A Fabulous Fall Favor

Happy Friday darlings!  Sorry for getting this post up later than usual - things are busy, busy around here these day ;-)

Anyhoo, do you think there is a more perfect Fall favor than these...
Really - who wouldn't LOVE to take home a mini peach, lemon, apple pie!?!  And the simple twine wrapped around the boxes with a handcrafted tag is just the perfect personal touch...
Why give them a slice, when you can give them the pie?  I think this is gonna be my new motto!  Hmmm, I wonder if I should TM that quote...if it's not already...hehe ;-)  And if you feel adventurous enough, then here is a DIY courtesy of Style Me Pretty for you!

On another note - can you believe that tomorrow we are going to be saying "Hello October?"  Before we know it Halloween will be here.  And I haven't even given one thought to it so far - I think I best get going, no?

Alrighty darlings - I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I will see you back here on Sunday for some sweetness ;-)  Now I'm off to make pom poms for an order and lots of sparkle for the Grand Opening of the Inspired Collective...so if any of you live in Northern California - I hope you can come onThursday night...would LOVE to meet you!

~ Ciao

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Handcrafted: Twine Table Numbers

Yay!  It's time for another 'Handcrafted' post.  I don't know about you loves, but I always love handcrafted elements at ANY event...especially a wedding ;-)  It just adds that extra touch, don't you think?

I mentioned in my earlier post that I had a DARLING handcrafted idea for you today!  Here is one of the thoughts that swirled and twirled around in my head after seeing all the lovely shades of beige and soft white yesterday.  And while I did NOT actually make this, I am sure it would work and be fabulous!  (I just might have to mock one up this weekend, and show you how it turned out.

Anyhoo, my idea came from this picture....
Color Crave
In the picture on the left, do you see the twine on the end of the table there?  Yes, that's the main element needed for this project;-)  You see, as soon as I saw it I thought it would make a great table number!  All you would have to do is paint a table number on.  So loves, here are the things you would need:
All you need to do is hold the stencil on, dip your stencil brush in paint (or paint brush would work too...just be careful to stay within the stencil), and stencil the number onto the twine!  It might take more than one coat.  However, I think you could probably stamp a number on, or use a sharpie and write on as well.  And here is an idea of what it would look like...
Twine table numbers!  How fabulous, and easy is that?  And just think you could use any color paint you want - it doesn't have to be black.  Just look at all the oh so pretty paint options Martha Stewart now has at Michaels...
Martha Stewart Paint Colors
So I am sure there is a color that would work for you! 

Also, you know I always have lots of ideas - so I just have to tell you that a table number on a stick placed inside the hole at the top of the twine would be cute too ;-)))

Here's is where you can find everything you need for this handcrafted project:

The Shopping List:
~ Ciao

Color Crave Recreated: Shades of Beige & Soft White

Happy Thursday darlings!  Golly, the days and weeks are just flying by...can you believe we are going to be saying goodbye to September tomorrow, and hello to October on Saturday!  Really?  How can that be possible? 

Anyhoo, before I continue on about how time is flying by these days...I think it's best if I just jump right on into this post.  So if you didn't see the first post yesterday darlings, you can see it right here.  However, I have included some of the pictures to make it easier ;-)

Are you ready darlings?  Well let's start with some of the fabulous details first...
Color Crave
Color Crave
I LOVE the kraft paper roll escort area! I am not for certain that the tables and names are written in chalk, but since chalk was in one of the pictures I assumed it was.  Yet, if you would rather use a white pen then go right ahead darlings...as that is what I think I would prefer ;-)  How about those mini milk bottles with white paper straws?  Aren't they just too cute for words! Now the mini milk bottles are available, but they are $2.50 each and can be hard to find.  However if you love frapuccino - you could use the Starbucks Frappuccino bottles that come in a four pack at the grocery store for about $5.00 per pack (see and get them here). Then just soak off the labels and scrub off the date and viola - your very own milk bottles! Plus you could always save the frappuccino and use it at your event ;-)

