Tuesday Thought: Glitter Spoons

I am hoping that today starts turning around!  I know I am running late...but I had to drop my car off at the shop late last night as it has been dying for no apparent reason...and then I wake up and it's grey and drizzling.  Which is kind of fitting for my mood ;-(  How can it be that I drop my car off and they call me this morning and tell me that - JUST TO LOOK at it will be $170.00.  NOT to fix anything...just to look!  Aye - I can only imagine what it is going to cost me. 

On the bright side, I am SO super-duper thankful that Mr. Big has an extra car that I can drive.  Oh yeah I am cruising around in a big old suburban people...so watch out ;-)  I actually love driving the suburban...it has lots of space for me to fill up the back with goodies for Over The Moon!  Actually, I am not buying any goodies right now...not until I know how much money it's going to cost me to fix my car.  However, freebies on the side of the road  - oh yeah, I can most definitely do those ;-)

Anyhoo, in order to brighten things up around here I was looking on Pinterest for some inspiration.  I have to say darlings, that my sissy is ADDICTED to Pinterest now that she's on it.  She is so fabulous that she even has a section of ideas and inspiration called 'For My Sis.'  I know, she's the BEST SISSY EVER!  Okay, back on track ;-)  While I happened to be looking around for the perfect mood brightener, I ran across these and fell in LOVE...
Tuesday Thought
Gold and silver glitter spoons - get out!  Just what this girl needs to not only brighten her day but post while in the midst of Glitter Week...well not really glitter week, but close enough, no?  They are actually clear acrylic spoons filled with glitter, and come in a set of 6 (3 of each) for $34.00.  And I thought to myself that there must be some way I could use these.  Knowing me...of course, I can ALWAYS find a way ;-)

So here is your 'Tuesday Thought' dearests:  How darling would these be to mail out to your girlfriends for a bridal luncheon or bridal shower?  Attach them to a cute invite, place in a box, wrap it up in kraft paper, tie it with string and drop it in the mail!  Tell me you wouldn't want to be going to THAT party!?!  You know it would be all kinds of glittery goodness..hehe.

However, they would be fun to buy a whole bunch of them to serve with coffee and sweets, no?  Or give as favors!  Oh you don't really need an excuse to use these lovelies, do you?  Just because they are glittery and pretty is all the reason I need.  And hey - finally I can have a silver spoon...or wait golden spoon in my mouth...and you can too.  I think I just might have to make a purchase, as I really need something to brigthen this day...and these would do just that ;-)

P.S. They have more glittery goodness, and fun colors too...so check out Leif!

~ Ciao

...image via leif via cocokelley on pinterest via oh joy on pinterest


  1. LOVE those and I love your idea even more! I'd love to get a glitter spoon in the mail!

  2. Glitter spoons?!?!? Divine! I hope everything goes well (or at least not too expensively) at the shop today!

  3. Love the idea of attaching these to an invite!!! And love that your sissy has a pinterest board for you!!

  4. Get out of town! Those spoons are super cute!!