arrived that Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  Whew...FINALLY is all I have to say.  Well that - and is it Friday yet?  Because let me tell you this has been one heck of a week...ups and downs and all arounds to say the least.  And as I have said before, while I love roller coaster rides, I don't like them outside of amusement parks! 

I have been so busy this week (but I think I say that every week...which is a good thing really) working on a LARGE order of fabric fans, another order of pom pom tassels, working with a client for a craft party, and taking, editing and uploading pictures of all the items for the store...as it rained here on Monday, so I had to cram it all in on Wednesday. And on top of all that car trouble...costing around $1,500.00 currently, and then the news I received yesterday of my favorite Great Uncle passing away ;-(((( My LOW, as I adored my Uncle Louie - his roasted whole lamb with his handcrafted broom of rosemary and a bucket of secret marinade and seasoning, the memories I have of riding his horses, named Tom and Jerry, bareback as a child through his artichoke fields, and just his overall sweetness...he was my grandpa's brother all right!  So yes, I'm a little behind on where I wanted to be.

Okay sorry loves...didn't mean to get heavy on you.  So let me share my HIGH this week - the Grand Opening of Luna and Chloe Handcrafted.  I am so thankful that it is finally open for business.  Here's a sneak peek of a couple of items that are in the store...
There are still a couple of other items that will be added to the shop in the next week, so be sure to check back then.  However, there are more items in the shop than pictured above...so click HERE to get there quick to see all the glittery goodness!  And remember that everything is custom...so just about any color you want is available.

Also around mid-morning I plan on having a GIVEAWAY...that is custom to the colors of your choice!  You don't want to miss that, so check back soon ;-)

And P.S. - I have to tell you that I talked to my sissy on Monday, and she told me to get crafting with those glitter pinwheels for my favorite babygirl's, my niece Madi, birthday in December!  The store wasn't even open on Monday, and I already had my first order.  Yes I know she's family...but it still was nice to hear she loved them that much!  And lucky for her she is family, as family ALWAYS gets them for free ;-)  Plus, she has placed her order for the Glittered Party Animals and Pom Pom Tassels too...I guess I better get to work!  Now you see why I am always soooo busy...making things for family - HA, just kidding!  Not really, as I already picked up tissue paper, animals and glitter in red, yellow, blue and white...gotta love a circus theme...and tell me those party animals won't be fabulous.

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling, crafting & photography all by luna and chloe handcrafted


Who Says

...you can't paint your nails with glittery polish for your big day?
Who Says
With a name like that it's quite fitting, don't you think?  Or better yet, you can make your own, a la the fabulous Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere...
Who Says
...in just about any color you could imagine!  With all the polish color's out there, and Martha Stewart's selection of glitter, I know you could find one that just perfect for your fingers and/or toes ;-)  And just remember loves - you don't have to paint every nail...it could be just one, or two, or just the tips or the moons...or...you get the idea!

~ Ciao

...images via drugstore.com &cupcakes and cashmere

LCW Style: Belt It Out Loud

Good morning to you sweet peas!  It's hump day...YAY ;-)  That means only one more day until Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy opens, and a giveaway!

Continuing on with all the glittery fun from yesterday, I thought that this belt would be a FABULOUS way to bring in some glitter on your big day...
LCW Style
Wouldn't you agree?  I know belts have been a big thing lately, but while most of them have been brown leather (which is one of my fave looks by the way), you could add some glittery goodness to a glam wedding with this fabulous glitter belt.  I can only imagine how it would sparkle and shine when you're out twirling on the dance floor ;-)  A fashion statement?  Most definitely!

~ Ciao

...image via net-a-porter


Tuesday Thought: Glitter Spoons

I am hoping that today starts turning around!  I know I am running late...but I had to drop my car off at the shop late last night as it has been dying for no apparent reason...and then I wake up and it's grey and drizzling.  Which is kind of fitting for my mood ;-(  How can it be that I drop my car off and they call me this morning and tell me that - JUST TO LOOK at it will be $170.00.  NOT to fix anything...just to look!  Aye - I can only imagine what it is going to cost me. 

