Tuesday Thought: Breakfast by the Barn

Cock-a-doodle-doooooooooooooooooo darlings ;-)  It's time to rise and shine!  Now that's a way to start the day, no?  Hehe.

I know, usually my Tuesday Shoesday post comes first on Tuesdays and not my Tuesday Thought...however, with a title like Breakfast by the Barn I figured this one just had to come first...no question about it like the whole chicken or the egg debate!

Anyhoo, how I would love to eat breakfast here every morning...
Breakfast by the Barn
Such a simple and sweet breakfast table.  I adore the place mats, and the eggs.  Did you see how they used twine tied in loose knots to hold the eggs?  Fabulous idea!  And all this inspiration got me thinking...and not about a breakfast reception ;-)

So here is your Tuesday Thought for today:  Host a morning after breakfast for your guests!  I know not an original thought - but one definitely worth repeating ;-)  When I got married 11 years ago, we did this for our guests since just about every single person came from out of town.  (It was mentioned in the Elegant Bride spread posted yestereday.) It doesn't have to be anything elaborate - bagels, muffins, donuts, fruit, coffee, etc... 

But let me tell you - it was so FABULOUS spending time with our guests after the wedding.  I got to hear all about the events that I missed...like at the cigar and cognac bar...were every guy and girl just about was smoking a cigar!  Where was I? Or the fact that our caterer ran out of beer...I warned her about this...and having to make a late night run to the grocery store...in our town of 9,000, she was lucky the grocery store was still open!  And lots and lots of other stories. 

Granted, we had all the guests back to the house after the reception (I know call me crazy)...I had beer bottles along every single inch of my wrap around porch to prove it ;-)...but we were too busy still celebrating to talk about all the happenings of the day and night.  It wasn't until the next morning when we actually got to hear all the stories, and were able to relax with our guests.  The breakfast was one of the best decisions I made!  I wouldn't have wanted it any other way ;-)  And neither will you!

Just an early morning thought for you darlings.  Now...who wants a mimosa?

~ Ciao

...images via design sponge


  1. Yes please to the mimosa!!
    I can't tell you how much I love this... you probably know by now I have a thing for barns and farms so breakfasting here is right up my alley. We also had breakfast with all our guests... following by a bbq on the beach and volleyball and it was the best idea!!

  2. Love this. Especially the touch of eggs.

  3. Wow, eggs .. loved it ! It was really simple and romantic breakfast for a newly weds. Great pics !