Moving right along to the table decor...
Color Crave
Color Crave
A burlap sack would be a fabulous touch!  Especially if you find ones with great writing or designs on them.  The above ones I found are pretty simple, which is fine...but if you wanted to jazz it up a bit you could always stamp your own words on them.  Yet, you could just use a piece of burlap over the table!  I do like the sacks though, as they add an element of dimension, and for me they are reusable.  The piece of a branch at each seat is such a simple touch - but I love that you could easily add a name on a tag to it.  And almost any type of branch would work...and they are free.  To make your own circle though use a fresh branch that's still on a tree, wrap into a circle and then let dry.  The wooden cutlery is a great touch too (the above is under $70 for 250 sets).  Lots of wood and textures always make for a great table ;-)  How easy is that white twine?  But it adds such a great element, no?    And I have a lovely idea for twine coming up in my 'Handcrafted' post ;-)

And finally, my favorite, a couple of vintage pieces...
Color Crave
Color Crave
Yes, I love a touch of vintage!  How wonderful would homemade jam favors look stacked inside the milk crate?  And for the wood boards down the center of the table - well, old wood boards from a barn or fence would work just perfectly.  And I would love to see these wood boards on a bar area with drinks awaiting to be drunk...pretty but simple glasses filled with champagne or a cocktail would look lovely would they not? 

Between this Color Crave Recreated post, and the first Color Crave Recreated post I did last week - it just goes to show you that you can add a couple vintage pieces without having to have a full on vintage affair.  It's the mix that I love - old and new that work so well together.  Just like a relationship right?  The old one as boyfriend and girlfriend to the new one of husband and wife ;-) 

Hope you enjoyed this Color Crave Recreated darlings! It's always fun to play with ideas and see what you can create...this always gets thoughts swirling and twirling inside my head - which for me is a GOOD THING ;-)  Happy shopping!

The Shopping List:

1.  Kraft Paper Roll, 2.  White Chalk, 3.  Paper Straws, 4.  Milk Bottles, 5.  Cotton String, 6.  Burlap Sacks, 7.  Branches from your backyard or here, 8.  Disposable Wooden Cutlery, 9.  Metal Crate and 10.  Wood Boards

~ Ciao

...photography by lauren michelle, styling and design by follow studio & images via follow studio and once wed 


Who Says

...you can't serve up cinnamon rolls in pretty tins on a dessert table?
Who Says
I L-O-V-E this idea my dears!  And you only need a couple vintage tins I think, the baking pans (like in the picture) would look cute too...plus, there's nothing like scooping up a cinnamon roll out of a baking tin ;-)

P.S. - Aunt Millie is known for her cinnamon rolls, and used to make them EVERY Wednesday while her kids were growing up...and still run a business from home!  Why don't I have a tradition like this...hmph.

~ Ciao

...THIS IS A COPYRIGHTED IMAGE...photography by lara rossignol originally for piewacket

Color Crave: Shades of Beige & Soft White

Wow, what a week it has been so far!  How has your week been going loves?

I attended the Rue Magazine Anniversary party on Monday night in San Francisco.  Yippee - had such an amazing time.  And was OVER THE MOON that I had the opportunity to meet Cassandra of Coco + Kelley, Anne of City Sage and Crystal of Plush Palate - and all Rue girls!  I also had the chance to meet the ever so stylish and fashionable Blair of Atlantic-Pacific too ;-)  All such lovely people...so kind and friendly and fashionable!  Oh, and the Niman Ranch sliders that they were offering up on the food truck were mighty tasty treats.  So thank you Rue for such a wonderful night.

Last night I spent the entire night working on projects, ideas, and a lot of behind the scene things like editing pictures and whatnot for Over The Moon Vintage Rentals' inventory page - along with taking care of some office stuff as well...so a super-duper productive night for me!  But I have to admit that I will be soooo tickled when all of my inventory is up on OTMVR's site.  I can handle adding a handful of new pieces each week, but trying to get all the inventory added is a heck of a lot of work and fairly time consuming ;-)  I miss filling my free time looking at blogs and making comments...as now all my free time is running to my storage unit, taking pictures, editing pictures, uploading pictures, yada, yada, yada...hehe!  However, that will hopefully change some time soon, and I will be back to commenting as usual...so bear with me a while longer please.  