On the bright side, I am SO super-duper thankful that Mr. Big has an extra car that I can drive.  Oh yeah I am cruising around in a big old suburban people...so watch out ;-)  I actually love driving the suburban...it has lots of space for me to fill up the back with goodies for Over The Moon!  Actually, I am not buying any goodies right now...not until I know how much money it's going to cost me to fix my car.  However, freebies on the side of the road  - oh yeah, I can most definitely do those ;-)

Anyhoo, in order to brighten things up around here I was looking on Pinterest for some inspiration.  I have to say darlings, that my sissy is ADDICTED to Pinterest now that she's on it.  She is so fabulous that she even has a section of ideas and inspiration called 'For My Sis.'  I know, she's the BEST SISSY EVER!  Okay, back on track ;-)  While I happened to be looking around for the perfect mood brightener, I ran across these and fell in LOVE...
Tuesday Thought
Gold and silver glitter spoons - get out!  Just what this girl needs to not only brighten her day but post while in the midst of Glitter Week...well not really glitter week, but close enough, no?  They are actually clear acrylic spoons filled with glitter, and come in a set of 6 (3 of each) for $34.00.  And I thought to myself that there must be some way I could use these.  Knowing me...of course, I can ALWAYS find a way ;-)

So here is your 'Tuesday Thought' dearests:  How darling would these be to mail out to your girlfriends for a bridal luncheon or bridal shower?  Attach them to a cute invite, place in a box, wrap it up in kraft paper, tie it with string and drop it in the mail!  Tell me you wouldn't want to be going to THAT party!?!  You know it would be all kinds of glittery goodness..hehe.

However, they would be fun to buy a whole bunch of them to serve with coffee and sweets, no?  Or give as favors!  Oh you don't really need an excuse to use these lovelies, do you?  Just because they are glittery and pretty is all the reason I need.  And hey - finally I can have a silver spoon...or wait golden spoon in my mouth...and you can too.  I think I just might have to make a purchase, as I really need something to brigthen this day...and these would do just that ;-)

P.S. They have more glittery goodness, and fun colors too...so check out Leif!

~ Ciao

...image via leif via cocokelley on pinterest via oh joy on pinterest

Tuesday Shoesday #44: These aren't Dorothy's shoes!

When it comes to wedding day shoes - how could you go wrong with a pair of glittered heels!?!  It doesn't matter if you choose a gold glitter pair...
Tuesday Shoesday
Or a silver glittered pair...
Tuesday Shoesday
Or a handful of other colors really, because there are 15 colors of edible glitter to choose from that you can dust your cake or cupcakes in...
Tuesday Shoesday
No that should make any glitter girl's day ;-)

Be sure to check out these lovely blogs for more Tuesday Shoesday goodness:

~ Ciao
...images via net-a-porter & copper gifts


Getting Glittery

I have decided that it's time I sprinkle a little of this...
...onto everything for the next couple of days.  Yes, that's right, the next couple of days it will all be about glitter!  Why, you ask?  Well to celebrate the opening of all the glittery goodness that is Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Thursday loves.  Get ready to get your glitter on...hehe ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via glitter guide via engaged and inspired

Flowers of the Week: 10.10.11

Hiya darlings ;-)  Did you all have a fabulous weekend?  Mine - well I was disconnected for most of the weekend...and you know what - I kinda enjoyed it ;-)  And then on Sunday I started a puzzle...I know I am a nerd, or a dork as my BFF calls me!  Hey, I've always known I was a bit different...HA! 

But seriously doing a puzzle is like making everything else in my world stop.  And let me tell you, not much else does that...except sleep...when I finally fall asleep.  However, I really have to watch myself and puzzles, because I will sit down and 4 hours later I look up, and not only has the time passed but the puzzle will be done.  It's a sickness I tell you!  At least it's not an awful one to have ;-)  I needed to take a little break from business while I had a chance, as I have a couple of things going on this week! 

First, I am just tickled to be working with a new client who is hosting a craft night for her and her girlfriends.  This is going to be such a fun project - and I am looking forward to helping put together all of the details - YAY!  And second, I am ELATED to finally be able to say, for a fact, that Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy will be open for business on Thursday this week ;-)  All together now - YIPPEE!!!  Thank you for being oh so patient with me about it all. 

So now I bet you are ready for me to quit chattering and to see the 'Flower of the Week,' no?  Well here they are darlings...
Flowers of the Week
How's that for some flowers to start off your week?  I just LOVE how they trail down and spill onto the ground.  You bet your buttons - this is another amazing creation by Kate of Flowerwild.  It's all so soft and pretty and dreamy.  Just what I need to get me through this week ;-)  Oh how I heart Monday's!

~ Ciao

...image via flowerwild


Sunday Sweetness

...is your initials inside a heart!
And the lace, well that just makes it extra sweet ;-)  Hope you lovelies had an extra sweet weekend!  See you tomorrow.

