One Week From Today

And it is officially Fall!  Eeks - can you believe it my dears?  The weather this week has been cooler, and definitely fall like.  I think I just might be ready to pull out my lightweight sweaters and cardigans and get cozy ;-)

However, I understand if you're not quite ready yet.  Maybe this fabulous fall table for two will help get you in the mood...
fall via brooklyn bride 1
Fall flowers in a vintage wood cream cheese crate - yes, please!  I always love when arrangements extend beyond their containers...like those persimmons.  Pretty perfection, no?  Plus, I really am tempted, just for the cuteness of it, to use apples as seating cards sometime this Fall...just to turn an ordinary dinner night into a little celebration.  Ooh, and next Friday being the first day of Fall, is just the right night to do so.  Have some fun loves, celebrate the little things...because it's all the little things that are truly extra special ;-) 

And to Fall - come on over, I am ready to cozy!

~ Ciao

...images via brooklyn bride