Flowers of the Week: 9.5.11

Happy Labor Day Monday my dears!  How is your holiday weekend going so far?  Fabulous, I hope ;-)  I just wanted to pop in for the first Monday in September and post a gorgeous Fall bouquet for you!  I told you last Monday that I had some gorgeousness for you, and I do.  Have a look-see at this...
Flowers of the Week
Now how is that for a gorgeous Fall bouquet?  I was OVER THE MOON about all the flowers in photographer Jessica Claire's wedding!  And to be honest, it was not just the flowers - I thought the whole wedding was spectacular, didn't you?  It was one of my FAVORITE, if not my favorite, Fall weddings last year ;-)  And just because the flowers were so spectacular, I thought I would share some more with you my dears...
Flowers of the Week
See - SPECTACULAR!  I hope this gorgeousness tides you over til tomorrow my dears, as this is the only post I am doing today.
Enjoy your holiday loves.  I will see you back here tomorrow with my normally scheduled two posts.  Now, I am off to have some fun...as I NEED a little fun these days!

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty