Tuesday Shoesday #40:

Good morning darlings ;-) 

I have to tell you that I was supposed to be doing my Inspiration to Creation post this week - and with everything that's been going on here lately...I just need some breathing time...so I decided to take my extra time this week, which was supposed to be putting together extra posts all week long for the Inspiration to Creation week, and take care of me by going for a walk, doing some yoga and pilates - all things that make me feel good and that I haven't been doing for weeks now.  I haven't been doing a great job of taking care of me lately ;-)  But I will this week!  So I will have the Inspiration to Creations posts all ready to go next week for you. 

Goodness, I keep telling you I am going to do something and then don't do it - which I NEVER do.  But with all that's happening around here, extras like Luna and Chloe Handcrafted (which is definitely happening on Thursday this week!!!) and Inspiration to Creation posts get pushed back.  So now I made a promise to myself that I am not going to say anything in advance, and instead just do it...or at least get it done and then tell you it's coming ;-)

And you know what darlings?  I already started taking care of me with a little shopping.  Hmmm - that's taking care of me right?  I know you are saying yes right now...hehe.  And since today is Tuesday and I'm doing some shopping I would like a pair of these please...
Tuesday Shoesday
3.1 Phillip Lim Regine sandal  in the prettiest shade of emerald.  How AMAZING would these be for a Fall wedding?  Or any season really...gorgeous for Winter, so Spring, and a great pop in Summer ;-)  Oooh, and do I have the perfect cake for these lovelies.  Have a look-see at this...
Yes, I know I have posted this cake before in a color post...but I LOVE it....I really, really do.  The minute I saw the shoes I knew this cake would be the perfect match. The repeating pattern on the shoes (the detail going up the front) and the cake, the color - sure do make a pretty match, no?  Plus, I would be oh so tempted to paint my toenails white just for fun, and just in case my pinky toe slipped out!

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~ Ciao
...shoes via barneys and cake by my sweet and saucy via once wed

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