Flowers of the Week: 10.3.11

Happy October sweet peas!  Can you believe it?  I can't ;-)

So tell me - how was your weekend?  I quite enjoyed mine.  I made a trip over to see my brother in Monterey.  I packed my sunnies and a scarf and some warm clothes, as it always is colder in Monterey than in San Jose.  However, when I arrived it was sunny and 72 - so a very nice day!  I am working on a post for Luna and Chloe Style that will have a weekend in review in pictures - it should be up later today...so you can always get a better glimpse into my weekend there ;-)  But I do have to tell you I sipped on a Mai Tai and had fresh cut artichokes from a farm stand.  The artichokes were DELICIOUS too!  Oh and I found two fabulous copper trays for my inventory for Over The Moon Vintage Rentals...and if you want to know what a copper tray is then click right HERE to see!

Anyhoo, how about some 'Flowers of the Week' for you.  Now this bouquet has a rustic, vintage vibe to it.  And  not only is it full of textures, but it is STUNNING!  Have a look-see sweet peas...
Flowers of the Week
I oh so LOVE it, don't you?  And you know I love that fabric it's sitting on...as it's like LCW's header color ;-) 

Hope this bouquet brightens your day!  I will see you back here in a bit with my second post of the day ;-) 

~ Ciao

...photography by be imbued 2