So lots has been happening around here, and when that happens I crave light and calm colors like these lovely shades of beige and soft white... 
Color Crave
Color Crave
I cannot tell you how much I ADORE the roll of kraft paper with table numbers and names!  Such a fabulous escort area, no?  And to be honest - I would love to have a couple rolls...to really make a statement ;-)
Color Crave
Sweet simplicity...
Color Crave
With a little vintage...
Color Crave
And a little flag...
Color Crave
It's funny when life gets busy, I always want to surround myself in a clean, barely there palette!  It's like I have had enough busy, don't need anymore busy added to the mix with color...am I the only one that feels this way?  Probably, but then that just makes me...me ;-)

Check back tomorrow morning loves when I show you how to recreate this 'Color Crave' - yay, it's gonna be fun!

And a little side note to my niece, Madi Grace, who lost her first tooth yesterday - I hope the Tooth Fairy was extra good to you ;-)))  Love, xoxo's, sniffs and smoochies to the moon and back babygirl!

~ Ciao

...photography by lauren michelle, styling and design by follow studio & images via follow studio and once wed


Tuesday Shoesday #42: Terracotta & Flowers

Good Tuesday Shoesday to you my dears!  Since last Friday was the first day of Fall, I thought that I should post some Fall inspired shoes ;-)  And what's more Fall than a pair of rusty orange terracotta colored suede Giuseppe Zanotti's...
Tuesday Shoesday
Eeks - this color is sooo my sister ;-)  I can't wear this color, except on my feet, but my sister looks fabulous in it! 

Anyhoo, while these shoes are quite a statement, I don't think you would want a terracotta colored cake!  But have no fear darlings, as you can bring in little punches of this terracotta color in in the form of flowers...
Paired with some golden yellows and soft greens, it is perfect for an early Fall affair!  I love how the shoes and flowers are both cutouts, don't you?  Eeks - I heart details...in case you didn't know ;-)

Be sure to check out these lovely blogs for more Tuesday Shoesday goodness:

~ Ciao

...images via net-a-porter and sarah's stands

Tuesday Thought: Breakfast by the Barn

Cock-a-doodle-doooooooooooooooooo darlings ;-)  It's time to rise and shine!  Now that's a way to start the day, no?  Hehe.

I know, usually my Tuesday Shoesday post comes first on Tuesdays and not my Tuesday Thought...however, with a title like Breakfast by the Barn I figured this one just had to come first...no question about it like the whole chicken or the egg debate!

Anyhoo, how I would love to eat breakfast here every morning...
Breakfast by the Barn
Such a simple and sweet breakfast table.  I adore the place mats, and the eggs.  Did you see how they used twine tied in loose knots to hold the eggs?  Fabulous idea!  And all this inspiration got me thinking...and not about a breakfast reception ;-)

So here is your Tuesday Thought for today:  Host a morning after breakfast for your guests!  I know not an original thought - but one definitely worth repeating ;-)  When I got married 11 years ago, we did this for our guests since just about every single person came from out of town.  (It was mentioned in the Elegant Bride spread posted yestereday.) It doesn't have to be anything elaborate - bagels, muffins, donuts, fruit, coffee, etc... 

But let me tell you - it was so FABULOUS spending time with our guests after the wedding.  I got to hear all about the events that I missed...like at the cigar and cognac bar...were every guy and girl just about was smoking a cigar!  Where was I? Or the fact that our caterer ran out of beer...I warned her about this...and having to make a late night run to the grocery store...in our town of 9,000, she was lucky the grocery store was still open!  And lots and lots of other stories. 

Granted, we had all the guests back to the house after the reception (I know call me crazy)...I had beer bottles along every single inch of my wrap around porch to prove it ;-)...but we were too busy still celebrating to talk about all the happenings of the day and night.  It wasn't until the next morning when we actually got to hear all the stories, and were able to relax with our guests.  The breakfast was one of the best decisions I made!  I wouldn't have wanted it any other way ;-)  And neither will you!

Just an early morning thought for you darlings.  Now...who wants a mimosa?

