Handcrafted: Twine Table Numbers

Yay!  It's time for another 'Handcrafted' post.  I don't know about you loves, but I always love handcrafted elements at ANY event...especially a wedding ;-)  It just adds that extra touch, don't you think?

I mentioned in my earlier post that I had a DARLING handcrafted idea for you today!  Here is one of the thoughts that swirled and twirled around in my head after seeing all the lovely shades of beige and soft white yesterday.  And while I did NOT actually make this, I am sure it would work and be fabulous!  (I just might have to mock one up this weekend, and show you how it turned out.

Anyhoo, my idea came from this picture....
Color Crave
In the picture on the left, do you see the twine on the end of the table there?  Yes, that's the main element needed for this project;-)  You see, as soon as I saw it I thought it would make a great table number!  All you would have to do is paint a table number on.  So loves, here are the things you would need:
All you need to do is hold the stencil on, dip your stencil brush in paint (or paint brush would work too...just be careful to stay within the stencil), and stencil the number onto the twine!  It might take more than one coat.  However, I think you could probably stamp a number on, or use a sharpie and write on as well.  And here is an idea of what it would look like...
Twine table numbers!  How fabulous, and easy is that?  And just think you could use any color paint you want - it doesn't have to be black.  Just look at all the oh so pretty paint options Martha Stewart now has at Michaels...
Martha Stewart Paint Colors
So I am sure there is a color that would work for you! 

Also, you know I always have lots of ideas - so I just have to tell you that a table number on a stick placed inside the hole at the top of the twine would be cute too ;-)))

Here's is where you can find everything you need for this handcrafted project:

The Shopping List:
~ Ciao