LCW Honeymoon Style: A Scarf

My dears - I completely forgot to wish you a happy September yesterday!  I think it is because I never got around to a second post, but whatever the reason is, I hope that your September is spectacular ;-)  And I must wish you a happy Labor Day weekend too!  Weeeee - I just love long holiday weekends.

It's funny how the last couple of days I have woke up to crisp mornings...I can already feel Fall in the air.  I think others would disagree, as the days are still hot, but that morning air with the cool breeze making the leaves rustle in the trees is definitely Fall in my book.  I would have to say the month of September is my second favorite month of the year.  July being my first.  But someway, somehow September is ALWAYS a good month.  I don't mind pulling on a sweatshirt to go on a evening stroll ;-)  Or snuggling up because I'm a tad cold.  Maybe that's it - September is the start of cuddling weather!  And I LOVE to cuddle.

Yet, Fall isn't here just yet. And while the days are still hot....I think this holiday weekend, I just might squeeze in a couple more days playing in the sun - slipping on a sundress, exploring a small beach town, all  while wearing a scarf in my hair.  Just like this...
I adore this look, don't you?  It has such a stylish ease to it.  Goodness, I wish I always could dress like this!

Oooh, and speaking of holiday's - wouldn't this look be perfect for your honeymoon.  You could wear it while exploring a small beach town...on the Amalfi coast!

You bet your buttons I am wearing a scarf in my hair this weekend - I must as this might be my last opportunity to do so this Summer...and I have just the perfect one too. 

Anyhoo, hoping you enjoy the last days of Summer my loves!  And do something fun...and a bit different.  Because as Aunt Millie always says:  "It takes all kinds of people to make up this world...it would be boring if we were all alike." Isn't that the truth!  ;-)

Stay safe this weekend.  Mwah, mwah!

P.S. - I plan on getting back on track, and caught up this weekend!  Plus I have some good things happening next week....Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy will be open for business on Thursday, as well as OTMVR will be in a shop - yippee!  I will have to show you my design and styling for that...which is one of the things I have been working on.  Also, I have another 'Inspiration to Creation' week coming up soon...however, I just might need your help in choosing which one to create...as I can't decide ;-)  So I'll see you back here on Sunday for some sweetness...and Monday for your Fall 'Flowers of the Week!'

~ Ciao

...image via that inspirational girl


  1. OH I'm so HAPPY to read the last part of this post.... SO HAPPY!!!! YAY!

  2. Love that look and your adorable ode to fall-but not nearly as much as all that big news you tucked into the bottom, sneaky!! HORRAY!