~ Ciao

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2 Years And 2 Days Ago, But 11+ Years In The Making

...was my first post on LCW!  I can't believe it's been two years already.  I told you my weekend was interesting, and that is because I spent a lot of time reflecting on LCW - where I've been and where I want to go.

I went back and read some of my first posts...they were simple and to the point, but still me ;-)  I have always been in a small niche - one that's all about the DETAILS.  And while I have thought of changing this time and time again, I have stayed true to myself and my original idea of focusing on the details - that I am proud of.  I have come to the terms that LCW will never be one of the BIG blogs, and that's a okay with me, as that was never my goal.  LCW is not about posting real weddings (except for mine) and engagement shoots, and you won't see a flower post with 25+ bouquets - as this is not LCW and what LCW is about.  On occasion you will see a handful of pictures from inspiration shoots that I think are inspiring, or lots of details from a wedding or engagement shoot, but I try and focus on the DETAILS - one bouquet and why it's so spectacular.  In this way, it really makes you look at the bouquet, instead of just glancing at it...or so I like to think ;-).   Over the last two years, I have attempted my hand at a handful of DIY, ideas, thoughts, etc...  And while I still love them all - some of the execution and photography is not the best. 

My goals for the next year are finishing my blog makeover, opening the doors to Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy, and to start a wedding design, styling and planning business - named Luna and Chloe Weddings of course ;-)

I continue to plan on doing Inspiration to Creation posts, DIY's, ideas and thoughts, however, I am hoping that all of it is the best it can be.  I have had an amazing two years, and am looking forward to all the fabulousness that this next year has to bring!  I am finally immersing myself completely into the wedding planning world which is something that I have wanted to for over 11 years now!  Well really, since when I started planning my wedding 11+ years ago.  So it's about time that I finally am here.

And since this is my second anniversary for LCW, and I am not in a serious relationship currently, I now feel like I can actually post MY wedding that took place 11 years ago.  YES, I just said 11 YEARS AGO.  I am sure most of you are aware that I am no longer married, and because of that and for privacy, I have covered up Jon's last name.  I can't actually believe I am sharing with you the Elegant Bride magazine spread of my wedding...just keep in mind I HATED (and I almost never say that word!) my hair...and that it was 11 years ago!!!  So here goes loves...
My Wedding
And here is what the writing says, as you can't really read the above, if you want to read it...
My Wedding Wording
There are soooo many AMAZING pictures that I have from my photographer, Robert George, and all on film!  And I can't believe it, but I just went to get his web address and decided to have a look at his site, and this is what I found...
Me on his website - really, after 11 years?  Eeks...I was totally caught off guard in this picture...can you tell?  I so have the deer in the headlights look - at least I was smiling ;-)  Robert was standing on a table and had just taken a group shot with all the girls and guys in front of the big stone fireplace that was located in the center of the park, and he called my name and I looked up!  Oh, and the girl behind me is my BFF since high school, Stacie!  She flew all the way to Iowa from California with a 4 month old for my wedding - LOVE her and her husband who was on duty that night!!! 

Anyhoo, maybe one day I will dig the rest of the pictures out of storage and share some of those with you as well.  However, even back then I was all about the details ;-)  And while the above pictures show you a couple of them, there were soooo many more!

Here are just a couple of things about the pictures above - In the second picture with the program, I made Kleenex holders out of paper and tied them with raffia.  My wedding cake was in a vintage birdbath with netting around, to keep the bugs off.  The pickup truck's side mirrors had the most gorgeous bouquets ;-)  And yes a big yellow heart on the back with K + J in it and cans trailed from behind.  One thing the article didn't mention is that ALL of the bridal party was in the front and back of the truck - it was a sight to see my dears as I had 6 girls, and Jon had 14 guys ;-)))  However, there were chairs in the back that Jon and I got to sit on...and coolers of beer too...oh goodness the 1/4 mile drive to the park was FUN!

