Tuesday Thought: If The Bride Likes To Cook

Happy Tuesday dears!  Question for you?  Do you ever have an idea that you hold onto for a while...not quite ready to share with anyone, yet alone everyone?  I do ;-)   However, it seems that sooner or later I always end up sharing them with you!  Yet, this idea I have held onto for 12 + years. 

You see, I LOVE to cook.  I don't cook very often anymore and I am pretty sure that I lost my touch now...however, at one point I was a very good cook, or so I like to think.  At my bridal shower years and years ago - I received a cookbook from Aunt Millie as a gift.  Yet, there was a super special part  - and that was I was living in the Chicago area at the time, and she was living here, in California.  She had mailed my gift to my soon to be mother-in-law's house to have her bring to the shower.  So you could only imagine my amazement when I unwrapped a gift from her, as she wasn't even there.  I cried when I opened it!  It was sooo special to me, especially since my Grandma had passed away years before.  The cookbook she sent me was The Joy of Cooking and had a lovely little note inside the front cover.  It was at that moment that I thought a cookbook shower would be so fabulous! 

I know long story, but not too long ;-)  But I felt I had to share so you knew where my thought came from... because when I ran across these two pictures, it brought back all the memories...
Tuesday Thought
Tuesday Thought
And figured that now was the perfect time to share my long held thought ;-)

So I have a couple Tuesday Thoughts for you!  The first being for a BRIDAL SHOWER (my original thought) - why not host a cookbook shower for the Bride (or Bride and Groom even).  Have each guest bring a cookbook (you can have them e-mail you the name, so there is no duplication), with their favorite recipe bookmarked in the book and an short note on the inside cover!  You can deorate the tables, as above, with a couple of the cookbooks the hosts are giving.  And you can have other cooking utensils or items than the rolling pins...even though I heart the rolling pins ;-)  It would be cute to do a variety of cooking utensils on the table - a whisk, a wooden spoon, etc...  Not too many, just like above is perfect I think.

My second and final thought is for a WEDDING - instead of table numbers have each table be a different cookbook ;-)  I LOVE this idea.  Then as a favor you can copy a recipe from each book, bind all the recipes together, and give it away as a favor ;-)  I think I would attach a little wooden spoon and some cooking string to the small bound book too!

I know I have talked about recipes and possibly even cookbooks before, however, I don't think I have shared these ideas with you.  Can't you imagine (if you like to cook) getting bunches of cookbooks with a note in each one with favorite recipes in the book, words of cooking advice, or even thoughts on the recipe for a good marriage. 

I have always beleived that cooking together and eating meals together is an important part in a relationship.  It's a chance to work as a team, and then sit down together and actually talk to one another.  It is ONE of the biggest things I miss being single...along with being the little spoon and kisses on the top of my head...but you don't really need to hear that ;-)  And if you don't cook...then just enjoy your takeout together...hehe....cause there are definitely days we did that too!

Just my thoughts for you on this Tuesday my dears.  See you tomorrow.

~ Ciao

...images via my tartelette


  1. I agree that cooking and eating together is important! When I first got married my husband never helped me in the kitchen. Now that he does, I cherish that time together!

  2. that's adorable! there's something about cookbooks...even if you're not in the kitchen..even if you can't cook at the moment...they're still lovely to look at.

  3. I have a whole shelf dedicated to cookbooks but rarely use them. At the moment I'm collecting and composing a notebook with family recipes. Hopefully I can get it all together before the holidays roll around.

  4. I love these ideas-so impossibly sweet! John and I always give a cookbook (usually the Joy of Cooking) to our newlywed friends!

  5. Love this idea! Also, you could switch it up a bit if you wanted to have a bridal shower with a group of people that may want to celebrate with the bride, but may not feel close enough to her to spend 20-40 on a nice cookbook (think: co-workers, ladies of the church, groom's mother's friends) you could have a "recipe swap" party where everyone brings their favorite recipe. You could ask them to write it on an index card or an 8x11 paper, to be put together at the actual shower. You could still decorate the same, and each person and go around saying why this recipe is so special to them, and they feel like sharing it! Then the bride has a cookbook with all the best recipes!