Tuesday Thought: GOURDgeous

I think to celebrate this first Tuesday in October - I am going totally rustic, Fall, country on you...if that makes any sense!  You all know how sometimes simple can be stunning, right?  Well, I think the simplicity of this...
Tuesday Thought or Who Says
is pretty stunning in a Fall, rustic way!  Such an interesting display of gourds, no?  I know we have all probably seen them before, but maybe just not in this way.  And you can always cut off the bottoms on some bottles so that the gourds could fit...or use cloche's, candlesticks, vases, etc...  I'm sure lots of fabulous things fit in there year around!  But I do LOVE this idea.

So here is your easy, breezy 'Tuesday Thought' my darlings:  Use gourds and clear glass jars, vases and even candlesticks to rest your gourds on or in for lovely centerpieces!  How pretty would this look all lined down a long table...white a white table cloth and a burlap runner...and lots and lots of candlelight so when it starts to get dark the candlelight can bounce off all the pretty glass.  Can you picture it?  It's an easy, eco-friendly centerpiece idea ;-)

My mom used to grow gourds to decorate with when she lived in Southern Indiana.  They are quite easy to grow, however letting them dry out (you know when they are dry when the seeds rattle inside) and then having to scrub them with soap and water, and sometimes even bleach was time consuming and a task...so while you could grow your own, if you had the time and space, for some of you I think it would be much easier to buy some of them...from here (I did NOT compare prices when looking, but the prices seemed reasonable and there was a great selection), or any other place you might find.  Yet, I do like the look of the ones above with some of the spots and colors versus the gourds that are completely scrubbed clean...so I would most definitely plant and grow my own...as long as I had the time ;-)  To find out how to clean them, click right here.

Oh, I bet a local farmers market might have some at this time of year, so you could check there too!  Just a thought for you darlings.  Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day ;-)

~ Ciao

...image via country home