Tuesday Shoesday #45: Nuts for Boots

Good morning lovelies - Happy Tuesday to you!  Since I am posting all things Fall this week, I thought these Chloe leather boots would be perfect for a rustic Fall affair...
Tuesday Shoesday
I'm loving the simple detail and the seams on these boots, and I think that a wedding dress adorned with a leather belt would be so cute too!  Plus, don't they pair up nicely with the texture and colors of these handmade completely edible nuts...
I am going NUTS over these!  No really, I am ;-)  How totally fabulous are they?  I love that they are completely edible, and filled with chocolate.  And they look wonderful on top of a cake.  Now that would be my kind of Fall cake...a gorgeous white cake with strategically placed nuts!  No pun intended at all loves.  And I think I would need a squirrel cake topper too ;-)

Not your traditional Fall inspired cake, but one that would most definitely make a statement!

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~ Ciao

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  1. LOVE those boots! I would really like to add them to my fall wardrobe (if I had an extra $1000 lying around).