Also, there was a STUNNING lighted walk that was super-duper long, and a geode bridge that you had to cross over to get to the park with a creek that weaved it's way around it.  The servers were standing on the other side of the bridge with drinks in hand for guests...and all the hanging flowers swayed softly in the breeze.  I made 150 poppers - the kind you pull apart and pop - for the guests with a raffle ticket in each one.  You see, Jon and I had a raffle at our engagement party as a way to thank our guests for coming all the way to Iowa (as all our friends and family lived in Illinois and Indiana) and we ended up having a raffle at every other party including the wedding!  But I didn't want guests to know about the raffle, so after dinner the poppers were handed out with strict instructions that everyone was supposed to wait until everyone had one, which they did, and then on the count of 3 everyone was to open their poppers...and boy did they ;-)  And a roar of laughter was heard in the tent as everyone realized there was a raffle ticket inside.  Seriously, this was one of the FUNNEST things EVER.  It was dead silent as Jon started calling out numbers, and when the number was done the winners were jumping up so excited that you thought they had just won a new car...eeks - I can still picture it all!

Okay, I think I have shared enough for today!  More than I ever thought I would.  But really I want brides to know that NO MATTER how you do your wedding, you will ALWAYS remember it as an AMAZING day.  I'm not even married...and it was and is still amazing ;-)


~ Ciao

...photography by robert george via elegant bride magazine summer 2001

Flowers of the Week: 9.26.11

Good Monday morning to you lovelies!  Did you have a fabulous weekend?  Tell me...what did you do?  My weekend was interesting - not necessarily in a bad or good way - just interesting!  I will share more with you in my next post coming up ;-)

But until then, I thought I would share the 'Flowers of the Week' with you.  Are you ready for some BREATHTAKING flowers to start off your day today?  Eeks...I sure do hope so lovelies because Oh My Goodness do I have some for you ;-)  Feast your eyes on this floral heaven...
Flowers of the Week
And here is the reverse view...
Flowers of the Week
Just as BREATHTAKING!  I am loving those fabric panels.  Now this is what I call OVER THE MOON, wouldn't you agree lovelies?  And I will give you one guess as to who is behind these flowers.  She's one of my faves, if not my fave florist!  You bet your buttons it's Flowerwild...she creates flower magic in my book ;-) 

Go ahead and hang out and stare for a bit...I did ;-)  See you back here soon lovelies!

~ Ciao

...images via flowerwild


Sunday Sweetness

...is enjoying a Fall day with friends and family!
via country home fall table
So perfect for a casual rehearsal dinner, no?  So I wonder where I am sitting ;-)  Hope your enjoying your first Fall weekend loves.  See you back here tomorrow!

~ Ciao

...image via country home


Color Crave Recreated: Earthy Green & Crisp White

Hi lovelies!  Happy Friday to you ;-)  And happy first day of Fall.

Yesterday I posted a Color Crave post that I just loved, and I was hoping that you did too.  However, that is only the first half of the new series ;-)  The second half is me showing you how you can recreate the Color Crave look...with any styling tips, ideas or thoughts I may have that might help!  No, this isn't an Inspiration to Creation post where I break it down and do it myself - this Color Crave Recreated post shows you how to put the look together from items found around the wonderful world wide web ;-)  Sounds fun, no?  Plus, this post is much easier on my pocketbook...and that my loves is always a good thing!

So are you ready?  Let's start with the appetizer area first...
Color Crave Recreated
I think the use of old cutting boards is fabulous!  They have the perfect look...so don't ever throw them away...just send them to me ;-)   Also, I have used the giant cutting board, that the older homes have, before to serve up cheese and appetizers...so those work just as well...and of course are free!

The table...
Color Crave
Color Crave Recreated
I have to say that I really am loving the placecard holders!  To make, like the ones above, I would use a piece of toothpick to hold a couple of the smaller heads/cloves together.  For the tub, you could always give it a spotted paint job.  Once the paint is dry, take it outside and hose it off, then let dry in the sun.  Repeat hosing it off and drying for a couple days to get a worn with a bit of rust look...you be the judge on the look you want ;-)  You could do this with the new tubs too which are a lot easier on the pocketbook than vintage ones ;-)  And don't forget the table number marker either loves (in the first picture with a 5 on it)...just grab some old handheld garden tools (or buy them) and write a number on the handle and place in tub...easy peasy!