~ Ciao


Party Animals & Pom Pom Tassels

Sounds fun, no?  Well they are ;-)

Happy, happy Friday loves!  I am oh so happy today is Friday.  After the Inspired Collective's Grand Opening Party last night, and then having to come home and make 20 pom pom tassels for an Etsy order...I stayed up WAY to late, and am really hoping I can get in a cat nap this afternoon ;-) 

However, before I head off in never, never land this afternoon, I thought I would share with you two of my handcrafted items that I made just for the party.  First up are the 'Party Animals' - because every good party needs some...
Glittered Party Animals
Sorry about the picture...not the best!  This idea struck me after I saw the amazing crafted goodness of Jenny's, of the fabulous blog Hank and Huntgolden animal candle holders!  Which I immediately fell in LOVE with, and knew I had to use them somehow, someway ;-) 

And while I glittered these for the grand opening party, I have to tell you I spray painted them first...and they look great that way too. Plus, you could actually use them as stir sticks and cupcake toppers with the spray painted ones...the glitter ones would probably not be the best for food or drinks ;-)  Ooh and I MUST tell I am making some up for ESCORT CARDS too - with each animal being a different table...soooooo cute!  With all the animals out there, there are BUNCHES of choices.

And second, are the pom pom tassels I made (the metallic ones are new)...
Pom Pom Tassels
Don't they look pretty up against the wall?  I adored how they turned out, and love the pop of metallic in there too!

I am adding my handcrafted 'Party Animals' in spray painted and glitter, and 'Pom Pom Tassels'...along with my glittered pinwheels...to my Luna and Chloe Handcrafted Etsy store over the weekend along with some other items too, and will share with you all the glittery goodness on Thursday next week...FINALLY ;-)...so be sure to check back then...if not sooner!

Okay loves, this girl has gotta run to Michales to grab a couple things for another order - 50 fabric fans for a wedding in Australia...YAY - and then start crafting.  And of course, later on, take a little cat nap! 

May you be a 'Party Animal' this weekend loves ;-)  As this party animal needs her rest, before she can do it again...hehe!  Happy weekend, and see you back here on Sunday for some sweetness.

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling, crafting and photography all by luna and chloe

LCW Style: Now This is My Kind of Apron

So yesterday I get an e-mail from my sissy with a link, and when I clicked on the link it took me to this...
And this...
And this...
From the first second I laid eyes on the first two I was in L-O-V-E, and said - oooh it looks like a wedding dress.  Wouldn't it make the PERFECT gift for a bride?  It would definitely give her a good reason to cook...hehe ;-)  However, in my house you might just catch me wearing it around house...even if I'm not cooking!

The aprons are made by a company in Poland called Cookie, and are made from a thick natural cotton.  I love how the COOKIE letters are sewn onto the bottom of each apron - such a fabulous detail!  And I think it's about time aprons make a comeback, don't you?

P.S. - THANK YOU sissy!!! 1.4.3. to the moon and back ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via patterson maker


Handcrafted: Inspired Collective Display No. 3

Good mid-morning lovelies!  How is your day going so far?  Mine, is a bit frantic...but that is nothing new these days ;-)  However, I am tickled that today is Thursday - as tonight is the Grand Opening Party of the Inspired Collective!  So yesterday I stopped in to change up my display.  And in talking with Allison glittery gold, white and aqua goodness was what decided.  Sounds like fun, no?

I had lots of fun crafting up glittery goodness for this display.  Here's a little sneak peek for you lovelies...
And to see a couple more sneak peeks head on over to Over The Moon Vintage Rentals' blog ;-)  I can't wait to see you there! 

~ Ciao

...concept, design, crafting and photography all by over the moon vintage rentals 

A Fabulous Fall Favor Follow Up: Table Talk Pies

Good Thursday morning darlings!  Hooray for Thursday ;-)  I have a little follow up for you.  Remember last Friday I shared with you a post titled A Fabulous Fall Favor - which had these mini pies as favors...
Well guess what darlings?  I just happened to see these mini pies at Safeway, on Saturday, when I was in Monterey with my brother and his wife!  No lie.  Exact same packaging and everything.  I even pulled the post up on my phone to show my brother and his wife.  Gotta love technology, no? 

Anyhoo, the mini pies are made by a company called Table Talk Pies out of Massachusetts.  They have been making pies since 1924.  Now when I saw them in Safeway, they had the exact same boxes as in the post, but on their website the boxes look different...but it's still Table Talk Pies!

And have a look-see at all the flavor choices:

• Apple • Chocolate Eclair • Blueberry • Pumpkin • Lemon • Cherry • Pineapple • Peach
• Pecan • Brownie  • Chocolate Creme • Coconut Creme • Banana Creme • Pumpkin (seasonal) • No Sugar Added Blueberry • No Sugar Added Apple • No Sugar Added Cherry • No Sugar Added Peach

Yummy!  Now the only thing left is to decide which flavor you want. Good luck ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via style me pretty ???


Who Says

...you can't have avocados as favors?
And anyone that knows me, and knows how I feel about avocados - knows that I am OVER THE MOON about this! Love the display too with those drawstring sacks, and those vintage tin tubs and canisters!

~ Ciao

...image via smitten magazine