A Fabulous Fall Favor Follow Up: Table Talk Pies

Good Thursday morning darlings!  Hooray for Thursday ;-)  I have a little follow up for you.  Remember last Friday I shared with you a post titled A Fabulous Fall Favor - which had these mini pies as favors...
Well guess what darlings?  I just happened to see these mini pies at Safeway, on Saturday, when I was in Monterey with my brother and his wife!  No lie.  Exact same packaging and everything.  I even pulled the post up on my phone to show my brother and his wife.  Gotta love technology, no? 

Anyhoo, the mini pies are made by a company called Table Talk Pies out of Massachusetts.  They have been making pies since 1924.  Now when I saw them in Safeway, they had the exact same boxes as in the post, but on their website the boxes look different...but it's still Table Talk Pies!

And have a look-see at all the flavor choices:

• Apple • Chocolate Eclair • Blueberry • Pumpkin • Lemon • Cherry • Pineapple • Peach
• Pecan • Brownie  • Chocolate Creme • Coconut Creme • Banana Creme • Pumpkin (seasonal) • No Sugar Added Blueberry • No Sugar Added Apple • No Sugar Added Cherry • No Sugar Added Peach

Yummy!  Now the only thing left is to decide which flavor you want. Good luck ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via style me pretty ???


  1. those are adorable! i love the packaging.

  2. I just had a wedding that was all about the pie - can't wait to post it. I love pie!

  3. I'm with Lizzie, the packaging is so cute!!

  4. Loving these Fall favors - so charming!

    xo, chrissy

  5. They sell those at Walmart too!