And finally the wishes spot, as I'm calling it...
Color Crave
Color Crave Recreated
I have one recommendation in this area - make sure to weigh the watering can down with some rocks so the branches don't tip it over!  Also, I know I included a balance scale similar to the original picture, yet an old kitchen scale like this would work just as well, for a lot less...and just so you know, I REALLY want to buy it ;-)  Plus, one little detail that you might have missed (you can see it better in yesterday's bigger picture) is the white string wrapped around the branches...just adds a thoughtful extra touch I think!

Did you notice the common elements in each area?  Well of course the ornamental cabbage (love the color) and crisp white linens, but also in each area there was a vintage element (grain sieve and cutting boards in the first; a galvanized tub in the second; and, the watering cans in the third) that helped tie the overall look together from one area to the other. 

I have to add that if I knew that this is how I wanted to decorate for my wedding, I would be planting ornamental cabbages from seed or small plant in every pot I could find.  I would add some carrots and beets and other veggies too.

Really, this whole look can be created for not that much if you plan ahead and pick up a few key vintage elements.  Oh, and for the jars that hold the ornamental cabbage, I would just use jars from the kitchen like empty spaghetti sauce jars, olive jars, etc...simple and free ;-)  Ooh, don't you think this would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner too?  Yes, I LOVE this idea for a rehearsal dinner or even a bride and groom shower!

Hope you enjoyed this new series loves! Here is where to get your hands on the above items...

The Shopping List
1.  Large Antique Sieve, 2.  Antique Collection of Cutting Boards, 3.  Ornamental Cabbage - local nursery, 4.  White Bowls, 5.  Drinking Glasses, 6.  Galvanized Tub, 7.  Ornamental Cabbage - local nursery, 8.  Purple Garlic - specialty grocery store, 9.  Watering Can, 10.  Branches from your yard or here, 11. Ornamental Cabbage - local nursery and 12.  Vintage Scale

~ Ciao

...images via a magazine moment


Handcrafted: Inspired Collective Display No. 2

It's that time again my darlings. Time for me to share another display I handcrafted for the Inspired Collective ;-)  Yay!

I have one major challenge with my display area, and that is flowers!  Since each display is up for a couple weeks, unless I want to bring in fresh flowers every week, I need to come up with other alternatives.  My first display used air plants, which last without water.  For this second display I am using dried hydrangea.  And while I am not a big fan of dried flowers, these hydrangea I dried myself...so I like them ;-)  And while I would have LOVED to have done this display in a different color palette, I let the dried hydrangea dictate the color palette.  And who knows what I am going to do for the third display ;-)  Happy I have some time to figure it out!

Also, I tried to keep the main elements the same - the desk of course, the soda crate, the apothecary jar, the bell jar  and books were all used in my first display (see it here)...so I decided to use them again here too.  The reason that I decided to do this is to show that by changing the details - it changes everything!  Plus it challenges me creatively.

Alrighty, enough chatter outta me ;-)  Here it is my darlings...
Do you want to see more?  Then head on over to Over The Moon Vintage Rentals Blog for all the details ;-)  See you there!

~ Ciao

...concept, designs, styling, vintage rentals & photography all by over the moon vintage rentals

Color Crave: Earthy Green & Crisp White

Good morning darlings!  I just can't seem to be getting enough of green and white these days!  Especially with a side of brown and a hint of purple.  Don't you find yourself craving one color one day, and another color on another day?  Or sometimes for weeks or even longer?  I do...and it seems like it changes on a daily or weekly basis for me.  It's like I am craving these colors...if that's possible ;-)   Hence the title of this post ;-)  And I have decided to start a new series...which I think you might like! 

Anyhoo, I think I am going to have to do a display at the Inspired Collective in earthy greens and crisp white soon...hmm, sounds like a good plan, no?  I really love the natural and rusticness of the details here...paired with the crisp white linens, it makes for a look that I ADORE...and what I would call naturally beautiful!   I love the simple display of appetizers...
A fabulously earthy centerpiece that looks like it was just plucked from the garden, and some DARLING placecard holders...
And a couple branches to have guests hang wishes from, or can be used for an escort area...
All in a clean and crisp palette that still has some warmth and rustic vintage touches.  This is me defined I think.  Oh add a bit of glam in there and then it is ;-)  Well at least for today...because I will probably change my mind tomorrow...hehe ;-)  Hey, you all know how I LOVE options! 

