Handcrafted: Stumped

Hi there darlings!  It's funny that I am struggling a bit here with posting today.  I know I have been pinning away like CRAZY, but I have nothing!  NOTHING...and I keep sitting here trying to figure out what to do about it.  Maybe I'm on idea overload, or maybe my ideas have flown the coop - but whatever it is...I don't really like it ;-(  Does this ever happen to you?

And as I was sitting here totally stumped about what to post...the idea hit me -  I will post about stumps!  Yes, that's it, and I just pinned it a little bit ago.  And I kid you not...that is exactly how it played out...funny how that works sometimes, no?  Anyhoo, I pinned it not with this post in mind have you, but just cause I knew I liked it.  So here my darlings is your 'Handcrafted' with a 'Tuesday Thought' thrown in post for today...
Fun, no?  And as you can see in the first picture - your venue or home, if you like, does not have to be rustic.  I think these would be FANTASTIC in a loft area ceremony...marking each aisle.  Just paint the tops silver or gold for a more glam look...and you can sprinkle some silver or gold sequins to line the aisle as well.  No need for flowers with all that fabulousness ;-) 

But if you did use them for a more rustic setting - then mason jars filled with flowers on top would be the cat's meow!  Yes, I just said cat's meow...love that saying...HA.  However, you know I would LOVE to use them as fun seating at a casual outdoor affair too. 

And since I am now on a roll...that's just what happens darlings...how about using smaller or shorter stumps as table markers...paint each one a different color for each table.  Then you could have branches cut into coaster size pieces, paint them to match the color of the table that the guest is to sit at and have the guests names written on them! 

Even patterns for a more modern affair would be fun - chevron, check, quatrefoil (love that one) would be oh so FUN!  And if they were in gold and silver - so naturally glam.  Just keep in mind that for a more modern look clean edges of the coasters and stumps (like pictured above) would be best.  So you would want remove the bark darlings to achieve the look.  But I am sure you knew that ;-)

Learn how to make your own right HERE.  Thanks Martha for the inspiration!

~ Ciao

...image via martha stewart

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