Homemade: Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Hey there darlings!  How's your morning going so far?  Mine...medium ;-)  However, it would be a whole lot better if I had some of these...
I heart cinnamon rolls!  But cinnamon roll cookies - just genius, I say!  And someone please tell me why do cinnamon rolls always remind me of Fall and Winter?  And why do I CRAVE them at this time...never in Spring or Summer...just Fall and Winter.  I think they are a cozy food, and I always like being cozy in Fall and Winter -so I guess that would be it, no?  But I LOVE the fact that these are cookies...so much easier to serve up...even though I would love to see a cinnamon roll bar at a wedding...maybe mine if  when I ever get married again ;-) 

Anyhoo...wouldn't these make a great midnight snack at a wedding?  I would serve them up (ooh warm would be VERY GOOD) with some coffee or hot chocolate and your guests will be smiling from ear to ear.  Okay, well that might be the alcohol, but still, they would at least be smacking their lips from the deliciousness. 

And if you didn't want to serve them up at the wedding itself, they would still make great favors packaged up all cute.  Just look how lovely they looked stacked...
Packaged up all pretty...because really everything is SO MUCH BETTER when packaged up all pretty...and your guests would be happy, happy, happy to take these home I'm sure!

Well darlings, if you would like to make your own...the always FABULOUS Bakers Royale is the place to go....but you can click right HERE to get to the recipe quick! 

Happy baking.  Let me know when they are done, and I will be right over ;-)

P.S. - I am LOVING 'Fall Week'...hope you are too!

~ Ciao

...images via bakers royale

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