Okay...I am off for a bit to finish up editing and writing my Handcrafted post that is coming up soon!  So check back around 10 am, and I will have some purple and gold inspiration for you ;-)

~ Ciao

...images via a magazine moment


Who Says

...you can't send bunches and bunches of  thank yous to each guest?
Who Says
Who Says
I think this would be a darling thank you to send, don't you?  And I bet your guests would be smiling from ear to ear after opening it ;-) 

Happy Wednesday loves ~ make it a good one!
~ Ciao

...images and calligraphy by neither snow

Aisle Style: Very Vintage

Hi there darlings! How's your morning on this fine Wednesday?  Going swell, I hope ;-)

Mine is A OK!  And I am looking forward to heading over to the Inspired Collective sometime today to set up my second display.   You know I'll share it with you tomorrow ;-)  But do you wanna hint?  Well can you say...hey ombre...hehe!  Alrighty that's all your gonna get outta me today.  Now you're just gonna have to wait a day ;-)  I know - I'm a big meanie!

Anyhoo...moving on to this Aisle Style post.  And with very vintage in the title, you know I am in L-O-V-E with it ;-)  Well have a look-see, and you just might be too...
Aisle Style
Curtains and vintage doors - YES PLEASE!!!
Aisle Style
AND vintage purses filled with flowers hanging from the doorknobs is just pretty perfection...
Aisle Style
Just look at the aisle adorned with petals...
Aisle Style
All ending at an amazing old desk with a rug underneath...
Aisle Style
And a drawer filled with flowers...
Aisle Style
Someone pinch me please...because I just think I landed in vintage aisle style heaven!  Eeks - is all I can say right now. Oh and that I want that desk ;-) 

~ Ciao

...photography by caroline tran via style me pretty


Tuesday Thought: My Father's Daughter

Happy mid-morning my dears ;-)  I have been struggling a bit to get going this morning...I think it's the heat wave that hit yesterday and is hanging around today as well.  Not that I mind the heat, but after last week's cool, this week's heat seems even hotter - if that makes any sense.

And while I was trying to get motivated and into the swing of things around here this morning, I was in desparate need of some inspriation...that is until I ran across these pictures I had saved...

I am OVER THE MOON with not just the calligraphy here, but the page numbers too!  You see, the page numbers are where the recipes for the dish are located in the cookbook!  What cookbook?  Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook, My Father's Daughter.  And this over sized chalkboard is such a great way to display the menu, no?  And of course it got me thinking...

So here is your 'Tuesday Thought' today my dears:  Use one cookbook for all the items on your menu, and then you could do as above - write the menu on a chalkboard with page numbers the recipes are on.  Then as favors, you could compile small books with each recipe that was on the wedding menu for the guests to take home.  Plus, you could always include something along with the recipe book...like a vinaigrette or butterball or berries ;-)  And even if you didn't choose the menu items from one cookbook you could still use this idea...just leave off the page numbers from the menu.  But you could still do small recipe books!

You could even do this for a homemade dessert table, and include all the recipes for each dessert that was featured.  I would love to give friends and family a cookbook, ask them to choose one recipe from it to contribute to the dessert table and then have it written up on a chalkboard with the page numbers along side.  For the guests I would not only give the recipes, but something from the dessert table as well.

I really L-O-V-E this 'Thought"!  It's personal, unique, memorable and something that I think your guests would enjoy...plus it works for any type of food.

Just a thought for you on this Tuesday my dears ;-)  Enjoy.

~ Ciao

...image via neither snow

Tuesday Shoesday #41: Classic in Cream

Now this is how I would do classic cream colored satin pumps...
Tuesday Shoesday
And a cream colored cake...
Now these are what I would call NEW classics.  Simply lovely, no?

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~ Ciao

...images via net-a-porter & 100 layer cake